10 Best Weed for Sleep

best weed for sleep

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to get enough sleep. However, most people don’t get to enjoy that these days. That’s why more and more people are seeking the help of weed. Weed is one of the constant go-to remedies for people having a hard time getting enough sleep. Luckily, there are notable best weed for sleep that might come in handy if you find it hard dozing off.

In this article, we’ll be listing the best weed for sleep to keep you accompanied when the going gets tough. Also, we’ll discuss each of their best traits and why they are included on the list. To follow, we will also be discussing how weed and sleep are associated with each other. So, if you find yourself trying to find the best alternative to sleeping pills, then continue reading down below!

Sleep and Weed

Before we start rolling out the best weed for sleep, it pays to have an idea of how weed can help you fight any sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Cannabis, especially Indica dominant strains, is, by far, the best strain to use if you want to get a good night’s rest. Pure Indica or Indica dominant strains contain high levels of THC content, making them the ideal choice for sleep disorders. It is because when a certain strain contains high levels of THC, they are more likely to feel sedated or couch-locked.

That’s why in this article, all of the strains involved are of the Indica variety. Another good thing about Cannabis regardless of Indica or Sativa is that they have analgesic properties that manage pain and lets you have a good rest. After waking up, you’ll feel a lot more at peace with your body, calm, and, most of all, relaxed.

There are tons of benefits when it comes to using cannabis; however – for this article, we’ll focus more on how it affects our sleep and why they help us. Another good note for Indica varieties is that they are readily available and aren’t hard to come by.

So, without further ado, check out our list for the best weed for sleep!

Top 10 Best Weed for Sleep

1. Northern Lights Strain

To kick things off with the list is a legend; the Northern Lights strain is a favorite among users who treats their PTSD conditions. With that, northern lights make a case for one of the best weed for sleep if you ask me. Thanks to its effects of a very relaxing, stress-relieving and body-stimulating, you are sure to succumb to its effects in no time.

Aside from its overwhelming effects, the Northern Lights, too, have some flavors to show for, sweet and spicy flavors are sure to blast in your mouth like crazy. Plus, its THC content that ranges from 16% to 21% is a testament that has the necessary qualities to aid you in your sleep.

2. Purple Kush Strain

When it comes to using weed to help you sleep, Purple Kush arguably ranks all the way up. To attest this, Purple Kush is a Pure 100% Indica; this means that it has the right quality to help you with your sleeping disorders. With THC content hovering around 27%, users get to enjoy a full-body relaxation that helps declutter the minds and frees them with negative.

Another good thing to note about Purple Kush is how immediate the effects are, due to its THC content, you are sure to get sedated in a matter of minutes. Sweet and musky flavors make it an ideal choice for smokers and patients to add some spice to their night before sleeping. So, be sure to keep yourself ready for sleep when you have a hit of this.

3. God’s Gift

At night, a lot of people are begging God to intervene and help them have a good night’s rest. Say no more, God’s gift is literally God’s gift to smokers and patients having a hard time dozing off. God’s gift is an Indica dominant variety of up to 90% and has a THC content of 25%, making it the best choice among this list.

Don’t worry; just with a single puff, you are sure to be sedated in a few minutes. It has a very fast and quick-acting high that surrounds the mind and flushes away negative thoughts leaving you with a heavenly peacefulness. We advise smoking this in bed as it has one of the most profound relaxations you could ever feel in a weed. So, if you are looking for the best weed for sleep, this ranks at the top as well.

4. Blue Cheese

They say that eating cheese at night will help you have a good sleep; however – there is no conclusive evidence saying so. However, this particular Blue Cheese is the answer to all your sleeping problems and is safe to consume at night. Blue cheese has a composition of 80% Indica strain and 20% THC content. Although the content isn’t as high as one would expect, this would certainly be a good fit for people who are new to cannabis.

The effects are somewhat well-balanced, from a mind and body stimulating high that easily washes away any thoughts of negativity and bad experiences, this strain is best used at night. Not only does this strain a great choice for sleep disorders, but a great compliment as well for people having mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

5. Grape Ape

People with sleeping disorders are sure to be delighted with this treat; the Grape Ape is of pure Indica traits. This means that it deals a great relief for people wanting to sleep in a matter of minutes. Grape Ape delivers a very profound body high that is accompanied by 25% of THC content, making you feel more sleepy than most Indica dominant strains. What impresses me about Grape ape is its flavorful combinations, as the name suggests, this strain possess sweet and berry-like flavors that are truly palatable.

Its fruity twist makes smokers and patients more enticed to it rather than flavors of classic cannabis such as earthy and musky. Aside from flavors and effects, the duration of the peaceful relaxation is long-lasting. So, if you plan on having a sleep that stimulates other body pains, then I highly recommend Grape Ape. For me, it is one of the best weed for a sleep out there!

6. Ace of Spades

It’s creators specially designed this product to cater to the masses of people’s palate. Ace of Spades was a cross from the very popular strain Jack the Ripper and Cherry to make it more sweet and earthy. Although the result made Ace of Spades around 60% Indica, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good enough to put you to sleep. In fact, the Ace of Spade’s strain has around 18% to 23% of THC content; it is more than enough to induce a very relaxing high the will lift your spirits up.

Along with a very relaxing high, you will be greeted with intense happiness and giggly thoughts, making it fitting to end the night on a high note. Flavors are quite on the level of some of the greats when it comes to flavors, from a mashup of sweet and sour combined with sweet notes of citrus fruits.

7. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla turned out to be one of the most well-balanced strains we’ve ever dealt with. Gorilla Glue or GG is an evenly-balanced hybrid that tops out the list with 28% THC content, by far the highest among this list. Thanks to its staggering levels of THC content, you are bound to the inevitable sleep! But before enjoying a good night’s rest, your body is stimulated with utmost ease and relaxation that will ultimately lead to a couch-locked state.

From the onset, be sure to be greeted with positive thoughts than flushes away bad experiences and negative thoughts and replaces it with joyful laughter. The strain is known to sedate you in a matter of minutes, so be sure to have your bed ready before taking this one. Flavor combinations will remind you of your favorite cup of coffee in the morning splashed with some hints of Cocoa. This is the ultimate experience when it comes to overpowering high and appetizing flavors.

8. 9 Pound Hammer

As weird as its name suggest, don’t be fooled by this strain. But for me, it got its name from its effects. From the very first hit, your head should be pounded like a 9 pound hammer does to you literally; however – the high is quite profound but heady at the back. Aside from that, you are greeted with 23% percent of THC concentration, great enough to keep you sedated for long periods.

9 pound hammer is one of those strains that have great but awkward combinations of flavors, from sweet and berry-like flavors, down to a sour and piney one. Whatever you look at it, this strain easily puts you in a deep state of couch-locked. The only drawback of this strain is how fast you can get hit and get sleep. So whenever you plan on smoking this one, be sure that you aren’t doing anything as you are most likely to be sedated in a few minutes.

9. Blueberry Kush

When you are having difficulty sleeping because of conditions such as anxiety, or sleeplessness, then Blueberry is the helping hand you’re after. The Blueberry Kush attacks the users with the utmost feelings of creativity and focuses while stimulating the body with great relaxation and calm. The good thing about the Blueberry Kush is how it calms the mind and easily translates to a more comfortable feeling of lying down in bed that slowly serenades you to sleep.

As the name suggests, your palate is bound to have a flavorful experience, the blend of berry flavors combined with sweet and earthy notes is one to die for. So, if you want a change of scenery, Blueberry Kush has a gentle way of serenading you to sleep without feeling a punch in the head.

10. L.A. Confidential

Another pure Indica treats for everyone; the L.A. Confidential is a great offering for everyone seeking high levels of THC. This strain contains around 26% THC content, good enough to have a very profound and stimulating body high that catapults the smoker into otherworldly goodness! Expect right from the first hit that it will give you a numbing body high coupled with some gentle waves of relaxation that easily diminish any thoughts that might translate into stress.

The flavor profile with this strain is like a camping trip; it is quite earthy and piney with a splash of citrus fruits that compliments each other well. Aside from the flavors, L.A. Confidential, might give you a headache but rest assured it will just fade away after a few minutes.

Get these weed strains for sleep and other medical weed seeds only from your most trusted cannabis dispensaries.


Having a hard time sleeping is a very unpleasant feeling to have. Luckily, there are certain things in life that make it much easier. We’ll have to thank the heavens for bringing us this gentle plant for helping us get through the night.

There you have it; these are some of the best weed for sleep to keep you accompanied throughout the night. Be sure to keep your bed prepared at all costs because you never know when is the time you are about to doze off. Remember that some of these listed strains contain incredibly high THC contains, so if you plan on hitting one before going to sleep, start small and slow, then work your way through!

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