10 High THCV Strains That Can Get You High

10 High THCV Strains That Can Get You High

In case you are in the stage of testing marijuana strains, or you are in a quest to find the best strain for you, then this is the best article that you can find. In this article, we will educate you on knowing more about different strains, especially THCV strains. But before looking into that, you might be wondering why or what is THCV; we commonly just know about THC, which is a very popular compound. Let’s look at the background of THCV first so that we may learn more facts about each strain.

THCV: What is it?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV, in short, is a counterpart of the most popular cannabinoid THC. The THC is classified under the group of pentyl, while THCV is under the propyl group. Both cannabinoids have different compositions, structures, and effects, which makes them unique from one another.

THCV: Does it provide a euphoric high?

As discussed from previous articles, the THC targets the CB1 receptor, which provides the euphoric effects. When taken in low doses, THCV barely affects both CB1 and CB2 receptors, which means it does not make you high, again, in low doses. But if taken heavily, it already causes psychoactive results. 

Benefits of THCV

These are the following finding on the benefits of THCV in both medicinal and therapeutic aspects:

  •  Disrupts Appetite 
  •  Reduces anxiety, depression, insomnia, and panic attacks

Strains that came from the plains of Africa have been proven to have the staggering THCV contents. However, studies cannot prove what makes the African environment produce such strains while other continents cannot. 

Here a list of the top THCV strains that can help you suppress that appetite and provide other medicinal benefits.

1. Doug’s Varin

When it comes to THCV strains, Doug’s Varin takes the top spot. This is highly cultivated mainly for its high levels of THCV content. It has a subtle earth-like smell and pine scent with a hint of citrus that provides a delicate aroma that is pleasing to the nostrils. It stimulates the mind but not for a long period. It totally has the ability to suppress the appetite and will surely help in losing weight.

2. Pineapple Purps

This strain has a dominant sativa composition, which is also commonly known as the Purple Pineapple. This strain emits very sweet scents that have tons of THCV with minimal amounts of THC. However, the ratio is still undefined, it is believed to come from the Pineapple Express or the Cheese strains, but this information still needs to be proven by tests and studies.

3. Malawi Gold

This strain is the most commonly cultivated in Malawi hence the name Malawi Gold. This is also a sativa strain that causes an uplifting feeling as well as an energizing jolt. This can also aid in appetite suppression and a great weight loss companion.

4. Swazi Gold

This is a strain that originated from the natives of East Africa, also a sativa strain. This plant breed has excellent resistance in extreme weather changes or fluctuations. It has a fast activation of effects and provides a sweet and fruity taste on the palette. This strain is a good assistant for relaxation for a long tiring shift.

 5. Power Plant

This is a very potent strain produced by the Dutch Passion Seed Company. Its THC levels averages from 15% up to as high as 20%, which is also the same levels of THCV. This strain has already been awarded several times due to its uniqueness and potency in its own category.

6. Willie Nelson

This strain is named after a sought after country music artist “Willie Nelson”. This strain won the best sativa strain in 2005. It has a unique fragrance of a combination of sweetness, sourness with a hint of lemon grass-like fragrance. This strain is a lovechild of the Nepalese and South Asian parent strains. When taken in high doses, it gives relatively heavy highs. But it also has a high amount of THCV that causes appetite loss.

7. Red Congolese

This strain is a controversial one when it comes to its origin. There is an argument that it came from Africa, and other statements reveal that it came from Mexico. But regardless of its origin, its effects are still notable; it has a wide array of effects such as clarity of the mind and stimulation. This strain is used to fight against stress, mind cloudiness, depression, anxiety, and obesity.

8. Jack the Ripper

This is also an award-winning strain that gained acknowledgment from the Cannabis Cups. This is also a sativa dominant variety that provides euphoric high. This variety is known for its sweet and spicy fragrance and taste.

 9. Pink Boost Goddess

This strain is well balanced due to its ability to provide euphoric high and relaxation if taken in a large dosage. It has numerous medicinal effects and therapeutic benefits that you will surely love. It has a large amount of THCV that can help you lose weight. It helps to battle chronic pain, anxiety reduction and may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

10. Skunk #1

This strain is also an award winner when it comes to the Skunk line. Bred by growers from Sacred Seed Company, it is a combination of three strains, namely Afghani landrace, Colombian Gold, and Acapulco Gold. This strain has a typical foul smell but with high potency and also large quantities of THCV.

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The listed THCV strains above are the best of the best that is already tested and proven by time and especially enthusiast that can be relied upon. These strains need to be studied more in order to unlock their full potential when it comes to their medicinal value as well as the recreational value each strain gives.

Whatever choice you make, just enjoy every puff of smoke and always be responsible. Take note that the list may change due to the fact of the growing community and breeding.

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