Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds – the Length of the Germination Process

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds – the Length of the Germination Process

Making autoflowering cannabis seeds grow may differ slightly with the usual cannabis seeds because of its special need. However, people who have experienced planting this seed testified of having great success in making it grow until it began to flower.

How long is the germination process for autoflowering cannabis seeds?

The germination process for autoflowering cannabis seeds are pretty much the same with the germination process of all other cannabis types and hybrids. The only difference is the way of treating the seed when the roots have sprouted. During germination, autoflowering cannabis seeds do not want a very wet environment. When the seeds get into a puddle or anything that has too much water, it becomes rotten and dies.

How to maintain the right amount of water and temperature during the germination process of the autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Autflowering marijuana seeds do not need a specific temperature to have a successful growth. It can germinate in an optimum ambient temperature of 27 degrees Celsius while the soil temperature may be slightly lower or slightly higher than 25 degrees Celsius. If you are located in a cooler environment, you may use a heating pad to adjust the temperature.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds must be germinated in just the right amount of water. Tap water may be used as long as the pH level is in between 5.6 to 6.2 but the safest is to use distilled water.

Can the autoflowering cannabis seed be germinated directly to the growing medium?

It is ok to germinate the cannabis seed in a damp growing medium. Just make sure that the seed does not go too deep in the soil as it will struggle to push itself to find light. It must be planted 2 to 3 times deep as the width of the seed to get the exact amount of depth for the seed to properly grow.

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