Best Weed Alternatives: Other Ways to Get High

Best Weed Alternatives: Other Ways to Get High

As marijuana carries on to be decriminalized throughout the globe, the techniques wherein people consume it grows all the time. Alleviation for pain, stress, euphoria and a mental high are the grounds why consumers utilize weed. However, there are moments when they solely cannot consume it. It could be that they need to have a drug test and need to pass it, or they need to babysit and do not want to smell like marijuana. And perhaps it is merely illegal to the place where they are going. Fortunately, there are weed alternatives to getting high, which they can have without smoking or ingesting marijuana.

With that, if you are searching for free weed alternatives and you can get high at the same time, we have a gift for you. Listed below are the various techniques to get high, which are drug-free, simple, cheap, and pleasurable in their prerogatives.

The Meaning of Getting High

Hold onto for a moment; how can we get high without marijuana? It is pretty hard to be convinced that we can get high without any kind of drug; however, science is backing it and helps each example in this list. It comes to light that our bodies were created to feel happiness and get high. That is why cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD are received properly by the body’s integral cannabinoid receptors.

If you are not familiar, THC and CBD are compounds that are accountable for getting us high. The former is the psychoactive compound, which makes the mental high we get if we smoke marijuana. On the other hand, the latter makes the physical high. When the cannabinoid receptors have these compounds, the mind lets out a quick of dopamine and serotonin, the ground of feeling happy and well-being. And that is where things begin to have sense. Marijuana is accountable for increasing the levels of dopamine in our cerebrums, as a consequence of the high. All we need to do is to look for other things, which can penetrate the dopamine. Luckily, we can because the choices here can penetrate the levels of dopamine wherein you will reach the period that you will get high.

Best Weed Alternatives


Have you ever discerned the statement “Love is a drug?” It is true because it comes to light that there is some research-based influence behind the unfortunate lovelorn fools, which is greater than what we have given a commendation for. Being in the state of love has something to provide with the heart and all the things to do in the chemicals in the cerebrum. If you develop an in-depth liking to someone, your brain begins to let go of huge amounts of dopamine. A lot of studies have demonstrated that being high with love has no big difference from being high with marijuana. Seeing someone doing crazy things just for the name of love is an example of this. They do this kind of action because they are fundamentally high.

There are various distinct phases of love. Each of them is a distinct kind of high. Dr. Helen Fisher, a well-known American anthropologist who is examining the biological results of love explained the following classifications.

Phase 1: Lust and Sexuality – This first phase applies to the uttermost lust we perceive especially to those we have just started to love. If you have a deep liking, your hormones move crazy. For males, it is testosterone and for females, it is estrogen. These insane hormone levels describe why lovers cannot let go of each other’s hands during the early days of their love affairs.

Phase 2: Attraction – Greater than a sexual drive, the attraction may result in those well-known restless nights and less enjoyable, compulsive, and anxious stage. The chemicals that hold responsible in this phase is the Norepinephrine, which is common to those who have perspiring palms and hearts that are moving swiftly. After that, there is dopamine.

Phase 3: Attachment – This phase is where you will probably be up until the end of your love affair. During this time, your sex drive is likely to decrease remarkably and you will start to feel the desire to cuddle and devout to each other. These feelings are the ground of oxytocin, which has been considered by a lot of people as the “cuddle chemical.”

As you perceive, love gets us high in several methods wherein they are the same as the high we get from ingesting marijuana. So now, who requires cannabis if they are in love? However, if you do not have a lover yet, just attempt to do the other things below.


Working out has been recognized to be excellent for physical and mental health, however, what most of us do not perceive is that it can as well get us high. Exercise is inclined to free enormous amounts of dopamine to the cerebrum, which is the reason why we get high. If you are working out, you are enhancing your heart, lungs as well as other vital organs. You are as well as increasing the mass of your muscles and decreasing your chance of diseases. With these advantages, putting getting high on your record can seem too great to be real.

Nonetheless, what you need to bear in mind is that working out will not intoxicate you just like what love does. It is high, but a distinct kind. You will be stimulated, strong, and indestructible. For instance, consider the marathon runners. Have you ever marveled at how they run a lot of kilometers and do not give up? That is because they are high on the chemicals their cerebrums are freeing.

With that, people have been recognized to be physically and mentally dependent on exercise. In some situations, the high, which runners and other athletes encounter, turns hazardous on them. You will be away from being prone to harm if you discern you can do any kind of things provided that you will not overdo them, you will be fine.


It is not unusual to talk about getting high when in sex, however, have you perceived that you could be high from sex though there is no weed? It comes to light that having sex sets free enormous endogenous drugs, hormones, and neurotransmitters, which create marijuana nearly unnecessary in your bedroom. To be honest, the high in sex is robust that in a piece of research it has been contrasted to the high an individual would have from heroin. In science, researchers disclosed that at the time of male ejaculation, the ventral tegmental section was operative, and for women, at the time of orgasm, the nucleus accumbens section was operative. Opium narcotics and orgasm, which are responsible for the habit-forming of yearnings as well as the feelings of great delight, also activate these sections of the cerebrum. With that, if you do not want to get high from weed, you could permanently treat your lover to a distinct kind of high.


In 1996, researchers found that chocolate is composed of anandamide and other two compounds, which could imitate anandamide’s upshots, the N-phenylethanolamine and N-oleoylethanolamine. That is correct, chocolate, the mouthwatering treat, which permitted us to consume our feelings way back in 1900 BC. Based on a study, chocolate is a stimulant that may have its origins in the ecstatic effects it can send and we must feel gratitude to anandamide.


If you are addicted to a cheese shop compared to being addicted to chocolate, there is great news for you. Researchers have discovered that cheese comprises a chemical, which as well exists in drugs. Several of the processed food we have is related to habit-forming eating behavior, however, cheese to be specific comprises casein, a protein naturally seen in the milk from mammals. Also, casein gives our bodies amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium as well as phosphorus, and it can activate our brain’s opiate receptors and send affections of euphoria just like what weed sends to us.

Summing up

To a lot of us, the notion of letting go of weed without taking its benefits is a foolish act. Nonetheless, in some cases, life comes by and forms an obstacle or hindrance to action, and getting high for a short moment is not possible. Even if you wish an intimate night or desire to begin your career as an athlete, the techniques aforementioned as the weed alternatives and getting high in a natural way are supported and demonstrated. So far, exercising, eating chocolate and cheese are the simplest, however, when you are in a romantic love affair, your lover may provide you the high, which is stronger compared to other things you can look for.

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