Concerta and Weed: How do they interact?

Concerta and Weed: How do they interact?

Surely, you are already familiar with weed. What about the concerta? Are you familiar with it? Have you wondered about how do concerta and weed interact? What happens if you take weed while taking other medication?

 In this article, you will be able to know more about these two substances. You will learn and you will get an idea of what these substances about and why people use these. You will know whether the interaction of the two substances is a good idea or not. Before that, we have to know what concerta is and we have to know a brief description of the weed. 

Concerta and Weed: Definition

Concerta is a type of medication that can be used in treating ADHD or what we called as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This substance was sold in the name of Ritalin. It is a drug that is also called methylphenidate. Patients can take this through the mouth or through applying it to their skin. This medication has some side effects such as troubles of sleeping, lack of appetite, loss of weight, and even anxiety. There will be some serious side effects, too. Hence, if taking concerta was recommended by a professional, you have to follow the proper dosage that was being recommended, for you to avoid undesirable reactions. 

Marijuana which is also commonly called weed can be used for medical purposes, too. There are many ways on how you can consume cannabis. All you need to do is to find the perfect way that works well for you. Some studies prove how effective marijuana is in treating different kinds of illnesses. However, just like with the substance concerta, weed has some adverse reactions, too, but most side effects are usually in cannabis consumption. It will only get serious if it is overused and over consumed. Therefore, if you do not want to experience its extreme side effects, you have to properly consume marijuana and follow the right dosage for you. 

Is it okay to combine the two substances?

Have you heard about poly drugs? Well, it is consuming the combination of the two substances for the reason of achieving certain effects. You have to know that the interactions of both psychoactive compounds may result in some effects that you might not expect or it might result in some reactions that you would not like. Hence, if you think there is a bigger risk in taking it, you must not take it. 

Some people use both of the substances for recreational and medical reasons. However, there is no definite answer whether mixing and combining concerta and weed is good for the users. Concerta has a stimulant which is called MPH, which most of the patients use in treating ADHD or also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. MPH is a great help for those people who are suffering from ADHD because it allows them to minimize their restlessness and to increase their sense of focus. THC or also known as tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound you can find in weed. Its main function is in the middle of the brain, which is assigned for the people’s senses and mood. It will also affect dopamine. The effects of these two substances are completely different as well as their adverse reactions. 

Some studies show how well and how the combination of the two substances brings positive effects, especially if it is simultaneously taken. Nevertheless, the bad thing about it is that it can cause a heart rate that is higher compared when each substance is taken. Therefore, it might result in a feeling of overly energized; you might become irritable and very active which are not so good aftereffects. 

Even if some studies show how effective combining the drugs is in getting the desirable effect, there are also some undesirable effects in mixing the two substances. Hence, there is still a need for further studies and research on whether the interaction of the two psychoactive substances is a good idea or not. 

You have to remember that the effects of each of the compounds may be good when you take any of it, but there will also be some side effects that you should know about. When you come to think of the adverse reactions that each of the drugs has, you would also think of the increase of the not so good effects if they are being combined or mixed. It is regardless of whether they are recommended or not. 

Though the idea of combining seems to bring extreme negative effects, there is no definite answer about it and it is important not to conclude it. You have to know that whatever the outcomes of mixing the two drugs or substances are, you should be responsible for it, especially if you want to try consuming the combination of it. 

If you want to be sure of it, you can talk with someone professional about substances, especially when it comes to marijuana consumption while you are taking other medications. All you need to do is, to be honest in communicating with them and that is the best option you have when it comes to weed as well as concerta interaction. 


There is no definite answer about the interaction of concerta and weed. It is not certain whether it can do good or bad. Some studies and reviews show how good it is in bringing the effects that they desire, but there are also some which show how negative it can be. You have to analyze that the two substances have negative effects and combining them may increase the not so good effects. 

 Even if there is no definite answer as to the effectivity of combining the two substances, it would be better to talk to someone professional first, before taking the combination of it. Another option is not to take any combination of weed and other medications. 

Future researches and studies would help allow those curious users to know the possible effects and consequences of taking two substances at the same time. 

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