Different THC Side Effects Users Need to Know About

Different THC Side Effects Users Need to Know About

With the fast legalization of cannabis either for recreational use or medicinal purposes. More and more people who are opting for medicinal use are asking physicians about the side effects of cannabis and the THC content of different strains. There has been a known belief that the effects of THC in the body and mind seem to be harmless regardless of the underlying nature of THC’s potency.

Some numerous studies and researches have shown the destructive impact caused by THC, while others oppose such claims. Up to this day, the notions of its effects remain to be a heated discussion by many. Hence, this article will discuss the numerous THC side effects both for medical and recreational users to give you insightful and comprehensive information.

What is THC?

Cannabis is already known worldwide, and there has been a growing population of users every day. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive compound that is the main reason for its effectiveness as a medical substance or pleasurable recreational activity. Regardless of the widespread use of THC in medication and prevention, THC side effects are not exempted from providing adverse consequences.

Common THC Side Effects 

Dry or Cotton Mouth

Either of the two, dry or cottonmouth, has the same effects that THC provides when using. This happens because of the gradual absence of saliva in the mouth leading to an unpleasant experience. Being a common symptom, dryness of the mouth is pretty much manageable, among other THC side effects. 

Typically, it can be regulated through drinking lots of water to hydrate your system and maintain liquid inside the body. When the body is well hydrated, it will generate sufficient saliva to the mouth, lessening the potential of dehydrating and dryness.

Dry Eyes and Itchy Eyes

Another most common THC side effect is dryness of the eyes, accompanied by slight itchiness and even redness, which does produce not only an uneasy feeling but also an awful physical impression. Although, treating it can be relatively simple with some eye drops which can be bought over the counter in drug stores.

Headaches and Dizziness

This is one of the THC side effects that happens less often than mentioned above, but it is a common effect of THC. This kind of reaction is sometimes caused by dehydration, and some are because of the THC content of cannabis and how your body reacts to it. If, in any case, you experience headaches or slight dizziness, you need to find a strain with a perfect THC level suited for you.


After THC consumption, it is normal that a person may feel sleepy. The degree of the THC side effects may depend on how much THC intake has been taken. Some may encounter more than the sleepiness and extremely unmotivated feeling, which may matter depending on the strain used. If you do not want to experience such effects, it is better to consume Sativa strains or dominant Sativa cannabis, which.. provide the opposite of such THC side effects.

Anxiety and Paranoia

It is not uncommon when consuming cannabis, the THC that it possesses always produces anxiety feelings and sometimes even leads to paranoia. This tends to be experienced more by people who have existing mood conditions. When thinking of the strain, this should not be blamed on them. This is typically caused by too much dosage of THC. If you do not want to encounter such adverse impact, then go for low THC strains that suit your tolerance and eliminate THC side effects. 

Short-Term THC Side Effects

The THC from cannabis will pass through the lungs and follow to the bloodstream. As the whole body consumes THC, it could alter the functioning of the brain. In short-term usage, the THC may potentially cause impairment of memory and movement and temporary hallucination. It could also distort body senses and mood. It may likewise lead to complications, incapacity to think and solve problems. Delusional behavior and psychosis may also happen when THC consumption is extremely large.

Long-Term THC Side Effects


Difficulty in breathing can be one of the THC side effects as it can cause irritation in the lungs and even lead to lung infections. Heart rate may also increase after a long time of smoking cannabis and lead to a potential heart attack. Moreover, when taken during pregnancy, THC side effects can lead to unfavorable development of the child. There are physicians prescribing cannabis during pregnancy due to its capacity to reduce nausea and vomiting incidents.

However, studies show it is risky for the development of a fetus in terms of the brain and behavior. Even when mothers are breastfeeding, the THC will reach the babies upon breastfeeding, which can cause damage to the development of its brain and function. 


THC side effects in the long term can cause serious damage to the mental aspect of humans. It could lead to hallucinations and paranoid behavior. When a person has mental disorders, or could make his condition worse and may even lead to suicidal behavior. The apparent manifestation of anxiety and depression are not excluded from long-term effects.


It may sound surprising to think that THC can affect a person’s life, but it does. According to research, there is a certain strain of cannabis that is composed of THC compounds that may cause lethargic behavior and tend to be more unmotivated. With this, it could indirectly affect personal life, for instance, poor satisfaction of life, a decrease of physical and mental health, and the occurrence of problems in relationships.

Also, with the higher THC content of certain cannabis, it could potentially lead to cannabis addiction, with a few THC side effects. When a person attempts to quit, it could lead to the manifestation of withdrawal symptoms due to an increased desire for THC. A person may behave like grouchy, anxious, sleepy, and appetite loss. 


THC side effects also encompass different types of illnesses and disorders. For instance, THC can cause triggering effects of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. It could also lead to a weakening of the immunity of a person, and it would decrease the capacity of the body in fighting infection.

The THC of cannabis may also alter the capacity of the body to regulate the level of blood sugar and may lead to complications or, worse, diabetes. Also, with long-term use and high dosage maintenance of THC, one of the THC side effects will create symptoms of multiple sclerosis and any type of lung ailment. Respiratory infection may trigger as well, causing pneumonia and shortness of breathing.

Heart attacks are common long-term THC side effects and lead to drastic elevation of heart rate and lead to an increase in blood pressure and cardiac arrest. A person with a past record of any heart disease, there is a higher risk of developing an extremely serious condition. 

It was found out that the THC compound could pass through the placenta, which leads to difficulty in the development of the brain and functions of the fetus inside a mother’s womb. This is one of the alarming THC side effects that must be avoided. Hence, it is not advisable to take cannabis during pregnancy, or else, your child will suffer the consequences. Some researchers have found that neurological functions of a newborn child are disrupted and manifest even 24 hours after delivery.

It was found out that the THC compound could pass through the placenta, which leads to difficulty in the development of the brain and its functions. There is some researches that has found that neurological functions of a newborn child are disrupted and manifest even 24 hours after delivery.


The consumption of THC is a personal choice, and people have their own choice on what could be expected from the THC side effects. THC, in general, are useful compounds that help provide not only medical treatment but also pleasure and comfort. Nonetheless, when abused and taken in large amounts, there are unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects that could happen.

However, the control and regulation of THC consumption begin on you first. If tolerance is followed, there will be no problem that should occur. Find the right strain for you that reaches the maximum of your threshold before experimenting on the dosage. Take note that THC is great and should deliver the favorable outcome of dosage regulation.

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