Expert Tips on How to Wake and Bake Like a Pro

Commonly portrayed as the inception of lethargy, the actuality of the routine is remarkably more complex and tough than how others would normally perceive. As to how it appears, many people who want to be high immediately when they wake up likely to have a justification for behaving so – and it is contrary to just laying in the whole day.

Most people who want to wake and bake are suffering from serious illnesses such as fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, or severe depression. Some patients opt to use cannabis to go away from vigorous and more enslaving drugs such as opioids. 

Many people are simply passionately yet responsibly integrating cannabis into their habits with the determination to completely enjoy all things available in the world. Surely, there is no reason to feel ashamed about waking and baking. However, there is a proper approach to do it. The most effective way of waking and baking is to prepare.

Expert Tips to Wake and Bake

Wake and bake are not that complicated. Here are some expert tips that you can follow to make you wake and bake like a pro.

1. Take a shower and brush your teeth after you smoke

You may want to delay these activities until you are done with the pipe ritual because the scent of Bob Marley’s ghost is not yet accepted in the current society.

You may always want to chew minty bubblegum, as it is also enticing.

2. Eat your breakfast before you start baking

Relying on how much changes you experience on your appetite every time you are high, you must opt to take your breakfast first before your session. You may choose to get some munchies or get a full breakfast. Loading your tummy with delicious food will always satisfy you.

Consider getting buttery biscuits, bacon, milk and eggs, fluffy pancakes, and muffins baked with heaps of tart fruit. Eating your breakfast either before or after wake and bake, the duration of the high is expected to be longer, and you will not feel as dizzy when you first get off your bed.

3. Get off your bed 20 minutes before your usual wake-up call

You must always get off your bed considerably earlier than you normally do before baking, since you are always a bit slower if you are high, and roaming around the apartment to check for your keys or other similar things can simply destroy the trip.

Also, if you want to relax your eyes even just for a few minutes and indulge in it, you will surely fall back to sleep. Hence, you should not give in to it. Avoid the wicked drowsy allurement.

4. Do not smoke with your branded attire

Do not go smoking while you were still wearing the same attire when you left your house. Even if you spend a long shower and consume half of your perfume, you will still have the aura of Marley lurching around you.

5. If your mates dislike the smoke, you should consider vaping

If any of your household members are not as enthusiasts like yourself, perhaps you must determine a method not to stifle them with the intense smell of cannabis. They will be annoyed if they smell a hint of your cannabis. 

The use of vaporizer can prevent these difficulties completely.

6. Remember your eye drops before you leave the house

If you are one of the many, your eyes may break the pressure. So drop some eye drops.

7. Always bring an ice-cold beverage.

Bringing something like soda or juice is important when waking and baking. Coffee can only worsen the dryness of your mouth. When you get off your bed early in the morning, you are likely to feel that dryness in the mouth and at the back of the throat, and smoking weed will surely aggravate this condition. It will be helpful to always secure a cold beverage that you can drink on and can keep the mouth wet while you are waking and baking.

Always drink your cold beverage before, during the session, and after it to feel at your best during the entire day and night. Drinking a lot of liquid is a helpful habit to carry out and shall leave you less dizzy the moment the high receded regardless of when you consumed it. 

8. Wash up before you leave the house.

Brush your teeth and wear perfume or cologne to hide the smell before you attend your classes or go to your work. This will help you not smell like weeds.

9. Consider clearing your schedule

Although some people love to toke early in the morning to begin a hectic day, other people opt to wake and bake if they are certain that they have nothing to run around meeting due dates, or generally having something important to do. 

Relying on your chosen strain, you may feel a bit of sleepiness during the hours after waking and baking. It can be the best decision to pull through those soothing feelings without any outside pressure to complete things. 

Find the appropriate strain

You must carefully think which strain is best for your morning habit. Using the wrong strain may devastate your entire experience. Hence, you should first question yourself why you want to wake and bake. If you are warding off from anxiety and panic, get an Indica-evened hybrid such as Animal Cookies can do you well. Animal Cookies can also work to relieve pain. If you want to boost your spirit early in the morning, then you should use Gelonade. 

Do a study, or you can refer to a budtender before deciding what strain to use. It will be wise to go away from Indicas when baking in the morning because of their sedative traits. These strains can influence the body to become lethargic.

Sativa strains are best for wake and bake. They provide you high and boost your energy. So far, Sour Diesel is very popular for being an intense energy strain. It is best for providing you energy, facilitating your focus, and stimulate your mind.  

Set up for yourself

You may not find it applicable if you are just thinking of spending your Sunday on being high and read your favorite novels in your room. And if it will be the first time to wake and bake, you may want to schedule it in a day that you are free and has no things to do. 

However, if you are going to work or attending classes afterward, or needs to go somewhere, you must automatize the routine the night before. Prepare the stash. Set the timer on your coffee maker. Prepare the ingredients out.

Do not sleep on edibles

Not all people can tolerate smoking weed or inhaling it. Some individuals have weak lungs, while others simply do not enjoy smoking. Also, there are numerous edibles available in the market nowadays; it will be absurd not to use more. If you consider using edibles, put in mind that it normally takes around 3 hours for the effects to kick in. For some people, effects will only take around 1 hour to kick in – hence, consider activating an alarm 1 hour before you wake up. Then get off your bed, eat your edible, and go back to sleep for another 39 minutes.

You can play music with a captivating upbeat and enjoy an energy drink after smoking. Consider doing things while you are preparing in the morning to heighten your energy. Whatever you choose to do, you must never indulge in the temptation to go back to your bed. 

To be a successful stoner, you must surpass and consider the effects that come with the use of cannabis. 

Why People Enjoy Wake and Bake

There are numerous good things why many people enjoy waking and baking. However, the definite reasons for performing this habit can be classified into two sections: recreational and medicinal.

If you are using cannabis first thing when you wake up for medical purposes, it is most commonly for pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, and migraines.

What to smoke in the morning

As you wake up, you must go away from extremely sedative Indicas as they can affect you like a pack of bricks, particularly if you are in a dainty morning condition, when the system is just beginning to restore itself after a night of good sleep.

A better concept is to concentrate on some exhilarating Sativas as they uplift and heighten the cerebral cortex without risking any strength in the limits.


You must never forget the fact that cannabis can create various effects on each person. And the major elements behind this comprise of the genetics, endurance to THC along with other kinds of cannabinoids, the distinct chemistry, and gender.

Being apprehensive of the above expert tips can help you wake and bake successfully as you enjoy the euphoric experience. 

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