How Long Does Weed Tea Take to Kick In?

Do you consume weed through a tea because you are a tea lover? Are you curious about the question “how long does weed tea take to kick in?” Well, if you are, then you are in the right article. Here, you will be able to know the period of its effect and the period as to when it will happen. 

Some of the cannabis users prefer to consume marijuana through tea. They have many reasons as to why they prefer this way. Aside from getting rid of the not so good taste of weed, it can also help reduce the possibility of experiencing some usual negative effects that marijuana has, especially when it is being consumed through smoking. You can study and learn the ways of how to make a weed tea properly for better results. 

It may be necessary for you to know as to how long the marijuana tea effects would work. However, it is also good for you to learn more about some essential things about it before thinking of drinking it. Let us find out what weed tea is. 

What is Weed Tea? 

Don’t you have any idea what weed tea is? Marijuana tea is a way of consuming weed through marijuana. It is a type of an alternative way of preparing and consuming marijuana plants. This way of consuming weed is not as famous as the other methods such as smoking or consuming weed through edibles. It is a good way of preventing the bad smell and taste of marijuana as well as it is one of those good ways and ideal ways of using cannabis. 

There are a variety of ways of making marijuana tea. All you need to do is to know and familiarize the steps and the procedures of making it. One of the important things you need to do is to prepare all of the tools for making it. 

How long does weed tea take to kick in Period of the Effects

How long does it take for marijuana tea to work? The after-effects of smoking weed will kick in right away after the inhalation of the smoke. However, for the tea weed, it would take so much time to experience the after-effects compared when you smoke marijuana. Some have observed that it would take thirty minutes or somehow less to fully experience the effects of drinking weed tea. For others, it would take about hours before they can experience the effects. 

You have to be aware of how different the effects are in drinking weed and smoking weed. The euphoric effect you get from using marijuana will be different from the effects you get through smoking the weed and through drinking the weed. You need to know that the effect is mild when taking weed tea. 

How to determine how long does weed tea take to kick in? Some things would determine the period of the marijuana effects to kick in. It would be depending on the user’s body and how powerful the tea is. For those taller users, the weed tea will take longer to kick in compared to those smaller users. The effects of it will depend on the body’s tolerance level of the users as well as the chemistry of the users’ body.

Aside from that, the process of making the tea would also be one of those factors that affect the aftereffect experience of the users. If your goal is to experience a full effect, you have to keep the marijuana for a long time together with tea leaves as well as the water. 

If you do not want any leaves in your cup, your option is to do the weed grinding using a grinder and mix the particles with your ingredients in making a tea. 

Will the effects last longer? 

The period as to how long it will last is somewhat similar to how long it kicks in. It would depend on the users’ body. Some users experience the effects for about 6 hours and some experience the effects for just a few hours. Remember that the effects of cannabis will begin as slow until it will slowly increase. 

Are you wondering if the substance will stay inside of your body for a long time? The effects you can get in drinking a marijuana tea may decrease for hours, but it does not mean that the weed tea will stay out of your body. You need to be aware that it will take for about ten days to fully get rid of the marijuana tea out of your body. The more you consume and drink the tea, the longer it will stay inside your body. 

In drinking marijuana tea, you have to know as to when you should drink more. If you have drunk the first cup of your tea, you need to wait for about hours before you can take another cup of marijuana tea even if you will not observe any effects. 


Consuming weed through a marijuana tea seems to be a very good idea and seems to be great compared to the other medium of using cannabis. However, you might be curious about the effects and when it will kick in. 

If you have been asking about the question “how long does weed tea take to kick in” then you have to remember that it would take a longer period, compared to the durability of the effects to kick in when consuming marijuana through smoking and other ways of taking it. 

Some factors would affect the period of the effects durability to work. The users’ body chemistry will be a great factor, just like for example, the effects will be faster to work for taller users compared to smaller users. Another factor is how powerful your tea is and your tolerance level. 

Hence, if you want to experience the effects right away, you need to know the things you should do to make the effects appear without waiting for how many minutes. 

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