How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

how to get rid of weed smell

Smoking cannabis has many effects on humans. Many of which include getting high and experiencing an altered perception. While quite enjoyable, other subtle effects happen that are not very pleasurable for many. We all know that smoking weed also tends to spread its funky aroma around the room. This can leave behind a very distinct smell that can latch onto the couch, walls, or even your shirt. It is also quite difficult to remove or hide the smell at this point. So now you’re wondering how to get rid of the weed smell?

In this post, we discuss why cannabis has such a unique funky smell and how to get rid of it through different methods.

What Causes The Distinct Smell of Weed?

Cannabis is a plant where the buds or flowers are used for smoking. The flowers are filled with natural substances called terpenes. Terpenes are what give the cannabis buds their distinct smell and flavor. In the wild, they are commonly used to protect the plant from its natural predators and are used to attract insects and other animals to spread the pollen to other cannabis plants.

When used in conjunction with smoking, the terpenes are integrated into the smoke that we inhale, hence we often find different cannabis strains to have unique smells and tastes. As we exhale the smoke, the terpenes are also released into the air and latch onto the surface, causing the particles to remain on the surrounding, causing the same smell to linger even after several hours have passed since you smoked.

The distinct smell of weed can also be a problem if you live in a state where it is illegal to smoke weed. Those who live in states where cannabis is legal but want to smoke discreetly will also have the same issue. These are the times when you need to get rid of the weed smell fast.

How To Get Rid of Weed Smell – A Guide

Conceal The Smell Using Naturally Scented Products

One of the most obvious methods when it comes to getting rid of the weed smell is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Before you smoke, you can always prepare naturally scented products to mask the pungent smoke. You can use it before or after you smoke.

A great way to conceal the smell is the use of aromatic materials such as incense. Incense has been used for many centuries and is an effective cover-up method to hide the smell of weed in a small area. There are different incense, with a strong aroma that can mask the smell that also counteracts the odor from the cannabis buds.

An alternative to incense is scented candles. Using scented candles is far more convenient and efficient in hiding the smell. Most of us have scented candles in our homes. Make use of it when you smoke weed to cover the smell and even conceal the lingering aroma. 

Air fresheners also tend to do the job well. Purchase air fresheners in your local store and remove the odors caused by weed. Within seconds, you can clear up the smell of weed in a small area when you use or spray air fresheners. You can also use Febreeze as it is a very common odor-eliminating product.

Proper Storage For Your Stash of Marijuana

While it is always best to clean up after yourself when it comes to weed smell, it is still best to keep your stash of marijuana properly stored. Leaving your container open for a long period can cause the smell of weed to scatter and linger in the same room. An easy way to deal with this issue is to properly seal your container and store it in a Ziploc bag or airtight container. You can then place it in a cupboard or cabinet that is out of reach from children or other people from your home to ensure that you’re the only one who gets to open the container to avoid spreading the funky smell.

Use The Classic Method

When we say the classic method, it is all about using proper ventilation. Open up your windows to let the smoke out, especially when you are smoking in a small room. If you still have problems with the smoke circulating your room, turn on the fan and point it directly towards the window to guide the smoke outside. This should prevent the smoke from lingering in your room your clothes, carpet, sheets, or your curtain. Sometimes the most effective way is the simplest method.

Get An Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a great investment for your home. It is portable and can be used almost anywhere inside your home. Air purifiers work by removing the odors from the surrounding, thus also eliminating the stench that cannabis brings. This will leave your room smelling fresh as if nothing had happened. The item is also portable that you can carry it with you to another place and allow you to use it anytime and anywhere.

Use Other Methods To Consume Weed

Most of the smell that comes from weed is due to the smoke that it produces. There are other methods of consuming weed that does not produce smoke or have likely chances of producing an awful smell. Using a vaporizer can limit the amount of odor that weed brings. There are different vaporizers and vape pens that filter the vapors from the nasty smell. While there are expensive vaporizers, these are worth the investments, as they can also provide you with a discreet way of consuming weed.

Another way to consume weed without having to deal with the weed smell is by eating them directly. Edibles are great options to get high. Make your cannabutter or simply make a dish and use cannabis-infused oil with it to help you get high. Check out different recipes for food that you can enjoy. This way, you get rid of the smell of smoking weed.

Make Your Own Sploof

A sploof is a homemade creation that uses a tube with a filter to filter the smoke coming from your joint. It is usually made of a toilet roll with dryer sheets tied on the other end. The way it is being used is that you only exhale through the open end of the tube, so it filters out the smoke and smells using the dryer sheets. You can easily make one when you plan on smoking weed or if you need to find a discreet way to smoke weed.

Proper Hygiene

If smoke sticks onto your skin and clothes and you want to get rid of it, make sure to clean up after yourself. Change your clothes or take a bath after you smoke some joint to remove the stench thoroughly. Use breath fresheners or simply brush your teeth to get rid of the weed smell. Gargle some mouthwash if the smell is too strong. Sometimes the easiest way to get rid of weed smell is also the simplest and most overlooked method.


Regardless of the situation that you are in, learning how to get rid of weed smell is important if you want to avoid smelling funky after a smoking session. The helpful tricks mentioned above are a surefire way to keep yourself fresh-smelling all day, even if you are high all the time.

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