How to Tell if the Seed Bank is Legitimate

How to Tell if the Seed Bank is Legitimate

Identifying whether the seed bank is legitimate or not is not that easy but there are ways of knowing if a seed bank is reliable. One way of checking is to read reviews about different seed banks selling marijuana seeds online. Legitimate seed banks have their own website and most have contact numbers and address on display. Do not buy marijuana seeds in bulk during your first few orders if you are in doubt.

Is it worth to buy marijuana seeds from a seed bank?

Some people say that marijuana seeds being sold at seed banks are quite pricey compared to seeds that can be purchased from local dealers because you still have to pay for the shipping fee. That’s not always the case because seed banks are offering discounted prices on their seeds and free shipping too. Aside from marijuana seeds being sold at low and reasonable prices, some seed banks are also giving away free marijuana seeds once you complete an order. Yes, it is worth to buy from seed banks because they sell quality marijuana seeds with high germination rate. They are also worth your time because order of seeds is delivered privately and securely.

How to check if the seed bank you are buying marijuana seeds is reliable?

Seed banks are big sources of different marijuana strains but because of the scams happening online, many are in doubt to buy their marijuana seeds in the internet. There is a way of checking if the seed bank is reliable or not. Before buying online, make a research about the seed bank and read on different seed bank reviews and take note of customers’ ratings and comments. Another way of checking is to join marijuana forums and ask other members which seed banks are reliable. Check if the seed bank is carrying a license to sell marijuana seeds legally online. Know how long the seed bank is in selling pot seeds online.

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