How to Use Gravity Bong 101

A gravity bong is an exciting and fun way to smoke cannabis. There are many ways on how to consume cannabis, either you smoke it, ingest it, or apply. In this case, however, gravity bong is an old way of smoking cannabis.

The best part about a gravity bong is how easy it is to use, and you can even make it in your home. You don’t need any expertise when smoking or trying to make one. All you have to do is smoke the hell out of it until you are frozen high. In this article, we’ll be talking about how gravity bong works.

What is a Gravity Bong?

Gravity bong or commonly known as “geeb,” is a method of consuming cannabis by way of two empty plastics that funnels the smoke through water and slowly pushes it into the lungs of the smoker. How gravity bong works are by submerging a small piece of a bottle with cannabis on top in a large bucket of water.

When starting to light the cannabis, slowly draw down the bottle out of the water to fill the bottle with smoke from the burning cannabis. Slowly detach the lid, and place your mouth onto the bottle’s opening, and shove the bottle down to let the force of gravity force the smoke into your lungs.

Can you Get High with gravity bongs?

The immediate answer is, Yes! Just by reading its mechanism, you get the idea that smoke is forcefully entered into the lungs with the help of gravity, the smoke inhaled is more than that of a joint or a pipe on average. When you are inhaling the entire smoke out of the bottle into your lungs, you are breathing the whole bowl of cannabis in one sitting. For these specific reasons, gravity boing isn’t for the faint-hearted nor beginners.

This has been tried and tested all the way back, and this isn’t ideal for inexperienced what as they can get easily overwhelmed on how powerful the high is.

Are Gravity Bongs ideal to buy? 

If you are just new to cannabis, then I highly recommend trying to avoid this one. This is because the amount of THC it can deliver might be too overpowering and too overwhelming for beginners. Gravity bongs are for intermediate and experienced vets who are seeking to consume high amounts of THC.

Are Water bottles used for Making Gravity Bong safe?

Almost all homemade bongs are made with single-use plastics, by which they contain PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) that has the potential to release chemicals when exposed to hot temperatures. By this, it has the potential to pull out chemicals into your lungs.

Research still on the way to what type of impact it can do the person’s body. Most consumers avoid this type of method, and for some, they prefer the use of silicone or glass as a precautionary measure. So, if you plan on smoking cannabis through a gravity bong, you should be aware of the risks involved.

How to Make a Gravity Bong at Home and Use it

If you plan on making one at home, follow these steps and materials needed.

Things you’ll need:

  • Two plastic bottles.
  • 2-liter plastic bottle or bucket.
  • Poking device
  • Aluminum foil
  • Sharp knife
  • At least one gram of your favorite cannabis

Step 1: Cut your small bottle. With the use of a box cutter or sharp knife, carefully cut the bottom part of the bottle. The more of the bottle remains, the larger it will hit you. So, it is essential not to trim too much, or else you’ll get hit hard and fast.

Step 2: Cut the larger bottle. Also, cut the bottom part of your larger bottle. After doing so, fill it with water. If you’re using a bucket, fill it also.

Step 3: Punch a hole at the bottle cap. Unscrew the bottle cup, and with the use of your sharp cutter, make a hole that is big enough for the air to be drawn, but not big enough, or else the foil will fall on the water.

Step 4: Shaping the foil bowl. Get your aluminum foil and shape it like a bowl onto the bottle cap. You can shape the foil bow whatever you like, the deeper it gets, the more cannabis can be placed. To avoid spilling cannabis, make it as deep as the foil goes, and also to avoid spilling of cannabis leaves.

Step 5: Poking holes in the foil bowl. With the use of your poking tool, poke tiny holes in the foil bowl. Be careful when poking as you might rip the entire foil off. You’ll only need about 3 to 6 holes, just for ventilation purposes.

Step 6: Load your cannabis choice onto a bottle cap that is covered with foil. Don’t screw the bottle cap yet. 

Step 7: Now, submerge the small bottle. Here’s the tricky part of making and using the gravity bong. Submerge the smaller bottle into the water-filled large bottle until the cap remains the only one that’s not submerged. Now screw the bottle cap back onto the bottle.

Step 8: Burn your cannabis and slowly yank the smaller bottle towards you and out of the water while the bottle is still filled with smoke. If the bottle isn’t filled with smoke, you may need to adjust and make sure that the bottle cap is screwed tightly, there should be no gaping holes. Any leaks may compromise your entire gravity bong. This part needs trial and error to get it successfully.

Step 9: Once your bottle is filled with cannabis smoke, uncap it. Slowly position your mouth onto the bottle’s opening.

Step 10: Push the bottle back in the water, and as the water enters the bottle, the water will push out the smoke and onto your lungs.

Cannabis smoke will be cooler than expected. For best effects, always prepare yourself to get hit hard and fast.

Benefits of a Gravity Bong

The main benefit when smoking cannabis through a gravity bong is that you can conserve cannabis better compared to a regular bong or a joint. Also, it doesn’t take lots of buds to produce smoke when using gravity bong.

From the way the gravity bong is constructed, it keeps the smoke from coming out of the bottle, which is not entirely possible when you smoke with a joint or a water pipe because of having numerous openings.

How often should I change the Foil?

As long as the foil isn’t ripped apart or the holes get clogged, you’ll never have to worry about changing them. Besides, a foil is dirt cheap.


A gravity bong is a good and enjoyable way to get high. Gravity bongs are used back then. However, these aren’t typically for beginners and inexperienced ones as they provide with overpowering high that you might not acclimate too.

Lastly, when smoking gravity bong, take note of the risks involved as it may be bad for your health if you associate heat with plastics. If you are unsure of using gravity bong, just opt for another method that is safe and proven.

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