Identifying Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Buying a pack of regular marijuana seeds will give you both male and female plants while feminized pot seeds will turn into all female plants under optimal growing condition. Marijuana seeds that are feminized have undergone genetic changes so they are capable of growing only female plants that produce potent buds for smoking. Looking at the physical appearance, feminized marijuana seeds have a lighter tone and are whiter while male seeds are darker in color.

How to feminized marijuana seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are considered as hybrid seeds that are processed to give growers an assurance of growing only female plants. Seed feminization is a pollination process that will give growers a guarantee of having more females in the garden. There are two ways of feminizing marijuana seeds- the colloidal silver method and rodelization. In rodelization, the female cannabis plant has the unique ability to essentially fertilize itself without turning into hermaphrodite. This type of feminizing the seeds is said to be easier but not always effective. In colloidal silver method, a small concentration of pure silver is put into the distilled water. During the flowering period, the mixture is sprayed to the female cannabis plants.

Why feminized marijuana seeds are good to grow?

Only female marijuana plants are capable of producing potent buds to smoke. Feminized marijuana seeds are good to grow because they will assure you of having no male plants in the garden. Growing feminized seeds will also allow you to save time and save yourself from the hassle of identifying and pulling out male plants during the pre-flowering period. Growing a pack of regular cannabis seeds will most likely give you 50% female and 50% male marijuana plants but a pack of feminized seeds will give you a high percentage or even 100% of growing female marijuana plants if no stress is inflicted on them while growing. The biggest advantage that feminized seeds can give is a bountiful harvest of potent marijuana buds great for smoking.

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