Is Cannabis in the Bible: Must-Read Facts

The presence of cannabis in the Bible is not something preached on a Sunday mass. In general, modern-day Christians highly frowns on cannabis use. However, most people wonder if this was the case back then?

This is because long ago, many centuries back then, cannabis is widely used, especially for ceremonial events and medicinal use. It seems rational to speculate that early Christians are no different than modern-day Christians. The past of cannabis is much different than what we are lead to believe. Is cannabis in the Bible? We’ll know for sure.

Cannabis in the Bible and Religion

The notion of sobriety is thoroughly related to Christianity. With a variety of strict rules regarding the consumption of alcohol and drugs, coming from the uppermost rungs of the organization. Only Catholicism maintains to have any type of intoxicating element included in Sunday service. But the lack of intoxication appears to be strange when associated with other religious ethnicities. All over the world, religions have trusted on drugs and alcohol for spiritual conversation.

That’s why it is harder for people today to speak cold, hard truths about marijuana and religion because they fear that they will be judged with what they are saying. Especially in today’s day and age, social media is the strongest platform when raising our voice. This is because most people cannot fathom the idea that during ancient times, cannabis was widely used, and there are no governing bodies that do not allow the consumption of it.

But today, it is widely viewed as something of a negative thing to do, whereas its positive impacts and health benefits are more than well-documented. Only a few people know about the crucial role marijuana plays in the Bible. Cannabis in the Bible makes many appearances and is often the subject of a topic. And if you look closely, many suggestions are saying that parishioners and church members were using cannabis way back then.

Is Smoking Cannabis a Sin?

From the very first book of the Bible, the book of Genesis. There’s a clear indication that God himself surrendered all the plants and animals for human consumption. And as the verse goes, And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you, it shall be for meat” – Genesis 1:29,

That means that all plants and animals, including cannabis, were made for us to benefit from. However, some people are arguing that God wasn’t talking about the entire plants and animals. In my opinion, why is it that people were so against cannabis? Why are they so specific about it? Let’s say, for example; another plant would be used the same with cannabis, would their notion still take effect, or are they just plain biased about it? 

However, there is little support with this argument. In the book of Genesis, there is no warning that says otherwise. There were no following lines saying that humans were to use certain plants for certain purposes. Instead, the line includes EVERY PLANT YIELDING SEED, which in my understanding, Hemp is included.

From biblical times, cannabis was cultivated for several purposes. There’s even evidence that it is used during Ancient Egypt; they even carved the cannabis into their hieroglyphics. During ancient times in the middle east, cannabis was widely used for ceremonies. It seems apparent that the use of cannabis for ceremonial rites and cannabis fibers were everywhere throughout the Bible age.

The Anointed One

Another book wherein cannabis made its appearance again is from the book of Exodus Chapter 30:22-23; this is the evidence wherein the recipe of the anointing oil was said by Jesus himself. This is because Jesus often requested this to his apostles to always prepare this special oil when they are working with other worshippers.

Among the herbs in the recipe were olive oil and other ingredients. Also, the anointing oil calls for an ingredient called “kaneh-bosm”. Most people agree that Kaneh Bosm is, in fact, actual cannabis. And under the instruction of Jesus, these oils were smeared with this anointed oil within themselves. There’s even a strong likelihood that Jesus even used it himself. 

Way back, anointing oils were used widely; religious leaders even used oils instead of water during ceremonial rites such as baptism. Even when Jesus died on the cross, his disciples were still using this powerful mixture and anointing every individual they come across. It was smeared among the sickly and were miraculously healed. Knowing what we know now about cannabis and its medicinal backgrounds, this might be a fascinating connecting.

Cannabis’ Healing Power 

Cannabis in the Bible, as indicated that it is used in ceremonial herbal concoctions, might be the first records of cannabis’ as a medicine. After all, ill members of the Christian sectors were recommended by their community elders to anoint them with oils in the name of Jesus.

When cannabis is absorbed into the olive oil, it will quickly be absorbed by the skin. Through this technique, it is still used even up to this day through balms, massage oils, and salves to treat various conditions.

Some may assume that people were healed by Jesus Christ, may, in fact, have been healed through the wonder of marijuana. The most common ailments that were treated in the Bible, including skin diseases, menstrual problems, epilepsy, and eye issues are some of the same conditions treated with cannabis today.


Of course, there is still no direct proof that Jesus himself, along with his disciples, used cannabis for healing, but for me, it is quite fascinating for the fact that it was stated in the book of exodus. Even the mere fact that each religion relied on other herbs for healing fascinates me a lot. Cannabis in the Bible might seem too much of a fantasy than reality today, but as more and more studies interconnecting with different proofs, I hope someday it will lead us to the answer.

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