Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds from Canada

Is It Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds from Canada

If you are in buy marijuana seeds from canada and if you want to buy marijuana seeds in the country because you want to grow marijuana then you are lucky because there are a lot of dispensaries located in major cities where you can order marijuana seeds from. Medical marijuana is permitted in Canada. As you can see, you can find some marijuana dispensaries which sells marijuana seeds in major cities in Canada thus it is just fine to order marijuana seeds on the internet in the country. Of course, you do not need to tell your neighbors or anyone about your grow. If you are a medical marijuana holder, then there is no controversy about you growing marijuana in Canada.

Can I order marijuana seeds on the internet in Canada?

Yes, there are a lot of marijuana seed banks in Canada which already sell their marijuana seeds on the internet. They offer discrete shipping to anywhere in Canada and they also offer discrete worldwide shipping. They may even send you free marijuana seeds together with your order for as long as you reach the minimum requirements for you to qualify for their free marijuana seeds offer.

What is the shipping time and rate if I order marijuana seeds in Canada?

The shipping times may differ depending on where you are located at and where the marijuana seeds will be shipped from in Canada. Usually, shipping takes 3-5 business days within Canada and 10 – 20 days outside of the country. You can also go for a quicker shipping method for an additional fixed rate. This rate may also differ depending on the seed bank so you might want to ask the online marijuana seed bank regarding their shipping rates.

Buying marijuana seeds on the internet in Canada has been a growing trend now and if you don’t want to spend a lot of time travelling, then you can order cheap marijuana seeds on the internet.

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