Mango and Weed: Is it a Perfect Combination?

Mango and Weed: Is it a Perfect Combination?

Summer’s heat can be  too hard to beat especially if you have these fruits on your table. Tropical fruits like oranges, pineapple, and mango are well-loved bestsellers around the globe. They bring great appeal to any meal you have, be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But, best among them is one called the “king fruit” and that is mango.

When it’s already ripe and ready, your heart will melt and your taste buds will feast on such a sweet, delicious mango flavor. How about mango and weed? That’s a perfect combination that’s worthy of further examination and study.

More about Mangoes

Drupe is the origin of the favorite mango fruit which is wildly known and exported to various countries in the world. It only grows in tropical countries like the Philippines. Originating from such lineage, mango turns out to be a fruit containing a meaty part covering the huge seed inside it. The usual color of mango would be light green and golden yellow depending on whether it’s already ripe or pre-mature.

However, it’s different when identifying if it’s fresh or not. The color you see on the outside does not necessarily indicate its freshness. Instead, you should be aware of the various types of mangoes wherein some remain as green as when they ever started to grow ‘til they become ripe. If black spots already appear on its skin outside, then that’s a sign which means the fruit is already over-ripe.

Tropical countries that are lucky to have the perfect growing area for this fruit have come up with several delicious recipes featuring the wonderful taste of mangoes. Some of these are the following:

– mango mixed with strawberries and pineapple in smoothies

– tea or lemonade with mango extract

– salsa made of mixed fresh fruits as topping to fish delicacy as well as with red peppers, jalapeno, and others.

Positive Effects of Mangoes

Mangoes contain a large amount of antioxidant known as “zeaxanthin” that are considered medicinal and effective for treating diseases. Some of the very common illnesses that mango can include:

  1. Heart disease – various contents of mango such as vitamins, high fiber, and potassium are useful in protecting the body from this disease. Together, they work on aiding with the proper function of the arteries in the heart. Mangoes also help to eliminate too much sodium from the body to replace it with potassium, thus, help with high blood pressure.
  2. Cancer – carotenoids are important contents of mangoes that those who regularly eat mangoes acquire to prevent the occurrence of colon cancer. It also has beta-carotene which is good for avoiding the cancer of the skin. The immune system also gets enhanced so your body becomes fully protected from acquiring any illness.
  3. Diabetes – based on the result of an experiment performed in 2019 on a mouse, mango leaves were found to be an effective compound to use against diabetes. However, you must be careful not to eat much mango flesh because it was not mentioned in the study. But, those dried mangoes frozen and left in the fridge are said to help reduce blood sugar.

Other less common and serious conditions that eating mangoes can solve include the following benefits:

– issues on digestion

– stronger immune system

– fairer and healthier skin

– reduced cholesterol level

– clearer eyesight

Mango and Weed

Knowing how many different ways cannabis can be used, it was thought of by many cannabis and mango lovers how delightful it shall be if they become one in a drink or one of your meals. They were believed to be a perfect combination.

The taste of mango and the sedating powers of weed certainly go well together. However, the key is to know the proper way of mixing them so you can produce such a delicious-tasting treat. 

The smell of mango that you sense while you get high with weeds is superb in terms of intensifying the sedation in just a few minutes. Another reason is that they both have the same chemicals namely: myrcene and terpenes. Those terpenes found in mangoes flow into the bloodstream where it shall meet with the THC coming from weeds. You should be ready with the impact of THC and terpenes colliding and creating an intensely superb mental high later on.

The sedation that cannabis brings to some smokers varies from person to person depending on certain factors. 

However, for some more wonderful effects, weeds are advised to be consumed after eating some fresh mangoes. Speeding up your metabolism is also possible while enjoying the combined sensations from mango and weed. This can be done by having some mangoes 2 hours ahead of your cannabis smoking session.

Best Cannabis Strains to Smoke while Eating Mangoes

To cut the chase for selecting the best strains that taste good especially when accompanied by the smell and taste of mangoes, here is a list of the three cannabis varieties that you can try.

  1. Maui Mango Diesel – the name itself indicates how citrusy this is. This strain came from two tropical parents which were the Mauie Wowie and Brooklyn Mango strains. They made such magnificent parents to this bud variety which brings a hard hit on the head with its fruity sweet flavors such as pineapple and honey.
  1. Mango Kush – a one of a kind cannabis strain that possesses some fruity flavors. It is a good source of happy, euphoric, and uplifting high in a dose. Resembling the features of its parent strain, Mango Kush smells earthy, mango, but still pungent that satisfies a lot of stoners.
  1. Hawaiian – a very nice name for a cannabis strain that’s made to freshen up your days during the summer. It truly resembles the great name of the place where it was firstborn. This Hawaiian cannabis strain becomes more adorable when consumed with some bites of mango in your mouth. It’s going to make you feel like you are on the beach, feeling the breeze and savoring the sound of the water getting into the seashore.
  2. Vortex – despite its strong high, this cannabis can truly promise wonderful sedation when you combine it with some fresh mangoes. It shall enhance your focus, euphoria, and relaxation while the high sets in inside you.
  3. Mango Haze – an energizing, blissful, and euphoric marijuana strain that will bring satisfaction also to your five senses, particularly on the smell which is due to the strong aroma of mango.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between the two most favorite treats is such a heartbreaking one. But if you know that you can have both in one, then that would be heavenly just like with the use of mango and weed. They blend well together in terms of taste, smell, and effects. Combining them is a breakthrough which you should try also one of these days.

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