Necessary Equipments for Marijuana Seeds Germination

Necessary Equipments for Marijuana Seeds Germination

To be successful in any cannabis growing activity, it is very important to start with marijuana seeds having good genetics. However, the germination process is also equally important because failure during germination will not make the marijuana seeds sprout. Germinating marijuana seeds is not expensive. You can even do it using tools that are just found in the household area. Among the things important during germination are plates, tweezers (for handling the seeds), thermometer, paper towels, distilled water and the marijuana seeds to be germinated. Aside from these things, preparing the working area is a must to avoid any contamination and to keep the seeds away from molds and pests.

How to germinate marijuana seeds?

Germinating marijuana seeds seems to be an easy task but if not done correctly, the seeds may not sprout. There are different methods of germinating marijuana seeds and among the most proven way is the use of kitchen-type paper towels moistened with water. Using a distilled water, moisten at least 2 sheets of paper towels and place the pot seeds. Cover the marijuana seeds with another sheet of paper towel and plate. Remove the seeds once the taproot has emerged because the taproot may die if the seeds are soaked for a longer time. Remember not to allow the marijuana seeds to dry. Keep the seeds moist and place them in a dark environment and do not expose them to direct sunlight.

What things are needed to germinate marijuana seeds?

There are several ways of germinating marijuana seeds- use of moistened paper towels, pre-soaking in a jar or glass of water and germinating in soil or rockwool medium. The most common and proven as effective method is the paper towel method which needs the following things: 2 plates to place and cover the marijuana seeds, water (preferable distilled and warm) and thermometer to check the temperature around the seeds. Viable marijuana seeds are expected to crack open after 2 days and white root tips will begin to emerge.

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