Simple Recipe on How to Make Edible Chocolate

Simple Recipe on How to Make Edible Chocolate

Do you want to consume weed? How do you like to consume cannabis? Well, if you are a cannabis user at the same time a chocolate lover, then you can consider consuming weed through chocolates. With the help of this article, you will be able to know the ways on how to make edible chocolate

Be an expert and learn the simple ways of making it so that you will be able to make your own chocolate edible, well. Making marijuana chocolate is very simple and easy to do. Before learning the steps and procedures, you have to know the reasons as to why you should consider making edible chocolate.

Why should you consider making chocolate edibles? 

When you combine marijuana at the same time chocolate, you would be able to make a perfect match that is heaven. You can enjoy the combination of the two. Aside from being delicious, weed chocolate has also a very easy procedure in making it, especially in doing it at home. 

You would be able to enjoy the benefits you can get in taking marijuana chocolate. The chocolate with cannabis has lots of antioxidants. The compounds that you can find in cannabis are known as flavornoids and these compounds have the antioxidant properties which can be the main benefits of your body. On the other hand, chocolates have nutritional components. Apart from having a good taste, it can also give good benefits to the person’s health. The good benefits that chocolate contains include the improvement of the health of your heart as well as having properties off aphrodisiac. Cannabis has some benefits such as it helps with the pain, anxiety, nausea, and some other health problems. 

If you are looking for a healthy and a good way of consuming weed, then you can consume it through the chocolate. It is a healthy method compared to consuming weed through vaping or even smoking. Aside from that, the taste it offers is also good. It is a perfect combination with the spicy at the same time earthy tasting of the weed. In choosing a strain to use, you have to choose the one that you will like. 

How to make edible chocolate: Steps and Methods

If you are looking for sweet at the same time has medicinal purposes of consuming weed, you can try this edible chocolate. Making your chocolate cannabis is possible if you will be able to follow some easy steps. You also need to make sure of the possible things that you are going to use in the process. Aside from that, you need to be familiar with the steps on how to make edible chocolate. 

There are many ways and methods in making chocolate marijuana. However, it will be good if you try the easy steps of making it. Let us find out what the steps are and the materials we should need in the process. 

Tools to Prepare

Preparing your tools should be the very first thing you should do. You must be well-prepared so that you will be able to make the process smoother. Here are the materials you should have:

  • Good quality of weed ( three-five grams)
  • Parchment Paper or you can use a sheet for baking. 
  • Chocolate with cocoa of at least seventy percent (it should be dark) Pieces should be small. 
  • Bowl
  • Saucepan
  • Tray for ice cube or tool for chocolate molding

Steps in making edible chocolate

You have to make sure of following the steps properly and for you to do that; you need to understand the steps, well. Here are some easy steps in making a bar of edible chocolate:

  • Decarboxylating Your Marijuana

The first thing you should do before you can make the other processes is to decarboxylate the buds of your cannabis. It is a method of converting THCA as well as CBDA that can be found in the marijuana that is raw into their more active forms. In this process, your effort might be required, but you will be going to have a good result compared to when you ignore this method. 

The process of decarboxylating has a simple method and it is the grinding of your weed. If you are done with the grinding process, you need to put the ground buds on a sheet for baking or a parchment paper. The buds that have been grounded should be placed inside of an oven and should be preheated for about 240 degrees Fahrenheit or 115 degrees Celsius.  After that, you should bake it for about thirty minutes. 

Make sure not to burn your weed, you can heat it and check it for about five to ten minutes if it is needed. If you have already done this, then you can proceed to the next step. 

  • Melting the Chocolate

Prepare the bowl and you have to prepare one that can perfectly in the saucepan on the top part of it. You should put water that is hot inside of the pan and the amount of it shouldn’t reach the bowl’s base. Put the pieces of the chocolate inside of your bowl and it should be placed over your pan. Make sure the heat is in a medium manner. Remember, you have to simmer the water not to boil it. 

By the use of this method, you will be assured of melting your chocolate without making them stick to your bowl or even burning them. You should always stir your chocolate. 

  • Mixing

The next step should be the mixing process. You have to mix the ground marijuana to the chocolate your melt. You have to stir them so that they can be mixed, well. If you did the grinding process well, then you will be able to do this mixing method properly. 

  • Pouring them inside of the molds

After you have mixed the chocolate as well as the weed, you should prepare molds for chocolate or you can use a tray for the ice cube. Then, you can cut your chocolate in a square-shaped. Make sure to fill the right amount to the molds so you will not be able to spill some of the particles. 

  • Removal of the bubble air

You have to drop the molds gently on the counter of your kitchen for you to remove the air bubbles that can be possibly trapped in the middle of the mixing of chocolate and weed.

  • Refrigeration of the Marijuana Chocolate

You should put the edible chocolate inside of your refrigerator and you can keep it there for about ten to fifteen minutes. The duration of placing your marijuana chocolate inside of the refrigerator would depend on the chocolate type that you are using and the deepness of the molds you are using. 

  • Removing the chocolate cannabis from the molds

If you have done all the steps above, you can proceed to the next step. It is now ready to remove your chocolate weed from your molds. Make sure to do it carefully if you do not want to spill a single particle of the chocolate. 


If you are interested in making marijuana chocolate, the steps above can be very useful for you. Those are the simple steps you can follow on how to make edible chocolate at home. For you to get the result that you expect, you need to make sure of understanding the steps properly and you have to be well-prepare, especially with the tools or materials to use. 

There are also some other steps, aside from the steps that were mentioned above. In choosing the methods of making your edible chocolate, you have to choose the ones that are easy and convenient for you.

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