THCA: Properties, Uses, and Benefits

The cannabis industry is growing, and it is not slowing down. The fact that the cannabis industry is one of the fastest rising industries in the global economy, cannabis users are no longer just mere consumers, but they are very knowledgeable about the use of cannabis.

By of now, you may be familiar with the main components of cannabis like the cannabinoids and the two main cannabinoids, which are the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and Cannabidiol or the CBD. But did you know that there is another cannabinoid that is often overshadowed? THCA or Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is another very important cannabinoid that can be found in a cannabis plant. It may not be often discussed, but it plays a very important role in the effects of cannabis in the body. 

What is THCA?

While most of us are aware that THC is responsible for the high and CBD is responsible for the medical benefits, very few know the value of another cannabinoid called THCA. THCA consists of a percentage of the cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant, and it plays a very important role.

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, also known as THCA is an important cannabinoid because, without it, THC will never be able to give us its high. The THCA is the predecessor of THC. Meaning, THCA, when activated, becomes the THC. THCA changes to THC through the process called decarboxylation. When the cannabis bud is exposed to heat, THCA then is turned into THC. 

THCA can be found in raw cannabis strains. When you say raw, it has never been exposed to heat. Newly harvested cannabis buds contain THCA. These are buds that have not been dried. If you want to isolate THCA, make sure to keep your buds in a cool place or room temperature because exposure to the heat will activate and turn it to THC.

What are the effects of THCA?

It is important to note that THCA will never give you the high that you get from THC. Though THCA activates the THC, it does not mean that it is the source of the psychoactive effects. THCA and THC are almost identical in their molecular structure; the chemical structure gives them a huge difference, which allows them to have different effects on the body system. 

So if you think that the THCA can make you high? The answer is a big NO. This compound will only activate the THC that is responsible for the high. THCA cannot make you feel high and allow you to enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis consumption in the body. The main function of THCA is to activate the THC. Exposure to heat automatically converts THCA to THC.

What are the benefits of THCA?

THCA has some important benefits to the body. Several pieces of research have been conducted subjecting the benefits and advantages of THCA to the body system, and findings showed positive results. THCA’s benefits are mostly medical; thus, it shows that THCA is effective against body diseases. Here are some of the known benefits of THCA in the body system: 

  • Anti-inflammatory – THCA has anti-inflammatory properties that can deal with swelling, edema, arthritis, joint pains, muscle pains, and lupus.
  • Neuroprotective – THCA is effective in treating neurodegenerative diseases or disease that is characterized by the progressive degeneration of the structure of the nervous system like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Anti-proliferative – THCA can help in the treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Anti-emetic – THCA is effective against nausea and also appetite loss.

Though studies regarding THCA are still early stage, it is getting positive feedback because the initial results are indeed very helpful. This strain is creating breakthrough to the cannabis community. 

Will THCA show in a drug test?

While the cannabis industry is ever-growing, cannabis consumers are also becoming more aware and knowledgeable of the effects of the weed in the body system. Of course, we are very much aware that THC can be detected in a drug test, but what about THCA? For some tests, they will use THCA as the analyte for drug testing. If this is the case, THCA can be detected, especially if you have just smoked marijuana. Know that marijuana compounds can stay in the body for approximately 3 days.

How to isolate THCA?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of THCA, then you may wonder how to isolate it or how it is possible since exposing it to any form of heat will turn it into THC. THCA can be found in the raw cannabis plant, and it is no longer present in dried cannabis. It is the powdery substance in a cannabis plant. All you have to do is to collect them. Using your hands or clean gloves, just collect the substance. If you want to consume it, you can add or infuse them in your food or drinks. Note that THCA can’t be smoked or exposed to heat.

THCA is also sold separately on cannabis online and local stores. THCA products also contain a high percentage of THCA. THCA’s popularity is also growing; thus, it is not a surprise that it is marketed under several brands. Famous THCA brands are Present naturals and Mary Medicinals Transdermal patches. 

So far, there are no reports of any side effects regarding the use of THCA. What is exciting about it is that ongoing studies are continuing to make breakthroughs in the medical community involving THCA. As the exploration continues regarding the wonder of this compound, we are expecting more benefits that can help in the treatment of many other diseases.


THCA is indeed another compound form the herb that plays a very important role in the effectiveness of the marijuana plant. It is such a good thing to know how these specific compound works together to give marijuana its effects. The intelligent consumers now value the knowledge and information regarding matters that comprise the weed because it makes it more interesting as well as it makes cannabis consumption safer and enjoyable.

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