Tips in Planting Marijuana Seeds

Tips in Planting Marijuana Seeds

Choose which type of cannabis strain to grow. You can choose between indica, sativa, hybrid, feminized and autoflowering. Prepare the grow room. Note that the size of the room or garden should be able to accommodate the number of marijuana seeds you plan to grow. Whether you decide to grow marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors, the process of germination is recommended to produce healthy root system before transferring the seedlings into the grow medium. Practice proper handling of seeds during germination by not touching them. Instead, use tweezers to avoid contamination. Once the marijuana seedlings are planted in the grow medium, ensure that they will receive sufficient light, water and nutrients.

What preparations to make before planting marijuana seeds?

Prepare all the necessary tools before planting the marijuana seeds. The preparations you will make depend on where you will grow cannabis. For indoor growing, install additional equipments such as artificial light that will as much as possible mimic the sunlight, odor control system, ventilation system and regular water supply. For growing marijuana seeds outdoors, select a garden spot where plants are able to receive as much sunlight needed. Select a location that is near a natural water supply but away from passersby. Prepare the grow medium. Germinate the seeds and once they have already fully sprouted, you can begin transplanting them in the grow medium you have chosen.

What are the basic steps in planting marijuana seeds?

You do not need to be an expert to be able to grow cannabis plants. There are only a few basic steps to follow. First, select the marijuana seeds you want to grow. Prepare the garden spot where you will plant the seedlings. Germinate the seeds using either the paper towel method or germinating the seeds in soil, rockwool cubes or in a glass of water. Plant the marijuana seedlings and provide what things are necessary to grow healthy marijuana plants- right spectrum of light, adequate water, right amount of nutrients and good ventilation.

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