Top 10 Best Hybrid Strains You Probably Want to Try

Top 10 Best Hybrid Strains You Probably Want to Try

In the cannabis community, the most widely known and demanded strains are indica and sativa, which has different effects. But did you know that there is one strain that balances both benefits of having a sedating effect and an uplifting effect?

This strain is called “Hybrid”, a combination of both strains that provide a lot of balanced benefits which is growing in demand. Mostly, these strains are results of experimental breeding in order to achieve a higher level of potency, quality, and the best hybrid strains.

With thousands of strains in the market today, it is nearly impossible to try them all in order to know what fits your needs and your budget. You can always ask your local dispensary regarding the best of the best, but it doesn’t hurt if you already have a bit of research regarding what you might like. 

So here is a rundown of the 10 best hybrid strains in the market.

10 Best Hybrid Strains

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies takes the top spot in the list for the best hybrid strains. This may be a shocker for a lot of people in the cannabis community, but it is actually true. What makes this strain special is that it has an unbelievable balance between the effects that sativa and indica strain possesses. This strain is a combination of two well-known breeds called OG Kush and Durban Poison, which are both known for their high potency rates. It got its name from it’s a sweet and fruity scent as well as having a very sweet flavor, which is very much alike from real Girl Scout Cookies.

Godfather OG

The majority will agree that this is the most powerful or most potent strain that exists in the world. But others may think that you have just been knocked out by this strain for a long time due to its extremely high indica composition, which gives a ton of relaxation, euphoric high, and a high sedating effect that will definitely give you the “couch-lock”. This strain is a hybrid, with a combination of the Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, and Cherry pie. Before you even take this, you have to be an experienced user because this strain is not for the faint-hearted.


This strain has the most medicinal value, so if you are a health-conscious enthusiast, then this strain is for you. It is known to help relieve various medical issues which include the following (more research needed to obtain proof for other medicinal benefits):

  • Anxiety and depression
  • arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Migraines and headaches
  • PTSD
  • epilepsy

This strain also provides a good recreational high that will increase your focus, creativity, and has an uplifting effect but with a hint of relaxation.

OG Kush

This strain is the most popular amongst all weed strains out there. Its popularity is so well known that even non-marijuana or first-time users already know about it. OG Kush has more indica properties; however, there is still a trace of sativa effects. Also, this strain is also known for its potency, which provides a strong euphoric high.


Since the first four strains are all in favor of the indica strain, this next strain in this list is sativa-dominant. The AK-47 takes place for the most sativa-dominant effect. However, due to the balance it possesses, it is a great strain that provides relaxation, relief, creativeness, and lightness.

Blue Dream

For all the new smokers out there, this strain is absolutely suitable for you. Blue Dream is a strain that will not intimidate you, but it will welcome you with open arms. It has a superb balance between the famous strains indica and sativa. It does not have a very strong potency that will blow your socks off. Once you have this, you will not have to worry about getting stoned. Blue Dream is loved even by experienced users because it gives a mellow feel that will make you comfortable at any time of the day.

Gorilla Glue #4

This is the most underrated strain in the world of weed. GG4 has notable potency, which delivers great benefits. The truth about it is that it has an attribute that can give a heavy high partnered with good relaxation. However, taking too much of this strain can cause you to experience a couch lock. This is why it got its name because too much consumption can glue you to where you are seated.

White Widow

This strain is another well-balanced type of hybrid weed. The effects of this strain are the same as the OG Kush. This strain is already known since the 1990s and is very popular in accredited Dutch cafes. This strain provides extreme creativity; this type of weed is well utilized by various artists from every aspect of art.

Headband OG

This strain is a combination of the top weed strains from two categories. OG Kush takes the top in the indica category while Sour Diesel hails in the sativa category. Imagine if they had a love child, Headband OG is that child. This strain is very potent and has balanced effects. This is a strong strain that should be handled with care; every user must proceed with caution when using this strain; this is due to the different reactions it provides for every individual.

Cherry Pie

The last strain on this list is the Cherry Pie, this strain is widely known as a parent weed from various hybrids, but as an individual strain, it is mostly ignored. Its effects are average that will just get you going for a couple of hours, there’s nothing special about it, but it is a good weed to be combined or used for breeding purposes.

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The world of weed is very intriguing at first, but when you read and gain knowledge about it, you will not stop wanting to know more about it. There are thousands of strains out there that are yet to be discovered, so you better start testing each one in order for you to find the best strain for you. But what we have provided now are the best of the best that you can begin with. These are the best hybrid strains you can try!

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