Types of Bongs Weed Smokers Probably Didn’t Know About

The life system of a bong is shifted and more perplexing than you might suspect. In numerous sizes, shapes, and designs are the core keys on how to identify the different types of bongs. Indeed, there is not only a single type of bong as it got several of it. Bongs already set the parameter that whenever you are a cannabis smoker, this often is your choice on what type of device you wanted to use whenever you smoke your love cannabis.

There are wide assortment types of bongs, but one thing it has in common is it’s at least one chamber enclosed with water to channel out the smoke from your cannabis. The distinction of materials being used, such as acrylic, borosilicate, metal, silicone, soft glass, wood, or any out there garners the concept that there are different types of bongs. Despite, the fact that most bongs are made with glass yet other materials also serve in the line. 

Types of Bongs

With the idea of wanting to know what the different types of bongs are, let us start the conversation by examining the different types of materials being used to make a bong. An examination as well on what are the downsides and advantages that you can get from each. From that point forward, we’ll discuss the different types of bongs according to designs. 

Types of Bongs from Different Materials


  • Bamboo is a fundamental example when it comes to bongs.
  • Bamboo bongs can extend from really essential designs or it can be hype up through designing using paint or some ornamental things.
  • The life of the bamboo bong is pretty long, but this will matter on how much you handle it. 


  • In general, ceramic is the type of bong that bears a heavyweight and a strong structure if you compared it to some other materials being used.
  • As such, the overall fragility of ceramic bong doesn’t go for a smooth trip towards to you.
  • In any case, ceramic bongs come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes on account of the way that clay is very pliable and simple to work with.
  • This bong is more costly compared to plastic bong as the materials and the labor needed to create this is quite fancy and needed much attention when making it.
  • Despite that this ceramic bong could not give you the best daily choice of your cannabis tool; however, this is certainly good to use on special occasions or you can flaunt this within your house.


  • Glass is the main well known as the number one material whenever you wanted to make a bong.
  • A perfect pure and clean taste will be yours as the glass doesn’t put any weight on the flavor and terpenes of your cannabis that may alter it.
  • Glass bongs are extremely simple to screen for resin developments since its structure is transparent. As then, you can easily notice if it needs cleaning or not.
  • In line with the benefits you can get from using a glass bong, you will surely spend some hefty amount as this type of bong is an expensive one.


  • Metal is likewise utilized whenever it talks about the materials that can be used to make a bong even though the common practice is plastic or glass.
  • The metal bong is entirely durable and its life is also long. Additionally, this is not one of those expensive bongs when the basis is the materials being used.
  • The drawback of this metal bong is that it can influence the terpenes and flavors of your cannabis smoke. Furthermore, you may not easily know if this is now the ideal way to clean it as looking it purely won’t bring you the answer at all.


  • Plastic material is the second famous material that can be used when creating bongs. This adapts the popularity world as it is amazingly durable.
  • If ever you accidentally drop the plastic bong, only the water will flow or break out from it and no other parts will be damaged.
  • When it comes to cost, this type of bong is not also expensive as the materials being used does not cost too much.
  • Bongs produced from plastic materials are incredible when it comes to a flexible structure as it can’t break or crack in one wrong thing. However, the downside of this is that it can alter or influence the flavor of your cannabis smoke but in a light manner only. 

Types of Bongs out from Different Designs

Beaker Base Bongs

  • Beaker base bongs are the type of bongs that has a tough structure and it’s reliable to use whenever you wanted to smoke your favorite cannabis.
  • The beaker foundation within the base is a typical kind of water pipe, which includes the appearance of the base similar to the beaker.
  • This structure assists with including a great deal of strength, permitting these types of structure to be taller. Consequently, this gives you the most of achieving a bigger smoke and can add more space within the percolators.


  • Bubblers are the type of bongs that are referred to as a portable mini bong. As such, this type of bong is like the younger sibling of the renowned bong.
  • It is essentially a miniature bong that is a blend of bowls and water pipes in a single structure. With this type of structure, it gives you the best accommodation as the hand pipe is convenient to manipulate.
  • Furthermore, the excellence of bubblers is that the way of how the smoke travels smoothly.
  • Bubblers are not an expensive type of bong. Additionally, it comes in a huge number of designs in which you can pick what caught you the most.
  • Bubblers frequently don’t have percolation, even though a few kinds exist, and casually they are adorned well but not viable to accessorize. Additionally, a portion of the more intricate bubblers can be undeniably hard to clean. 
  • Generally, bubblers are the perfect bong when you are up to blend things up. This is not costly at all and easy to bring with. 

Dab Rigs

  • Dab Rigs may come late within the venture of bongs but this has easily garnered a spot. This type of bong will suit well when you are utilizing cannabis concentrates.
  • This kind of bong features special structures that help you to deal easily with the heat it forms and the intensity of your dabbing.
  • As a result, it centers on percolation and recycling along with the loads of mind-boggling designs that help the air to flow correctly or cool smoothly.

Homemade Bongs

  • You can customize your bongs by creating it following your design. This type of bong falls under the creative bong as you render your thoughts into action.
  • Cups, Foods, Pens, Plastic bottles, and any material out there can be used to make your bong. As such, may need to see if it will suit enough to avoid future problems.
  • Your homemade bongs many not be strongly great or in best quality, yet these are all good in bringing you a boastful and blast impact.

Inline Bongs

  • Inline Bongs are the type of bongs that has strong bases, intricate or captivating designs, and its excellence in percolation is high.
  • This bong is not exceptionally common that’s why this can cost too much as it will matter on the demands. This kind of bong is recognized by the good incline percolators, horizontal percolators incorporated with the glass. 
  • This bong is viewed to be a kind of multi-chamber bong and likewise hits you best with also the best experiences.

Multi-Chamber Bongs

  • Multi-chamber bongs are the types of bongs that are viewed as the higher end bongs when associated with the water pipe structures. 
  • They ordinarily include intricate glasswork that allows the smoke to move, starting with one chamber then onto the next to cool and sanitize it for cleaner and smoother hits.
  • Multi-Chamber Bongs have a various number of designs that does not only appear to your eyes as it can also incredibly bring you its best function in a noteworthy way.
  • A hundred dollars or more is the money you need when you want to purchase this type of bong. Its cost is enough that you will acquire the best bongs due to the materials being used are at top quality. 

Percolator Bongs

  • If your target is to encounter a smooth and flawless smoking experience, then your best choice is this type of bong. Per its name, this has been recognized best due to the percolators it has.
  • It undergoes a cooling process beforehand then next is the filtering process in which the outcome is as good as it has been cooled down and filtered.

Recycler Bongs

  • If Percolator Bong brings you a smooth and flawless experience, then this Recycler Bongs are way much as this hits you the smoothest smoking occurrence you can encounter.
  • This bong has often considered another Multi-Chamber bong as the similarity of some structures and the deliverance is much likely the same.
  • Every 5 to 10 cycles per second, this bong will filter it from time to time. As a result, you will achieve the smoothest smoke from all the bongs that you have utilized.

Round Based Bongs

  • Reliable and stylish is what you can first comprehend when utilizing and looking at these Round Base Bongs.
  • It features a round shape within the base that’s why this bong is named Round Base Bongs. The roundness within the base will extend the shape and infuses a tougher structure, allowing the bongs for taller structures.

Scientific Glass Bongs

  • Scientific Glass Bongs has been related to a strong complement of being an expensive bong yet it has a sturdy structure that also delivers a smooth experience.
  • This bong alludes to the real chemical cosmetics of the glass it has. Borosilicate glass is the core material that handles glass response to the fluctuations in temperature, making it the number one material of this and giving you the best assurance that this will last long.
  • For the most part, this type of bong is more costly; however, the cost will be justified as you can get the best out of it plus your care. 

Straight Tube Bongs

  • Straight Tube Bongs are the type of bong that is a genuine simple bong, yet it still highlights the structure of a quite long blown glass with a sturdy tube.
  • This likewise features diffuse down stems, ice catches, and percolators that are one of the main concepts to bring you a good experience with your cannabis.


  • Zongs is named to be the various design bongs made for diffusion. Additionally, the Zigzag design that this shows is some of the considered things why this bong is named “Zong”.
  • Above all else, the tube this has is sufficiently thin and the Z area this has is responsible for catching the ice. As then, this permits the smoke to cool more before making final contact with you. 
  • If you want to feel a good ride to the universe, then this bong is for you as it can hype you up in a high manner as the delivery of smoke is too good to be real at all. Be careful as you can be easily knocked by this; giving you the best intensity at all. 


There are such huge numbers of approaches to get your desired CBD and THC contents, and these could be in a form of cannabis concentrates, edibles, oil, wax, or anything as long as it has been recognized well. Despite a considerable lot of these novel ways to deal with cannabis, one particular thing that remains consistent is through the usage of bong; consequently, the different cases through utilizing different types of bongs. 

In response to the different types, it covers the wide scope of various designs and materials that are place or how it was made up of. You may pick the one purely on the appearance or through how it persuaded you by the good impacts you can get. The best advice I can give to you is to choose the type o bong you are comfortable to use with along with long and thorough considerations why you choose this type of bong, and thus, it can be out from the cost, materials, impacts to be garnered, and the designs it has. 

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