Weed and Mushrooms: Get High With Magic

Weed and Mushrooms: Get High With Magic

The sought-after relaxing and couch-locking high can be achieved naturally through two very popular drugs that are natural and can be mixed. Someone knowledgeable in using those two drugs can do the trick on combining them perfectly. Weed and mushrooms are a wonderful match for a super satisfying and extraordinary high.

In becoming euphoric and mentally high, the first thing that will come to your mind would be either cannabis or magic mushrooms also known as psilocybin mushrooms, or both of them. That is because both are natural substances that are better than other scientifically manufactured alternatives. Weed and psilocybin mushroom have got the purer, cleaner, and more authentic content for an amazing toke.

To try experiencing the best of both worlds in one sitting, you should first make sure that you are aware of the proper preparation of the drug, what its impact would be on you once you’ve tried it, and how potent that combination would be so everything will be handled well. Staying safe is possible that way so doesn’t forget that.

High From Cannabis

Being the “downer” that everybody knew for the relaxing sedation that it brings, weeds have been very popular among smokers in the world especially because of the high that its two main properties bring. Among its variety of 113 cannabinoids, THC and CBD are the major pride of cannabis that many consider as treasures. 

THC or also known as tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance that cannabis contains that are responsible for making smokers experience the psychoactive high they’ve been wanting to have. While CBD or cannabidiol is the substance that non-psychoactive and blends well with the strong effects of THC. 

Such sedating high, however, depends on the strain that you will be using. And, according to the table shown above, you should choose the strain that has the right THC level for your body. However, if you got higher CBD content in the strain, then it is likely that you would receive a less potent, sedating high.

The usual effects of this cannabis on the body is characterized by relaxation, more sensitive senses, and blurry awareness of the real-time. It influences the brain and its ability to perform well which may be short-term. Other negative effects it shall have been on the reflexes, the function of the motor, and coordination, as well as dry mouth and eyes, particularly to regular users.

High From Magic Mushrooms

The used-to-be just an ordinary fungus that grows in the humid walls outdoors independently has now invaded the field of medicine. Psilocybin mushrooms are, on the contrary, considered the “upper” element which gives a hallucinating, euphoric, and intensely mind-altering to users.

The Psilocybin content that magic mushroom has transformed into a sedating compound called Psilocin. During metabolization, the conversion of such substances is performed. Once inside the body, Psilocin gets directly into the brain and acts on the various serotonin to activate them. Dopamine is the next target of psilocin. Such substance that causes euphoric feelings and uplifting high from shrooms are increased through psilocin’s effects.

These magic mushrooms also bring energizing effect to the mind and body that come with a feeling of giddiness, cheerfulness, and sometimes even with an unclear vision. The normal length of the psilocybin effect lasts from 3 to 6 hours, based on the amount consumed.

Also, just like cannabis that can be consumed in many different ways, magic mushrooms can be enjoyed through the following forms:

  1. Eat them fresh and raw
  2. Buy the powder form and sniff it through your nose directly
  3. Or, go discreetly strong buy mixing it with warm water to make a tea to drink

Despite its many delightful effects on the body and mind, psilocybin mushrooms cannot help but naturally become negative also sometimes and lead to some side effects such as:


– Headaches

– Numbness of the face

– Higher heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure

– The weakness of the muscle and sometimes trembling, too

– Lack of control over urination

– Nausea and vomiting due to dry mouth


– Hallucination

– Panic reaction or anxiety

– Paranoia or fear of something

– Nervousness and changes in mood

– Disorientation and confusion about many things

Weed and Mushroom Combined

What will happen now when these two powerfully-charged drugs are combined? Simple. Ultra-strong sedation that’s beyond physical and mental highs. Both drugs work well together to provide uses with the doubled relaxation and calmness people experience from mushroom alone. 

Extremely intense psychedelic sensations that are mostly remembered for the illusory, fantastical visions. It is also said that the calming and relaxing high that one achieves from the cannabis helps to prepare your body in reaching that powerful peak you shall get when you take off through psilocybin mushroom’s powers. You shall stay calm and peacefully lying on your couch when the fading away of the shroom’s trip effects.

The effects of mushrooms and weeds towards the brain’s neurotransmitter and dopamine content increases due to their synergy. Together, they create a feeling of chill and satisfaction all over. But be careful not to have too much of them because their collaboration may also lead to a heightened indecisiveness and unorganized pattern of thought.

How to Deal with the Combined High

The effects of the cannabis that you would have shall dictate also how it will react when combined with the magic mushroom. It depends mostly on the dosage and type of strain that you use. Sativa and Indica strains have very distinct characteristics that make the difference in its effect on users. 

Sativa strains with high THC are givers of high positive feelings and added energy in one mushroom trip, while Indica strains containing high CBD levels are expected to bring a calming appeal that fights away anxiety and nausea. On the contrary, the effects of strains with hybrid genetics are said to remain unknown.

Even the time of consumption during the trip also contributes to the high it shall bring. At the beginning of it and you tasted cannabis, you shall be calm and relaxed upon taking off. Whereas, at the end of the trip and you take some buds, the effects are merely for relaxation also after the long exciting trip.

Final Thoughts

Taking weed and cannabis altogether is truly an amazing feeling to experience. However, it comes with the responsibility of taking care of yourself in terms of knowing the right dosage, timing, and manner of consumption. They are a match made in heaven type of drug that you should try one of these days.

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