What are the Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed?

What are the Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed?

The discussion over the remedial advantages of clinical weed is progressing constantly that many are still debating about it. With the real statement and situation that some various parts of the United States of America already legalized weed, some cities or states may still decline on it. As then, they have their reasons why they don’t want to in the first place.

With much consideration to the verdict in cannabis, the pros and cons of legalizing weed are up to the air as the concept doesn’t only accept the pure pros or cons as it has a wide disparity why no such single pro or con concept must be overlooked. As a result, let us know what are the fundamental concepts of why the pros and cons of legalizing weed are still rampaging through our time today. 

Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed

There will always be two sides of the con, head, and tail, but through the weed industry, this could be the pros and cons of legalizing weed as this is one of the most topics that no one ever put a definite answer on it. After this paragraph, this paper will bring you the pros and cons of legalizing weed that will open your mind on why this is still over the discussion method after a long time has passed. 


Take Apart from the Works of Black Market

  • For a considerable length of time, the underground business or the black market was the main spot to discover cannabis. Indeed, this will dismantle the selling and buying of some weed under this type of dispensary.
  • The chances of lowering the dealer that can be a horde or a mafia will diminish the danger you will face whenever you wanted to buy some weed. A portion of those black market dealers and Mafioso has a tight connection to terrorist associations in different nations. 
  • The legalization of weed can result in enabling them to legalize their weed products, or the worst part could be enabling them the loss of money as they have illegally operated. As such, this bears the good news at all as everyone involved in the weed industry does it legally and away from any troublemakers that will blur their way.

Enhanced Safety Control and Quality

  • With the ongoing fentanyl-laced-heroin issue being brought in the light, the chances for end clients to understand deeply what type of weed they are purchasing through the streets will be controlled. Additionally, legalizing weed will promptly make a lot of norms for safety quality and control, giving you the correct content.
  • In the case of tobacco and alcohol, safety control is not so tight that the wrong things slowly penetrate. And by enhancing the safety quality and control, it would reduce the occurrence of this situation within the weed industry.
  • All amounts you have thrown out to buy some weed will completely bring you the right compounds it has. As then, the price will suit it well as you will be getting the most out of it and not those fake ones.
  • The enhanced safety control and quality additionally hit a lesser degree within the weight of problems to the medical system. A lesser degree in danger over significant issues related to utilizing weed, overdosing as the concrete example, or can be the wrong dosage, will be taken at hand and will be solved easily.

Augmented Tax Revenue

  • The inclining pro idea of legalizing weed is that it will augment the tax revenue. In the year 2015, when the booming phase of weed has been legalized, the weed garners the amount of $996 million as the value accumulated through legally selling it.
  • Henceforth, the tax revenue that was gathered throughout the selling of weed is as stunning as $135 million. The tax revenues from legalized weed can be the money that will pay the expenses whenever the government needs to enhance road, improve schools, finance public projects, enlists more firefighter and police, or any out there.

Accessibility of the Various Therapeutic Weed

  • All types of therapeutic weed have the content of CBD and THC, it may casually differ on where it leans the most, but the major two cannabinoids have its remedy that you can acquire. Furthermore, some types of psychological and physical conditions rely most on the contents of weed.

Here are some of the following conditions in which the weed can curb:

  • Anxiety
  • Arising Problems related to Chemotherapy
  • Bacterial Growth
  • Bone Growth
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • High Blood Sugar
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Migraines
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nausea
  • Nervous System Degeneration
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Psoriasis
  • Psychosis
  • Seizures
  • Legalizing weed necessarily hits the target that it will improvise the health of various individuals together with lowering the degree of works that will tire out the human services system and also the healthcare data among the citizens.

Cutting Drug Violence or Cutting Gang concerning Drug Violence

  • A gang that is made up of drug relations and highlight drug violence will be taken slowly as they can’t purchase any weed without supervision. This would expel the basis of dispute that would then calm the happenings of violence problems.
  • In the United States of America, some states that legalize the weed, if you are a person who experienced injustice to some kind of gang-related to violence, you are now able to go to the police or the court systems as opposed to going to vigilantism.
  • This cutting the drug violence or the gang-related to drug violence will silence the danger and increases safety, covering the general safety of the public as well as those innocent victims.

Permits the Court System or the Police Department to Pay More Attention to Violent Crimes

  • One of the core advantages, when weed has been legalized, is that the police officers and the people from the court will pay more attention to violent crimes as the taxes being earned from it can be the cause of where their salary has been increased.
  • This covers the concepts of better funding that will result in great dealing with the various problems faced by our generation today. Also, additional time implies more consideration paid to forestall violent crimes. With the most typical case of essentially possessing weed, the court system and police department are overpowered but overwhelmed (at some point) by this case. 
  • The core issue about this will be solved as the legalized weed would lower the exhaustion of the court system and police officers that will handle this.


Weed Addiction

  • Weed addiction is not the total conclusion as some researches did not claim and still stands strong on the idea that weed is not addictive in regards to harder medications like meth and crack. Some researches wrap up the only one, a single person, out of ten highly depends on weed after some time.
  • Likewise, halting weed consumption without any weaning period will prompt withdrawal manifestations like anxiety and irritability. Be that as it may, the concept of cigarette smoking that is highly legal is the same as the result when it is halted quickly.
  • In regards to addiction, it needs to take a deeper view of it as this is highly debatable as of this moment. As such, this is partly not true and true, but it will rely on how much you have utilized the weed from time to time.

Second-Hand Smoke Inclination

  • If you are familiar with the dangers coming from second-hand smoke on normal cigarettes; henceforth, smoking weed also prompts the danger of second-hand smoking. The contents over cigarettes and weeds are different but it undergoes the combustion process, which then this is the main body where toxins will penetrate within your lungs. 

Deteriorating Psychological Health 

  • Weed can indeed curb some psychological problems, yet there are some cases where not the right amount of usage of this would result in ill effects. For instance, cognitive decline, limited bloodstream towards the brain, and may likely improve the probability of depression and schizophrenia.
  • Be that as it may, science is as yet not sure about these attestations. Both depression and schizophrenia problems can be quite shady as the notion of utilizing weed will activate the problems or perhaps the users are just leaning to this randomly to face away from the problems.

The Dangers that your Lungs may Intake

  • This con of legalizing weed declares that smoking weed is more terrible for your lungs rather than smoking a cigarette. It is then assumed those weed smoker takes the smoke further into their lungs, and also holds it for far too long than the event of smoking a cigarette. 
  • This longer and more profound exposure to carcinogens can improve the occurrence of lung disease. As then, this could be the worst situation that may happen to you.

Weed as Insight Changer

  • With the same impacts coming from alcohol, weed can also impose you the same that may then tap the dangers of your insights, especially when you are taking this before going in a drive. This will drive you straight to jail as you are under the influence of weed.

A quick view on how long you can stay in jail, how much money you need to pay and how long will you render to public punishments.

  • Two (2) to One-hundred eighty (180) Days of being in jail.
  • Two-hundred ($200) to Five-hundred ($500) dollars of fine.
  • Twenty-four (24) to Forty-eight (48) hours of public service.
  • The worst thing that can be yours with no regards to DWAI, DUI, or DWI charges, you will likewise be accused of ownership of the Schedule 1 prohibited substance, can be a criminal offense.


The pros and cons of legalizing weed will bring you into a hard situation of which the concepts under the pro and con will you side more. As you can see, both pros and cons have all their highlights that you considered best, and it will make you harder which to ingest more.

As such, you should not be a burden about it if your core key is just to use weed out for remedial concepts and will not relate to pleasure moments. Knowing the pros and cons of legalizing weed helps you acquire the vast information about the rampant topic that no one could easily declare if it is purely a pro move or can be more of a con move. Yet, here is the thing that you should not forget, the concepts under the legalization of weed covers all the things in which not a bit of thing must be overlooked through this as all concepts have great values.

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