What Is Kief: Complete Information and Consumption Guide

Have you ever wondered about the beautiful crystal-like formation of cannabis plants? It is kief. But what is a kief? Get to discover more about the resinous gland of your favorite herb and its functions or roles in attaining an ultimate cannabis experience for any type of user by continuing reading below.

What Is Kief?

Kief refers to the crystal-like formation on the spherical tip of resinous trichomes that makes the cannabis plant have a frosted look. It is the resin land that contains terpenes and cannabinoids, making cannabis become unique. 

Trichomes refer to the resinous glands of the plant, which contain important compounds such as THC, CBD, and other active cannabinoids. Trichomes also act as the defense mechanism against herbivores.

The disorienting psychoactive effect experienced by the animal after it has eaten some part of the plant that is layered with resinous substance acts as a hefty obstruction that saves the entire cannabis plant from possibly being eaten. 

How to Separate Kief from the Cannabis Plant

Now you know the answer to the question, “what is kief?”. So the next question is, “how do you separate kief from cannabis plants?”. 

Here’s how:

  • The easiest method to separate the THC-rich kief from the cannabis plant is with the use of a three-compartment herb grinder to sieve and gather it. 
  • If you just use the two-compartment herb grinder, you will lose the desired kief crystals of the plant as they stick inside the grinder. The herb grinder will basically break down the bud into smaller, making it more viable chunks. The three-compartment herb grinder has a grinding chamber, Kief chamber, and collection chamber makes it more essential to use.
  • If you are going to extract a large amount of kief, it is an ideal way to use a simple screening material. Most users make their own sieve screen to save money. A great and very effective method of extracting and sifting kief from the cannabis plant is by layering the screen on top of another screen. 
  • Keep in mind that kief is likely to range in size for about 70 to 130 microns, so the number of wires per inch on your do it yourself sifter is very important in order to obtain the ideal results.
  • Moreover, if you tend not to sift your kief, and just want to purchase kief in trusted dispensaries, then consider the color of the kief. The color of the kief indicates better quality. The lighter color kief means it is a pure kief. On the other hand, the greenish color kief contains a substantial amount of plant material, meaning it is not pure.

What to Do with Kief?

Once that the kief is extracted from the cannabis buds, you will now decide what to do with it. There are different ways to get a more intense high.

The following are a few suggestions that you can try to consume your kief:

1. Add Kief to Joints

Adding kief to joints is one of the most popular ways to consume kief. Most stoners prefer to smoke kief in joints. However, rolling a joint with a kief can be quite messy to do as the kief has a powdery substance that makes it easy to fall when rolling. 

It is a good idea to mix the kief in-ground buds to make it easier to stick with. You can also try to put the kief in between the two layers of ground cannabis buds before you wrap it in rolling paper. Add kief into a joint can get you really quick.

2. Hash Brick with Kief

Another best and possible way to consume kief is by pressing the kief and making it into a brick of hash. Though it will not be the same quality as the true hash, it is still a favorite way to process your powder.

Here’s how to make a brick hash:

  • To make a hash brick, you will need to use parchment paper and iron. 
  • Fold the parchment paper, put the desired amount of kief in it, and gently press the paper using an iron. 
  • Be careful not to keep the iron for too long as you can possibly burn the parchment paper. 
  • Just hold and press it enough to compress and heat up the kief. 
  • Once it has been decarboxylated, you can add it in tea, pizza, or anything you want. You can also hash smoking the kief using a pipe or joints.

3. Put Kief in a pipe

Another usual method to consume kief is by smoking it with a pipe. This method is a bit delicate for beginner smokers as it has more potent compared to the usual buds. Be careful with the desired amount of kief you use in the pipe. Also, when smoking in the pipe, you need to take it away as it keeps burning, making it easy to lose.

4. Make it as butter

If you prefer weed edibles, you can easily add some butter with kief. In making butter using kief, the process is just the same in making cannabis-infused butter using weed buds. The kief will make a powerful edible product. 

Here’s how to make cannabis-infused butter:

  • Begin with melting the butter in the pot using medium heat before adding the kief. 
  • Once you make the butter, place it in a heatproof container until it cools and store it in the refrigerator. 
  • Another option that you can use is simply adding a gram or two of kief in brownies or cookies. However, it can possibly change the smell and taste of your end-product edibles. 
  • It is still best to add with other ingredients first when baking cakes, brownies, and cookies.

5. Bong

You can also add an exclamation point by packing your bong with kief. After a few hits, the feeling is like it takes you to outer space, so be careful with the amount of kief you use.

6. Use Kief as Twist on the wake and bake

For users that tend to wake and bake, it is a great idea to add kief in your morning coffee. The heat of your coffee will help to activate the cannabinoids and make you enjoy the morning high with the buzz of energy. 

In a 25 oz of coffee, you will need only a gram of kief to make your morning drink become powerful. You will feel high after 30 minutes to 1 hour of drinking your coffee. The effect will remain in your system compared to the smoking of blunts.

7. Moonrock the Weed

Moonrock weed is a combination of cannabis buds sprayed with hash oil and sprinkled with kief. The combination of such three packs around 50% THC level, and it is literally extremely high experience.


The question, “What is kief? Has been answered. There are various ways to enhance your smoke with cannabis. Try to consume it with kief as it has many high-quality extracts and concentrates that make every session into a high and enjoyable experience. Follow the tips shared above, and you will gain the most out of your favorite cannabis.

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