Which Is Better Growing Marijuana Seeds Indoors or Outdoors

Which Is Better Growing Marijuana Seeds Indoors or Outdoors

This is a common question that a lot of new marijuana growers would want to get answers. For sure, you are confused where you should really grow your marijuana. Well, let’s talk about both growing environment. There advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in this post.

Why grow marijuana seeds indoors?

You should grow marijuana seeds indoors if you are in a city where you don’t have a location outdoors and if growing marijuana is a controversial topic in your neighborhood. You don’t want people to see you so you better grow your weed inside your homes. Growing marijuana indoors or outdoors can make you have a full control of your weed thus you will never have any problems losing any supply to smoke. You will always have something to smoke if you know when to harvest and if you can control your marijuana plant.

However, growing indoors need you to keep an eye on your plant specially lighting, water and soil. It could be hard to grow marijuana indoors at first but as soon as you get the feel of it, then everything would be smooth for you.

Why grow marijuana seeds outdoors?

If you have a space outdoors then you can grow your weed outside and get more yield if lucky enough. Growing outdoors is risky especially if your neighbors do not want to see some weed near their houses. It’s better to grow your weed in the woods. You also have the animals and weather as your first enemy and pests and mites are uncontrollable at times. However, you can do something about this by growing marijuana seeds which are for outdoor growing and can withstand any problems and diseases.

Growing outdoors do not require you to watch over your plant everyday because it is the natural environment where they should grow unlike with growing weed indoors where you need to fake the light, etc.

Which one is better?

Theres no exact answer to this. It just depends on the kind of grower you are and the available resources and location you have. Now, if you think that you are an indoor marijuana grower, then buy marijuana seeds for indoor growing and if you are an outdoor grower then go for the outdoor marijuana seeds.

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