Why Online Marijuana Seed Banks Give Away Free Marijuana Seeds

Why Online Marijuana Seed Banks Give Away Free Marijuana Seeds

Some seed banks are giving away free marijuana seeds. You might think it’s a scam but it’s not. These seed banks are giving some seeds for free for the purpose of building and maintaining good relationship with new and loyal customers. This strategy is done by many seed banks and other seed stores as a way of saying thank you to loyal clients and to entice more customers to buy from them. These marijuana seeds are given for free in random or can be of any sort of strain, so you can either get sativa, indica or hybrid marijuana strain.

Are the free marijuana seeds worth growing?

Marijuana seeds given for free by seed banks are worth the time and effort in growing because these seeds are not lesser in terms of quality compared to the cannabis seeds being sold at regular prices. These free marijuana seeds can grow into healthy plants capable of giving any grower with large yield of quality buds great for smoking. The purpose of giving away these free seeds is to invite more customers and to keep the trust of regular clients, so the quality of the seeds is ensured. The seed quality is the same as the ones being sold online.

How to get free marijuana seeds online?

You can get free marijuana seeds from seed banks and other cannabis stores for every order you will complete. Several seed banks are giving away either 5, 10 or 20 free marijuana seeds once an order is completed. It’s a good marketing method to attract more customers to buy marijuana seeds from them. You can join in marijuana forums or do more research on which seed banks are offering this kind of good deal. Save money in your cannabis growing project by buying from a seed bank that is willing to give free marijuana seeds for every order you will complete.

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