10 Best Strains for Male Arousal

10 Best Strains for Male Arousal

Sex, just like cannabis, is a pleasure worth repeating time and time. People don’t know, but smoking cannabis finds their way into our libido or sex drive. Different kinds of strains boost creativity, productivity, and, most of all, happiness. And sometimes, when those feelings erupt, you can’t help but crave sex, especially if you are hitting with someone of the opposite sex. Luckily, some certain strains are considered the best strains for arousal.

That’s why if you are looking to get the most out of your cannabis experience, then hitting it up with some of the best strains for male arousal is the perfect route you are willing to go. In this article, I’ve listed the best strains for male arousal. Come and have a peek!

Best Strains for Male Arousal

Granddaddy Purple Strain

By far, this cannabis strains is one to die for when it comes to male arousal. The Granddaddy Purple is a legend in its own right, and it has a lot of good attributes to show for. This strain is known to possess the best of both worlds, flavorful combinations that are truly palatable to the mouth, and high that catapults yourself into the clouds.

When smoking this strain, be sure to take it in small amounts as it can sedate you in just a few hits. But if you avoid the state of being couch-locked, you are sure to enjoy what the high brings. It gently surrounds the body with utmost relaxation combined with decluttering the mind that boosts creativity and joy. The effects will inevitably translate to good sex as your body succumbs to the stimulating high it gives.

Blue ZKittlez Strain

If you are looking to add some spice during bedtime without getting much sleepy or sedated, then Blue Zkittlez ranks at the top as well. Blue Zkittlez is famous for its overwhelmingly potent aroma and flavors that easily boosts your mood and greatly affects the ambiance around you.

What way to end it is to experience some good and wild sex, right? That’s why if you are looking for the best strains for male arousal out there, then this one is highly recommended. You will be delighted to its aroma of sweet and earthy undertones that are sure to fire up your mood along with your partner. After some good sex, your body will be stimulated to a good night’s sleep that will help you feel extraordinary.

Sour Diesel Strain

Sour Diesel is one of the cannabis greats you keep hearing of, and for a good reason, it is by far one of the most potent strains on this list. What we mean by potent is that it has overwhelmingly high THC content that easily boosts creativity and focuses on keeping your mood uplifted for long periods. Not only that, but it also boosts energy giving you the sexual desire you sorely wanted.

The good thing about this strain is that it won’t sedate you; instead, it will just fill your thoughts with positivity and desire throughout the day. So, if you want to start your day feeling right and upbeat, then sour diesel is most likely the best choice for you.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain

Judging by the strain’s name, you’re up for a great time with this one! The Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain’s high is powerfully energetic and keeps you coming for long stretches. Why not abuse the longevity of high keeping your woman happy, right? The high isn’t particularly overwhelming, so you’ll expect not to get sedated when you hit this one.

Also, the uplifting of mood easily contributes to a better disposition and feeling of well-being, making you more positive that good things will happen. Take note that there are no specific strains that are good for sex, but the effects given to the users will contribute to good sex. More so, the ATF is a surprise but gets the job done if you’re up for the challenge.

Green Crack Strain

If you’re planning to keep your love-making throughout the entire night, then without a doubt, I highly recommend the Green Crack strain. One of the best things about the green crack strain is how it helps ease the mind with tensions and replaces it with joyful thoughts and euphoric head high without keeping you sedated.

The Green Crack is an ideal night-time lovemaking session that fills your body with all the energy you need to keep your woman happy. Not only that, but the aroma and flavors are also appetizing enough, so you’ll need to hit more of it eventually. So, this strain is one of the few famous Sativa hybrids out there that are perfect for lovemaking, grab yours now 

Viagra Strain

As the name suggests, you are bound to get plentiful of lovemaking over the day. The Viagra strain is the perfect choice to have some wild action throughout the day. This strain is a pure Sativa; this only means that the joy and pleasure it brings to your bed is inevitable. Viagra is known for its cerebral and uplifting thoughts the evoke sexual feelings.

And as the name suggests, you are going to expect some good sex. The flavors and aroma are quite odd, to say the least, a little bit of spicy, with citrus and vanilla undertones. While it may boost libido, be sure to hit this on a smaller scale as you may get quickly overwhelmed with its potency. Nonetheless, great Sativa strain! 

Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner will have you feeling like the biggest monster out there. One of the best strains to ever grace the world of Cannabis, the Bruce Banner strain will keep it coming with just a single hit, the high is a very profound one wherein it caresses your sole into a deep and joyful state. While on high, this will give you the boost you need to keep your woman smiling for the rest of the night. 

Just like the Sour Diesel, this strain will not give you a couch-locked state; thus, you are bound to give some naughty experiences without the fear of dozing off. Flavors and aroma will remind you of sweet candies way back. Truly, a legend that surprises me even up to this very day. So, if you want to be feeling extra today, a hit of this would do the trick.

Agent Orange Strain

A popular strain because of how well-balanced it is, the Agent Orange strain, as the name suggests, exudes deep and potent flavors and aroma of citrus fruits. Combined with a very uplifting and mood-boosting high, this will surely engulf yourself with a much-needed desire to have sex in an instant. 

The Agent Orange also helps negative thoughts get flushed away and replaces it with a motivation that will ultimately lead to great sex. This strain wasn’t popular for no reason, a great mood-enhancer combined with high THC content, what more can you ask for? Grab a hit of these and be ready when that time comes!

Hindu Skunk Strain

A cross from the Hindu Kush and Skunk #1 both of which exudes high THC levels, the resultant strain offered a staggering 23% of THC content. This Indica dominant shouldn’t be treated lightly, or else you are sure to have a good night’s sleep if you are unaware. Although this has the potential to sedate you, be sure to start small and slow. Once the high kicks in, it engulfs the user with happiness and feelings of positivity.

While keeping you relaxed, it also invigorates the soul and energizes you for a while. As a result, this strain is ideal for keeping your mood in a positive way leading to good sex. Being an Indica strain will also boost your social interactions among your peers, making you the life of the party. After that, you know the drill, make your bedrock!

Atomic Northern Lights

An explosive treat in the making, the Atomic Northern Lights are one of the best strains for male arousal. This is because of how it positively affects its users, the high is incredibly euphoric, keeping your negative thoughts at bay and filling your mind with joyful and creative thoughts. 

While you are still on a high note, this will ultimately lead to great sex with your partner. 

The mind and body stimulation easily decrease tensions among your body, keeping you so relaxed while pumping the gas pedal. Without a doubt, a great strain for people wanting to get away with all the stressors of life. Lastly, although this may not be as famous as the others, having a hit of this will help you get your groove out there!

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So, there you have it! There are your 10 best strains for male arousal. Take note that each strain has different interactions from different people. Always remember that although there are no specific strains for arousal, the effects will ultimately lead to good sex.

The happiness and uplifting effects cannabis bring should ultimately pave the way for you and your partner to just enjoy the night and let the worries flush away. Ensure that you are smoking slowly as you might not want to get ahead of yourself and sleep the night away.

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