10 Best Weed for Baking: A Must-Add to Your Ingredients

10 Best Weed for Baking

Cannabis edibles are a new trend that is taking the world by a storm, making the world rethink weed. If you are very health conscious and you absolutely hate smoking, but you severely want the benefits of this miraculous plant, then this article is for you. This article is a compilation of the best weed for baking and other recipes.

Consuming cannabis in other ways rather than smoking is a relief because it reduces the risk of lung-related diseases caused by all the carbon monoxide and other waste products that may enter your system by burning cannabis.

Other people rely on cannabis edibles as a way of obtaining the benefits without the dangers and all the effort that is associated with smoking cannabis. Also, this is also a good way to experience its effects in a discreet and subtle manner.

Glimpse into Cannabis Edibles

People prefer edibles rather than smoking due to the delayed effects; this is because the natural way to digest and allow the cannabinoids to enter the system is through metabolism. The effects may be evident within 30 to 90 minutes at most, but the effects of cannabis last longer compared to smoking or inhalation.

When incorporating weed into simple recipes, you must always take note that the effects may not be as balanced as smoking provides; this is due to the fact that other compounds are easier to digest than others. In order to achieve a balanced effect, you must lean on either indica dominant strains or sativa dominant strains.

10 Best Weed for Baking

Cannabis, when exposed to heat, transforms its components into active ingredients that result in euphoric high and other psychological stimulation. So this means that when properly used in a recipe, it will provide the results without the dangers of smoking.

Also, it has already proven that the strains provide a distinct flavor that enhances an existing recipe, making it more flavorful and delicious. Here the top cannabis strains that you can add to your arsenal and list of ingredients.

Super Lemon Haze

This strain has already proven itself by being one of the top cannabis that can be added into edibles. This strain is a hybrid that strongly leans on the sativa category. It has proven to provide energy and higher levels of focus to people who consume it. It also has a lemon characteristic that gives a refreshing tone and flavors to muffins and cakes.

Purple Power

This strain contains all the attributes that the majority of sativa strains have. It has a strong potency level and is also fast-acting. This strain has bold flavors of sweetness and fruitiness. It can be used, eaten, and consumed during the day, which gives relaxation without making you fall asleep. This strain can be used in all baked edibles and can help aid in ailments such as chronic pain and migraines.


For this strain, it now leans more on the indica side. It is a hybrid with a parent combination of Kush and OG. It has a potency level of 18% minimum up to 23% at maximum capacity. This can also be added to any baked goodies, as well as other meals and recipes. However, it does not have the same heavy effects when cooked rather than being smoked. This strain is special because it can also be added to alcoholic beverages.

Orange Crush

It is a sativa dominant type of weed that has a strong orange fruit flavor that is evident both smoked and eaten as an edible. This has high levels of THC and can produce heavy effects that cause dizziness and lightheadedness. This strain has to be used in the correct proportion, as strength may cause paranoia if overdosed. This strain is widely used to cure mental illnesses such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. It greatly works in cannabutter, which can be used for baking and also for drinks.

Blue Dream

This strain is a light one as it provides a total body relaxation due to its 2% CBD content, but it is also lethal when a good quality batch is produced, which may contain up to 24% THC. This strain can be so strong that it can numb the body and increase body heat. You can typically see this strain is used for candies and candied apples and pies.


Trainwreck is widely used as an aid for PTSD, chronic stress, and pain. However, with all those benefits, its THC level will shock you as it can contain a maximum of 25%. With a strong hint of lemon, it may add an extra zestiness of your cookies, cakes, crepes, and muffins.

White Widow 

The white widow is already a staple ingredient for edibles as it provides a good balance between euphoric high and relaxation. It helps people a lot if they need to relax and release body and mind tension. Patients with chronic stress often opt for this strain. This strain is widely used to make cannabutter then can be used for baking and searing meats and vegetables.

Bubba Kush

This strain, however, has very strong indica effects that immediately put people to sleep and relieve people from severe chronic pain. Also, it is very effective to suppress the effects of ADHD and PTSD, as well as insomnias. This strain is widely used for cannabutter and chocolate or butterscotch brownies.


The AK has a great and notable balance with only 20% THC level that promises a long-lasting euphoric high or mental stimulation. It provides a huge help in aiding mental related illnesses, mainly depression, stress, and anxiety attacks. It provides a great twist when used in brownies and even homemade chocolates.

OG Kush

In the cannabis community, this strain is the leading standard for its calming and relaxing effects. Its potency often leads to couch lock and heavy euphoric highs. It can be used for cannabutter for all your baking needs and may also be utilized for candies, chocolates, or can even be added to whatever oil you have in your pantry.

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That is the list of the best weed for baking that you can use for your personal desserts and also can be used for business purposes. Whatever you may be cooking, make sure it’s delicious and must contain just the right amount of cannabis in order for you to enjoy the food as well as the benefits that cannabis provides.

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