Are Earthworm Castings Great Weed Fertilizers?

Are Earthworm Castings Great Weed Fertilizers?

What you need is often found where you least want to look. Earthworms, these disgusting creatures possess vast amounts of benefits in them, and they have been recognized for quite some time. When these creatures moved and paved their ways inside your garden, they create passageways both for water and air. With your garden considered their home, they are also leaving entirely unfamiliar contributions – worm manure.

Some have settled into buying expensive synthetic or organic soil fertilizers that they have overlooked this proven and tested ways of keeping the soil fertilized. The question is, are earthworm castings great weed fertilizers? What makes this worm manure great? Prepare your hands to get virtually dirty as we dig up valuable pieces of information that benefit our Cannabis plantation.

Earthworm Casting, what on earth is that?

As pointed above, these worm castings are worm’s filth, excrement or manure. These came from consuming several food scraps that manage to contain enormous loads of nutrients perfect for making your soil fertilized and healthy. Aside from added nutrients, this manure enhances soil structure: better water retention and boosted soil aeration, as well as better anchoring plant nutrients that would otherwise get wash away quickly. This filth serves as nutrients too for microorganisms that live within your plantation, which are producing, storing, and gradually releasing nutrition for your plants.

Earthworm castings when compared to cows and horses dungs is also one of the most commonly used for potting soil since it contains nutrient-rich compounds enabling healthy growth of every plant within its soil. Earthworm casting is a fertilizer filled with bacteria such as fungi as well as nematodes that are nutritional and help revitalize your soil. 

Why is it considered to be a great weed fertilizer?

For something to be considered great, one must possess a massive amount of credentials or have been hugely praised by many. And this worm-manure is best of those two worlds for it contains numerous benefits exclusive to people who have put their trust in this kind of fertilizer.

Here are the following benefits that will excite you:

It is one of your most organic choices.

Through the worm’s continuous movement, it maintains aeration, which is challenging to achieve. It enables the soil always to resist drought. Reliant on the quantity and quality of food being fed to your worms is the production of high-quality and nutrient-rich compound material.

It is your best choice if you are looking forward to cultivating cannabis naturally. You are not just maintaining the natural course of things; you’re also using environmentally friendly means as well.

Earthworms are easy to cultivate; these crawling creatures can easily survive and thrive in any environment that offers warm temperatures, with enough oxygen as well as food. Once they settle, they immediately start consuming food (make sure it has high-quality) amounting to their body weight each day – and this is good news, for it will result in massive production of earthworm castings.

It fights nutrient-deficiencies.

One of the chief factors accountable for lack of nutrients is pH (how much alkaline or acid something consists). With the help from these crawling creatures and their filths, it aids in controlling pH from rising, treats and allows nutrients to flourish with accuracy as well as confidence.

Earthworm castings contain nutrients that are ten times compared to any commercial potting mix, and more importantly, these nutrients were released to the soil, gradually avoiding a mineral build-up as well as nutrient burn.

It enhances seed propagation and protection.

As for the State University in Ohio, worm casting enables the seeds to flourish quickly, grow healthy, produce fruit and flowers exponentially. Also, it prevents pests and restrained diseases that creep into the roots of your plants.

It can rid of damaging microorganisms.

Through earthworm casting, these damaging microorganisms are eliminated due to substances it releases. As they eliminate those harmful microorganisms, beneficial microorganisms were introduced simultaneously.

It can be used as pests repellent.

Spread of this manure around releases sets of chemicals that some pests considered to be offensive, preventing them from damaging your precious plant. Again you have done a pest control with environmentally friendly means.

It removes toxins.

Toxic matter does also live within the soil. Extraordinarily, these filths are capable of eradicating these toxic wastes as it prepares the soil to be a suitable and safe haven for your plants.

It accelerates growth.

There are evidence and research that earthworm casting significantly enhances your plant growth. This potting mixture is indeed superior to most, if not all, traditional soils that the market can offer. Seeds propagated faster and healthier compared to plants that are grown in commercialized soil mixtures. 

Several things you need to remember

If you are looking for natural ways to increase the soil quality for your Weed, earthworm casting should be the fertilizer that is the greatest of all time. Its nutrients are all naturally-made, naturally-extracted, and naturally-applied as your soil mix, which makes it a great deal with your environment. Growers who preferred this natural means tend to have the most nutritious and vigorous weed plants.

It also essential to check the best brand of worm castings if you will settle for buying a soil mix instead of doing it on your own. In buying, you should examine the brand by checking the purity percentage, looking for guaranteed results, asking what food source are prepared for the worms, the step-by-step procedure in making castings, and what are the trusted brand. 

Since you are going to use soil that is neither dry nor wet, keep in mind that earthworm castings are capable of delivering various benefits to your plants as well as your soil.

From top-to-bottom, the process is all-natural. However, one must not discredit the importance of learning the fundamentals first, which are essential in starting the process as well as possessing the skills to maintain it. In so doing, growers have a considerable amount of chances to grow their weeds fast, keep them healthy, and boost their harvest every single time.

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