Beginner’s Guide on How to Use a Bubbler

Beginner's Guide on How to Use a Bubbler

You’ve probably seen in many stoner movies, and you’ve probably heard of them through friends or family. Bongs are a great way to enjoy cannabis and make a unique experience for the stoner. However, there is one very similar bong that is being used that stands out from the rest of the group. A bubbler is an interesting take on smoking weed. But what is a bubbler? How to use a bubbler? And what is the major difference between a bubbler and a bong? In this article, we find out all the necessary information plus a guide on how to use a bubbler properly.

What is Bubbler?

A bubbler is a type of bong that uses different compartments to produce a much smoother smoke for users to inhale. It consists of a mouthpiece, a stem, a bowl, and a water chamber. Some bubblers also have a percolator and an extra water chamber.

The mouthpiece is connected to the stem where it leads to the bowl. The bowl is where you store the cannabis. Underneath the bowl is the water chamber where water is stored and produces the unique creamy, buttery smoke from the bubbler. The water chamber has a cooling process that makes the smoke much cleaner and smoother. Bubbler is a mix of a bong and pipe and is much smaller than a bong.

A bubbler has a unique place in this category as it offers almost the same features as a bong but also works well as a pipe. The size of the bubbler is smaller, which makes it very easy to carry around or pass around to friends.

Advantages of Using a Bubbler

As mentioned above, the bubbler has a smaller size from a bong; therefore, it is much convenient for users to use. It also makes it very discreet to use as you only need to store it in your bag as you carry it around with you. However, bubblers are delicate and should be handled with care, especially for those who use bubblers that are made of glass.

Bubblers also offer a smoother smoke than the ones that pipes produce. While some might argue that pipes are more portable and discreet than bubblers, the smoke produced by pipes can be very harsh on the throat and lungs, especially for beginners in the community. Bubblers produce a very smooth and creamy smoke once it passes through the water chamber and for some brands, the percolator.

If you are an avid fan of aesthetics, owning a bubbler should be one of your priorities. Bubblers tend to have unique designs that come off as art forms for many cannabis users. Check out different types of bubblers, and you will notice that each of them is quite different from the other. Most bubblers have specialized compartments that make them stand out from other bongs and bubblers.

While bubblers do have a unique place, it also brings some downsides. Bubblers tend to need a lot of maintenance. Bubblers have different compartments in them, which means that they need a thorough cleaning. Most bubblers cannot be taken apart; hence cleaning them can be difficult. Cleaning your bubbler is very important as it helps retain the quality of the bubbler and make it safe for you to use.

How To Use a Bubbler

If you have used a pipe or a bong before, using a bubbler should be relatively easy for you. For those who are still new, learning how to use a bubbler is essential, so you know what to expect from it. Here’s how you can use your bubbler.

1. Fill the water chamber with either filtered water or distilled water until it reaches the bottom of the stem. Make sure that the water does not overflow or spill over the stem as it will lower the quality of the smoke that the bubbler produces.

2. Next, you will need to fill the bowl compartment with your favorite dried cannabis.

3. If the bubbler has a carb, then hold it and use your thumb over the opening. Place your mouth over the mouthpiece. Hold your mouth as you light the base of the bowl that is filled with cannabis.

4. Always keep a finger or thumb on the carb as you light up the bowl. Wait for a couple of seconds or up to 10 seconds if you prefer and remove your thumb from the carb then inhale as much as you can.

5. The longer you pull your thumb from the carb, the longer the hit will be. If you are still new to using a bubbler, take the time to start small until you are comfortable with taking larger hits.

6. Now that you have taken the hit, you can pull out the smoke that is left inside the bubbler by taking a quick hit. Repeat the procedure if there is still smoke inside, or you can always light up another batch if you like.

7. Once you are done with the bubbler, pour the remaining water from the chamber and clean it. Clean the bubbler using alcohol, and if you want to fully cleanse the item from any residue, flush it with water. Repeat as necessary until all the residues are gone. Throw out all the unused cannabis from the bowl and wipe it clean. Always store the bubbler in a dry and clean space.


When it comes to how to use a bubbler, beginners will have a tough time balancing the time between hits and how much they should be taking in the first place. Experience is key to knowing how much you need to inhale so that you can feel the smooth buttery smoke run down your throat and lungs. Bubblers are worth the purchase if you are keen on spending time on the road or if you want to share your stash of marijuana with friends and create a unique experience together. Those who like the convenience and discreet smoking should own a bubbler.

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