Can You Take CBD While on Antibiotics?

Cannabis has gone a long way with proving how beneficial it can be for your health. This has led to the legalization of the herb in several regions and the increasing petitions to make it safe and accessible for all. But can you take CBD while on antibiotics?

Medical Uses of CBD

The medical uses of weed continue to be studied by researchers and health professionals all around the globe to further push for its acceptance in treating serious conditions. CBD, the “healing” property of cannabis, is highly sought after by users to aid in relieving pain, alleviating stress, treating gastric disorders, and more. 

CBD has been administered to patients usually in the form of oil, tablets, capsules, or smoke if it is safe. This has given it the picture as just one of the many drugs you need to sustain yourself, and that you can just give yourself a dose whenever. This may not always be the case, especially with antibiotics. 

But can you take CBD while on antibiotics? If you are on prescription for antibiotics or have been wondering if filling up on CBD is safe while you’re on medication, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the reasons why you should think twice about taking another tincture and what you can do to avoid taking any dangerous risks from CBD with antibiotics.

Reasons Why CBD is not Worth the Risk

Reason no. 1: Harmful Toxins

Combining medicine and weed, in general, has never been a good mix. If you have recently consumed cannabis or taken any prescription drugs like antibiotics while you’re on weed, the cannabidiol (CBD) can cause a chemical reaction towards the type of medication you are ingesting. 

In some cases, it can release toxins into the bloodstream that could spread out to other organs in the body, or block receptors that help break down the antibiotic. This could lead to side effects and overdose, which will be discussed in the next items.

Reason no. 2: Slower Metabolism and Absorption

Receptors, along with enzymes in the liver like Cytochrome P450, play an important role in metabolizing and absorbing the components in drugs for them to take effect. Several research studies have shown users on CBD who were also prescribed to take antibiotics did not see results right away. 

In fact, some users tend to overdose on the drug as they think that maybe their advised dosage is not enough, which is not the case. CBD and THC work like wine corks, especially when you consume cannabis too often. While CBD leaves the body faster than THC, it does not break down in a jiffy. In fact, it could take weeks or months for weed to get entirely out of your system if you stay away from it long enough. 

Once there’s too much CBD in your bloodstream, you become immune to its effects and your receptors will be unable to process other compounds by then, also known as the grapefruit effect, due to how consuming grapefruit could prohibit antibiotics from taking effect on your body.

Reason no. 3: The Side Effects

Due to each individual’s unique biological makeup, the reaction of CBD on antibiotics often varies. In most cases, though, these side effects have been experienced from consuming CBD while taking antibiotics:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle weakness
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea 
  • Liver problems

Reason no. 4: An Ongoing Study

While there has been evidence that CBD also has antimicrobial properties similar to antibiotics, its side effects have called for the need for continuous research regarding its behavior with different types of antibiotics, among other drugs. 

Hence, we cannot fully claim that CBD is safe to consume while you’re on antibiotics. As a responsible user, there is still a lot you can do to avoid risking your health and maximize your medication. 

What You Can Do

Go on a Weed Break

A weed break is often done for users who may have developed a high weed tolerance or for those who need to cleanse prior to taking a drug test. Depending on how long you will need to take antibiotics, you may also take a break from using CBD in the meanwhile to ensure your prescription is effective and avoid any side effects.

Reduce your CBD intake 

If you feel like your life just depends on herb, start off by reducing your average dose. Try challenging yourself by consuming lesser CBD as the weeks go by until you’re ready to take a break from it completely. This method may or may not be effective, depending on how much self-control you have and what antibiotic you are on. We strongly suggest that you seek the advice of a medical professional about this so you can practice this method safely.

Space out your sessions

With the weed break, you also need to set dates as to when you’re allowed to give yourself a taste of that savory smoke. Like the previous method, you can try scheduling your CBD intake every other weekend or at least once or twice a month. It’s better to hold yourself back to restore your health rather than giving into temptation and ending up in the hospital.

Check up with your Doctor

In the end, you know your body, but your doctor knows best. Be transparent with your CBD consumption so you can also get the best advice about your antibiotic prescription and if there’s a chance for CBD while you’re on medication. There’s no shame in talking about it and how you use it, even if it’s for recreational purposes. Seeking help is always a good thing, especially if it’s for your health.

Can You Take CBD While on Antibiotics?

While there is no exact evidence that CBD and antibiotics can cause detrimental effects to health, it is better to be on the safe side. Don’t consume CBD while you are on antibiotics.  Antibiotics are often prescribed for its antimicrobial properties, and CBD has been proven to also contain the same. But these two drugs work differently, and can actually do more harm than good when combined. 


Cannabis continues to amaze us with its health benefits and positive results om treating several conditions. However, this may not always be the case. CBD, the compound in cannabis known for treating pain, fatigue, and disorders including anxiety and depression, has been questioned about how effective it could be with other medications.

So, can you take CBD while on antibiotics? No. Taking CBD with antibiotics can have plenty of side effects and can put your health in danger. With ongoing studies, there is still a lot to learn about the behavior of CBD with other drugs. For the best advice, talk to your doctor if CBD is safe for you while on medication and to know what you should do before getting another pill or stick up in your mouth.

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