Cannabis Concentrates: What are They For and How are They Consumed?

Cannabis Concentrates: What are They For and How are They Consumed?

The cannabis-based market is now a growing industry that offers a wide variety of products such as CBD oil, ointments, lotions, shampoos, vape oils, and many more. The fastest-growing products are cannabis concentrates; they have the largest market share of today. This is due to its medicinal and recreational effects that will surely satisfy the needs of your body. 

What is Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are products that are extracted from the cannabis flowers, which contains a high quantity of cannabinoids such as CBA and THC as well as the terpenes which are responsible for the aroma and taste of the cannabis flower. These are coined concentrates because all the impure and unnecessary compounds of the plants are removed to attain only the cannabinoids that matter.

The concentrates have the purest amount of THC, which improves the potency levels; this is due to the elimination of unneeded cannabinoids that do not provide any euphoric effects. The majority of the first time users of concentrates start by slowly incorporating it into their cycle by combining concentrates to weed rolls. As they progress, they transition to pure concentrates with the use of dab equipment and vaporizers. 

The world of cannabis is diverse and might be shocking at first, but you will surely get accustomed to it. However, to do so, you have to gain a lot of knowledge about the products that you will encounter because you might be using them in the coming weeks or months. The knowledge that you will gain will give you awareness and safety that will give you the freedom to enjoy a safe cannabis experience.

Brief Background of Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are unique; they have different forms and effects. But they have only one thing in common; they pack a serious punch that you will not see from a mile away. Concentrates are the purest form of cannabis; all the unnecessary materials are eliminated, such as the leaves, stems, and buds itself. This leaves you with the extracts that mess-free and convenient to consume with the added benefit of instant effectiveness.

It is undeniable that the cannabis plant has a unique composition that consists of beneficial compounds that can be incorporated with existing products in the market. These compounds can improve the product in terms of performance, scent, flavor, and feel. When used properly, the cannabis compounds can revolutionize a boring product that will surely surprise the market.

Cannabis is starting to be the staple because when compared to the traditional weed, it has more power and potency, it also has immediate effects, and it has modern ways to consume it without even breaking a sweat. However, the effects are different depending on the persons’ cannabis tolerance and also the dosage that is to be used.

Concentrates have wide varieties that can overall improve the way you consume marijuana, it can be an additive for an extra kick, or it can be consumed directly. However, you may want to use it; it is guaranteed to give you a finer experience.

Cannabis concentrates can be consumed in numerous ways, such which will be discussed below.

Smoking Techniques

Unlike the cannabis flower, the cannabis concentrates have a lot of ways to be enjoyed, it can be added to the cannabis flower before smoking for an added kick, it can be vaporized, and it can be dabbed. There is no best way to consume concentrates; it always depends on the users’ favorite as well the comfort. Choosing the best way to consume the concentrates may also on the equipment you have and your willingness to invest in pieces of equipment such as vaporizers and dab tools. Also, the quality of the concentrates itself may dictate the equipment that you need to use.


The cheapest way to enjoy your concentrates is by pulverizing marijuana, turning it into a kief it, it must achieve a powdery texture which then can be added to the weed before rolling it.  This method does not need any fancy tools to be enjoyed; this will immediately turn your cannabis experience exciting. 

“Twax” and Cannabis Concentrate Formula

The widely known method to utilize cannabis concentrates is by inhalation with the use of vaporizers or dab equipment. The process is simple: the dab tool is heated, then the concentrates and directly placed on the hot surface, which will be converted into vapor.

Types of Dab Equipment

Pre-filled Pen Type Vape

The reason why people prefer cannabis concentrates is due to its stealth capability, it can be easily consumed discretely and also its mobility, with the technology that is advanced, handheld devices can now be used as a medium to consume concentrates. Vape pens are now a trend because of the ease of use and small size that can fit in your pocket. Vape pens work by having a heating element that is battery powered, the heat it produces has the technology to convert concentrates into vapor. These devices can be recharged and refilled, which makes it economical.

Handheld Vaporizer

These devices are more advanced than vape pens; these can be refilled with your desired concentrates. The advantage of this is you do not have to spend a lot in changing cartridges because vaporizers used refillable chambers. The coil of vaporizers can produce much stronger heat in a matter of seconds. 


Cannabis concentrates are made to eliminate all the unwanted materials of the plant for a more potent compound, which provides immediate results. Also, by converting it into a concentrated form, it is easy to incorporate it into other forms of products that can be sold in the market.

In line with this, concentrates can produce better effects than traditional forms of weeds, which are beneficial for patients who need immediate effects and cure for diseases that only cannabis can solve. 

Cannabis concentrates provide the needed convenience for people who are always on the go and also a means to enjoy your cannabis at a different level with the proper dosage and usage.

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