CBD for Anxiety: The Role of Cannabis in Mental Health

cbd for anxiety

Professionals in the behavioral and medical field have already acknowledged the medical and therapeutic effects of cannabis from people that are suffering from anxiety, mild and severe cases of depression, as well as epilepsy and other mental ailments. The human body has a very complex system, particularly the brain, so does the cannabis plant. There are endless mysteries that are yet to be unfolded by conducting scientific research and studies. The cannabis plant may be the key to unlock a load of possibilities that can cure diseases in a safe and natural manner. CBD for anxiety is a good example of the benefits that are already proven and tested.

To be completely transparent, the compounds that the cannabis plants contain, such as CBD, have already manifested medicinal benefits that are equivalent to the results that chemical-based medicines can do, which is why many people are switching to CBD, aside from its effectiveness and faster outcomes, it is a safer and natural way to battle ailments. Due to its legality and availability, more and more people are switching to it.

There are antidepressants that are already developed to battle mental illness that have proven great results, but a niche does not agree with the idea that it is composed of chemicals that may have side effects that may not be evident now but will cause more complications in the near future. This is why cannabis or CBD is being used as an effective substitute. There are a lot of claims from people that cannabis is much more effective and fast-acting without providing any side effects at all.

CBD: Its Position in Mental Health Issues

CBD is a compound that is being extracted from medical weed seeds, leaves, and buds. This is a well-known compound second to THC, as we all know these two compounds have different effects and benefits. CBD leans on the medical side as it has been proven to suppress chronic pain, aid in sleeping disorders, helps in muscle relaxation, increase appetite, and improves mood. THC is the compound that is well known to provide the euphoric high that recreational users seek. CBD does not have this characteristic.

A patient that suffers from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression is most likely dependent on anti-depressants that may cause liver and kidney failure in the long run due to the large amount of chemicals found in these medicines. What CBD can do is provide a natural solution that can help the patient in a natural way by eliminating all symptoms.

Medicinal Value of Cannabis

The underlying problem is that people who suffer from mental conditions do not have access to CBD based supplements that can help them and release them from the risk factors that chemical-based antidepressants possess. There are already a number of studies that prove a significant difference between CBD and chemical-based pharmaceuticals stating that CBD is fast acting with no side effects such as headaches, nausea, shaking, and dizziness. 

CBD outmatches the mental illnesses that are very evident in the US; the CBD compound targets the brain’s receptors are stimulating them properly to allow the body to be fluid and calm; this reduces a mentally ill person’s experiences. This compound also is a solution for people who are currently battling anxiety.

CBD for Anxiety – Medicinal Benefits

Promotes Brain Health

Cannabis compounds, or also known as cannabinoids, are chemicals that are defined as neuroprotective, which is a huge factor in maintaining proper brain condition and function. The effects CBD and other cannabis-based compounds are different when it enters the system, especially the brain, as it alters its normal function, it does not slow down the process but enhances the brain function, imagine the brain being on steroids. 

Nerve Disease Prevention

Cannabis compounds are good for the whole nervous system as it acts as a shield that prevents the nerve cells and nerve endings from being damaged from the harmful chemicals that the body has caused by all the unhealthy food intake and pollution. Since marijuana has anti-inflammatory characteristics, the nerves are being prevented from exploding. This causes the body to feel more relaxed and on tiptop shape.

The intake of cannabis compounds also allows the nerves to regenerate as well as allowing the body to reproduce new cells that will help the body fight diseases. Also, as we age, the brain does as well, which means that brain cells also age and die. Cannabis plants slow down this process and allow the brain to recover. Isn’t it amazing what this plant can do?


Research has already proven that the symptoms of anxiety have greatly diminished after cannabis compound CBD was taken. Due to its relaxing and calming effect, patients suffering from anxiety are able to function more.

However, the THC compound, which causes hyperactivity and euphoric high, has been proven to worsen the conditions of anxiety patients. 


When a mild depression becomes severe, it is already considered a clinical state of depression. When it reaches this stage, the patient is most likely to experience extreme sadness, appetite loss, and suicidal ideas, which will immediately deteriorate the patient’s health.

It has been proven that patients with a clinical-stage of depression that have taken CBD resulted in good and improved results as CBD brightens up the mood making the patient feel no stress and tension.

Alleviate Pain

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties as well as the relaxation effects of CBD, it has been proven to resolve chronic pain naturally without relying on chemical-based chemicals. However, in order to do so, the proper dosage must be identified.

Sleep Quality

CBD compounds are a natural substance found in marijuana that provides all the medicinal value of the plant without providing any euphoric high or other psychoactive effects. And because of this, it helps in aiding insomnia and other sleeping disorders. However, indica dominant strains must be used.


These are the positive effects of CBD on anxiety and mental health. With further research and studies as well as the total legality of CBD, a lot of people can gain access to a natural way of curing illnesses that they have been battling for years.

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