Different Methods of Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Different Methods of Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Quality of the seeds, genetics and the germination process are among the important things that will help achieve the best germinating results. There are different methods of germinating marijuana seeds– the paper towel method, soaking in a glass of water and germination through the use of a grow medium like rockwool cubes and soil. For a higher germination rate, use the right method and follow the germination process properly.

What is the best method of germinating marijuana seeds?

Marijuana seeds can be germinated using different ways and one of the most popularly used, effective and best method is the use of paper towels moistened with water. Use kitchen-type paper towels and moistened them with distilled water. This type of method is proven effective and can assure high germination rate, along with enough moisture, right temperature and seed quality. Moisture is the key, so do not let the paper towels dry out but do not let the water drip. Drain any water in excess because it will only promote growth of molds on the marijuana seeds. Please note that paper towels can get dry after 5 hour or so, depending on the humidity and temperature.

What things are needed to obtain high germination rate of marijuana seeds?

Even high quality marijuana seeds may fail to sprout if the germination process is not properly followed or if wrong method is used. To ensure high germination rate of marijuana seeds, these three things are needed- moisture, darkness and warmth. Distilled water is best to use. Tap or rain water can also be used on the seeds but make sure you let it sit in an open container for about 24 hours before using. Keep the temperature at the right level, around 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Before germinating the marijuana seeds, check if all materials needed are complete and make sure they are clean to avoid contamination.

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