DIY Weed Bubbler for Creative Stoners

A weed bubbler is one of the things that you need to have whenever you are a long time weed consumer. This thing has the part where it hypes up the effects that the weed has due to its percolation. Likewise, a small device this is that can be placed in your bag in which you will need to consume cannabis away from home if you have some trip. However, weed bubbler may somewhat come expensive or not, but there are some things you need to consider why you didn’t buy any of the designs it has.

As a result, your best choice would be relying on your unique ways or your capacity on how to make a weed bubbler for yourself. Consequently, if you wanted to save some money and get the design that you wanted to have, then your last resort would be a DIY weed bubbler.

Weed Bubbler

A weed bubbler is a sort of smoking device that is highly similar to a water pipe. Whenever you heard the word “weed bubbler”, one thing that you may associate it is weed as this is one of the popular ways on how to firmly attest the underlying contents of some weed. The central work of the weed bubbler is how it filters the smoke of your weed through the water it has for you to inhale a cleaner smoke. 

Additionally, one of the best things that you can garner when using a weed bubbler is that the risk of lung irritation will be diminished due to the cooling properties that the weed bubbler infuses. Now, here are some three types of methods on how to make your weed bubbler.

Weed Bubbler Pipe

Materials Needed:

6mmMetal straw (drinking straw)
Pill Bottle 
1Metal Screen (Can be acquired from your old earphone)
1Metal Socket 
1Hack Saw
1Lighter or Cutter
1Food-grade Sealant

The Procedures:

  • On the top of your chosen pill bottle, burn or cut the plastic cap it has. The measurement must be large enough to let the 6 mm metal straws (drinking straw) to fit without any sign of gaps.
  • After digging some hole, make sure that the cap is back on the top of your pill bottle.
  • Push the metal straw within the hole you’ve made. Make sure that the length of your metal straw will reach the base part of your pill bottle that it would leave a quarter of an inch on it.
  • Put a mark on the metal straw within the top part of your pill bottle and then cut it. The best device to cut it is by using the hack saw. Do not worry if you cut your metal straw too long rather than cut it too short.
  • Connect the metal socket on where your metal straw has been sitting. After on it, you must seal it through using the food-grade sealant. Doing this so will help the air to not pass through over you that may damage the cycle of you getting the most of your weed.
  • Put the straw back on the inside part of your pill bottle, and you need to adjust the length if it’s needed then. The metal socket must firmly sit within the top opening part of your pill bottle.
  • Inside the metal socket, you must put now the metal screen.
  • When the opening of your pill bottle started to curve up, you then need to burn or cut the side of your pill bottle. Do not ever forget that the hole must be good enough to cover the 6 mm metal straw. You can put a food-grade sealant if you see some gaps.
  • Lastly, create some kind of hole within the side of your pill bottle as this wills serve as your carb hole.
  • A water bottle is the next option if you aim for a bigger weed bubbler. You may likewise use plastic straws but it is more recommended that you should use metal straws the heat being exposed to plastic straws will do no good. The heat that’s been placed on your plastic straws may incite toxic elements that you may inhale.

Water Bottle Weed Bubbler

Materials Needed:

1Water Bottle (Plastic – 16 oz must be the minimum size)
1Water Pipe Bowl
1Precision Knife or Utility Knife
1Loose Tobacco
1Silly Putty

The Procedures:

  • Place your chose water bottle, water pipe bowl, sticky putty, and utility knife in one place.
  • Pierce a hole through using the utility knife within the mouth part of your water bottle. The best measurement would be 3 to 4 inches below on it.
  • On any side of your water bottle, cut some hole that is a plus sign. The plus sign must not be greater than the measurement of 4cm within the side to side and top to the bottom part of the water bottle.
  • The small hole within the top part of the water bottle will let the air flow perfectly, and this will serve as your weed bubbler’s carb.
  • Now, put the water pipe bowl to the part where you carve the plus sign. The stem of your water pipe bowl must slide within the insides of the bottle, which it somehow looks like a sliding straw.
  • Place now some Silly Putty within the corners of your water pipe bowl as this will serve as the sealing element. Sealing is not the only key this covers as it can also secure the water pipe bowl that is placed inside your water bottle.
  • Pour some cold water within the mouthpiece of the water bottle and make sure that only three-quarters of the stem have been soaked in the water. You can test it by putting your lips around the mouthpiece then suck it to make sure that you will inhale some air.
  • If ever you can’t acquire the best flow of air, then you need to pour away some water you’ve placed. Now, you are ready for your homemade weed bubbler.

Gravity Weed Bubbler

Materials Needed:

1Water Bottle
1Container (must be bigger than your water bottle)

The Procedures:

  • Take away the cap of your water bottle and cover it with foil. Make sure that the foil is tight enough that it won’t lose its way from the moment you started to use this DIY weed bubbler.
  • With the needle, poke the foil that you’ve covered the mouth part of the water bottle. Do not put a single big hole but only poke it. The choice for the needle could be a toothpick.
  • You need to cut the bottom part of the water bottle with a measurement of 1 to inches or approximately 2.5 to 5.1 centimeters.
  • The new container that is bigger from your water bottle must be filled with some water at around on the quarter line of it. If you try to put the water bottle inside the new container, there must be some space for about 1 to 2 inches.
  • Lastly, place now the water bottle inside the container with your water and start utilizing it. 


There will always be different ways on how to make some weed bubbler. As then, only your imagination will serve as the limit as all things can fall into place whenever you used it well and enough. You may not only enjoy weed through normal smoking or some sort of spice to your food, when in fact you can smoke it highly with the use of your homemade weed bubbler.

Weed bubbler serves as one of the components that will shower you the best contents of your weed. Furthermore, this is an exciting thing to use for and this can likewise prove how good you are on doing things with no means of buying some costly materials. Just those simple materials to make your weed bubbler and your favorite weed will deliver you the best ride on how to fully acquire the flavor, potency, and terpenes of your chosen weed.

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