Does Weed Make You Lazy: Experts Answered

Does Weed Make You Lazy Experts Answered

Let us face the fact that weed users have stereotypes bound that they are unmotivated, couch-locked, and lazy creatures who rather sleep and lay down instead of exercising and working. This is one of the few reasons that marijuana opposers keep on insisting as they believe it can cause humanity to become more lazy stoners and unmotivated individuals. 

With this, the majority of people assume that the claims of others are somewhat true because the question, does weed make you lazy, is still a debatable topic up to this day. Although there is supporting research that can prove the claims about the relationship between laziness and weed usage, the studies remain ambiguous and not enough. In this article, we will explore the relevant relationship between laziness and weed from the accumulated information of experts. 

Laziness and Weed Use

Although there is tremendous research been going on the benefits of weed on humans’ body and mind, its usage doesn’t come without potential adverse effects. According to studies conducted that answers to the question, does weed make you lazy, have to establish numerous pieces of evidence that relate motivation to weed usage. It is found out that weed usage is associated with loss of motivation and changes the function of the brain. On top of this, it also can cause extreme problems in health. 

According to experts, our brain has a chemical compound called dopamine that acts various roles in the brain’s function, which includes learning, motor control, and immune system response, to name a few. In simple terms, dopamine is accountable for controlling a person’s effort and ability to execute behavior or actions after trying to analyze the consequences and benefits of such. In this way, the lesser you have dopamine inside your head, the less likely you attempt and demonstrate actions. 

As experts say, chronic weed smokers are more likely to have less flow of dopamine streaming inside the head. It could also lead to a serious dysfunction of the dopaminergic. Some studies have also found that compared to non-users of weed, weed users produce dopamine at a lesser rate, which decreases their motivation. 

Weed Long Term Usage and Laziness 

Does weed make you lazy? This intriguing question has strongly proved to be true according to study in long term usage of weed. As years go by, the more a person consumes weed, he has lesser chances of generating an essential enzyme called tyrosine hydroxylase that is mainly responsible for creating dopamine. As we all know already, without dopamine, a person can be less motivated and become lazy over time. 

Weed Short Term Usage and Laziness 

In terms of the short term, impacts have shown ambiguities on the result if does weed make you lazy. According to research conducted, weed usage has shown both laziness and motivation as results. Although the study was found to have poor participants’ control, the experiment remains significant and reported to add to the ongoing debate on the effects of weed. 

One study has shown valuable information about the correlation between laziness and utilization of weed. According to the result, people high on weed are less likely to show motivation and choose a lesser high effort task. While people in placebo state opt for high effort tasks during half of their time and almost half of the time, the volunteer participants were more likely to be motivated in high effort tasks. 

So, does weed make you lazy? The conclusion of the study has surprisingly proven that stoned people under the experimentation have shown less effort, unmotivated, and lazy even when used short term. 

Contradicting Answers from Experts 

In a recent study made, experts answer the question, “does weed make you lazy?” have proven to be impartially true. They compared the behavior of long term weed users to a group of participants who are completely non-users. The investigation implied that there were no significant differences in the motivation of two groups of participants when weed users were given a 12-hour break from smoking. 

Although it suggested that recent weed-smoking among participants have shown a reduction of motivation and increased laziness, there are also significant results showing that when the participants were given 12 hours of break from weed smoking, there was no significant impairment of their motivation. 

So, Does Weed Make You Lazy? 

Back in history, approximately around late 1950, weed has been known and established a reputation of causing amotivational syndrome. This is a condition wherein a person feels depress and lethargic. Feelings of satisfaction, happiness, and pride are hardly felt and shown due to the reduced rate of dopamine. 

According to observations, the weed is known to cause such behavior and the more passive action of a person. However, these findings still remain weak as they rely entirely on observations. Speculations have presented ambiguous results if does weed make you lazy and lead to amotivational syndrome or not. Yet, it opens to another possibility that such a claim could not be related to weed usage but demonstrates an underlying depressive condition. 

With numerous attempts to stave off the legalization of weed, many people have used such weak and outdated statements. Even the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States have utilized assumptions that weed usage can lead youth to drop out and develop amotivational syndrome gradually. 

However, in opposition to these weak assumptions, if does weed make you lazy, experts answers this as not correlated to weed usage. There were supporting studies that found out that there is a tremendous increase in feelings of satisfaction and success when using weed. Also, people using weed with low satisfaction levels and poorly motivated in life have shown to be correlated with impoverished health. 

Experts have likewise demonstrated that people incline to seek instant gratification and satisfaction; hence they tend to utilize weed more frequently than suppose to in an attempt to compensate for the experience and undergo abrupt lifting of mood. With this constant activation of dopamine receptors, it could lead to a decrease in the productivity of dopamine in the brain. So, does weed make you lazy? Experts explain that laziness and amotivational syndrome is caused by attachment to the substance and getting addicted, and not directly caused by the weed. 


There are various claims on weed usage and the stereotype of society on weed users. They even went far from creating medical terms and conditions, associating their effects on usage. Nonetheless, the constant battle and insisting of opposing people that weed affects a person’s motivation and increase laziness have been frequently disproven over and over again for multiple years. 

Simple words, weed usage, do not cause a decrease in motivation, given the constant success of many movements supporting weed. Somehow, the studies and claims retorting the concern, does weed make you lazy, merely gives the consumer that weed utilization should be well regulated, synonymous with drinking alcohol moderately and eating red meat less because these pleasure and promising products can potentially deliver adverse consequences.

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