Drunk vs High: Learning Their Exact Difference

Drunk vs High: Learning Their Exact Difference

Alcohol and weeds are two very powerful substances that many people like to have for chill-out moments, relaxation, and meditation as well. Some would even try using alcohol and weed in one. They’re those people who love the upbeat sensations brought about by being drunk or high. However, the debates that are going on these days were about the topic drunk vs high.

Although both are favorites, there are still a few differences to look into in terms of the effects of these two drugs. They’ve been a part of every country’s history since they were discovered during the ancient periods. Different cultures that came about had their way of using alcohol and weeds which are uniquely related to their beliefs.

For a further understanding of the difference between the two, a lot of important factors have to be considered and elaborated on.

Definition of Alcohol

Unlike what many people know, alcohol is more than a substance that they consume for fun and happy times after a busy day at work. It’s not just the ordinary dose of energy and joy that you induce yourself with. However, scientifically, alcohol is considered a depressant which makes a great influence on one’s mind. The psychomotor and perception of an individual is greatly affected by it.

When overdosed with this substance, there is a chance that you would suffer some life-threatening effects including death itself. It is also capable of damaging your respiratory system, cause you to become comatose and unconscious of your actions. This is why most doctors prohibit the mixing of alcohol with other powerful substances such as tranquilizers, Ketamine, and other depressants. Otherwise, you may get yourself in danger, losing your memory and affecting your brain that often ends up with death, too.

Alcohol Consumption

The appropriate dosage of alcohol that you should be consuming every time has to be based on the type of alcohol so you’ll also know what effects to expect. By knowing this, you shall be able to weigh your alcohol consumption and to be reminded of your limits. 

  1. Wine – a regular wine offers 5 ounces for each glass of white, champagne, rose, and others. Fortified wines, however, offer 3 ounces with an alcohol content of 13% like in brandy.
  2. Liquor – is offered at 1.5 ounces for each glass with an alcohol content of 40% in vodka, gin, whiskey, and other types of liquor. Mixing it with other drinks shall dictate how much alcohol will be consumed.
  3. Beer – is offered at 12 ounces for each glass with an alcohol content of 4%.

Short-lived Effects 

These effects may not be the same for all alcohol drinkers since everyone is born with a unique reaction to some substances. The list below only shows the possible effects that one might experience upon drinking alcohol which may be short-lived or not.

– feeling relaxed

– indecisiveness

– inability to make body coordination and appropriate reflexes

– nausea and vomiting

– feeling restless

– feeling drowsy

– light-headedness

 Hangover, the usual result of drinking too much alcohol, shall occur in you and hit you hard afterward. This is often succeeded by severe headaches.

Long-term Effects

Regular drinkers of alcohol or usually referred to as alcoholics are prone to having a fragile body in terms of its ability to protect itself from some severe conditions that linger and needs serious medical attention. Those are the following:

–     Cancer of the liver – the liver is the organ inside the human body that functions to operate on the substances that enter the body. This is where the cleansing occurs, too.

–     Cancer of the pancreas – also called pancreatic or the condition when the pancreas becomes swollen with heavy alcohol amount intake.

–     Heart problem – too much alcohol causes problems with the blood vessels in the heart that eventually develops into a more serious heart problem.

–     Digestive and stomach issues- bloating and ulcer are some of the commonly related conditions to this problem. The properties that alcohol contains which have been excessively consumed caused this bad reaction in the stomach.

–     Issues in the central nervous system – a condition characterized by the tingly, numbing feeling of the limbs.

–     Infertility – an illness suffered by men and women of certain ages. They are those who are long-time heavy drinkers and those who have a problem producing a child.

–     Impotence – male’s problem with the inability to stay erected firmly during sexual intercourse. This is due to the excessive amount of alcohol consumed.

All About Cannabis

As popularly known to the world, cannabis, weeds, or more commonly known as marijuana, is an herbal plant that has various powerful properties that bring distinct effects to the body. The two most important properties of cannabis are THC and CBD. Each of them fulfills a certain duty of cannabis to its smokers.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the substance that causes the psychoactive effect of cannabis on humans. It alters the mind’s functions, causing you to perform less than usual or may be different from how you normally act. 

On the other hand, CBD or cannabidiol is the property of cannabis that brings only physical effects instead. It is non-psychoactive and which many users find useful for medicinal functions. It helps to relieve pain, cramps, arthritis, muscle spasm, and other conditions.

Short-lived Effects

Just like with alcohol consumption, smoking weeds also have some mild effects on smokers in which some are the following:

– Inability to tell time

– Pain management

– Dryness of mouth

– Vomiting

– Nausea

– better appetite

– lightheadedness

– feeling relaxed

The effects of cannabis are also varied depending on one’s body reaction to substances. 

Long-term Effects 

Aside from its mild and short-term effects, cannabis smokers often also experience severer ones that include the following:

– problems with the brain’s functions and development

– Schizophrenia

– brain malfunction and development

– Drowsy feeling 

Drunk vs High

Drunk vs high are two very broad ideas that cover a lot of factors that are different and should not be compared in any way. One typically is negative while the other has both negative and positive characteristics based on the effects they bring to people. The state of being under the influence of heavy alcohol results in a person’s lack of ability to behave in a certain manner. 

Being drunk entails having your respiratory and central nervous system affected mainly. It can cause death and comatose during the peak of its onset. Contrary to that is the effect of cannabis on the body. It does not directly attack body organs, but only the brain which has the connection and command over most of the body’s contents. 

Being high on weed is a condition when one gets into a trance of peaceful, relaxed, and couch-locking feelings. Users get lost and unaware of reality including time but in a very satisfying way. The common side effects of cannabis use would be paranoia, dizziness, vomiting, and nausea.

Now the question on which is better has been said. Between drunk and high, more benefits could be drawn from using weeds than with alcohol and that is because of the reasons listed below.

Reasons that Being High is Better

Although it seems surprising, alcohol and being drunk turned out to be a worse choice than being high on weed. Various studies have proven this to be true and were supported by several reports relating to many people’s abuse of alcohol.

Some of the major and most notable reasons for cannabis being a better substance than cannabis are the following: 

  1. Abusive or excessive use – commonly experienced by heavy drinkers in the UK and the US that often end up with alcohol poisoning. A report on marijuana overdose however is zero because it takes 1,200 joints before one can suffer from this condition which is impossible for someone to make in one sitting.
  2. Cases of violence and trouble – due to the effect of alcohol on a person’s behavior, it has been found that alcohol causes more chance for violence and trouble than with being high in weed. Cannabis users tend to be calm and couch-locked, numb, and unable to make any negative movement while being high. Thus, weeds are better.
  3. Weight problem – a large number of calories are contained in alcoholic drinks that add up fast to one’s weight. This could be a reason for some drinkers to get obese after just a short while of consuming too much alcohol. However, with the “munchies” feeling that weed smokers feel while high on weed might make you think it causes weight gain. But, it’s the other way around and in fact, some weed users’ weight still turns out to be within the normal weight.

Final Thoughts

Drunk vs high remains to be a topic of further debates due to the various number of fanatics out there who are relying on these substances’ help for relaxation and entertainment. The choice, though, remains up to you because at the end of the day, it’s your body and it’s your responsibility. You can practice moderation for your good and then forget about those dangers. Staying within your limits is always the key to this kind of situation. Take care of your body by taking only what’s good and healthy.

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