Everything you Need to Know About Rosin

Cannabis concentrate took the cannabis world by storm by giving users staggering levels of THC content. This means that cannabis users are sure to get hit hard and fast with this new way of consuming weed. One of the most popular cannabis concentrates is Rosin. What is rosin? And how does it differ from the others?

Rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is quickly gaining recognition as one of the safest ways to consume cannabis. Plus, the methods used are safe and effective that easily results in an efficient way of consuming cannabis. In this article, we’ll be talking about Rosin and what are its potential benefits among cannabis users.

What is Rosin?

Rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate. In order to make rosin, heat is pressed onto the cannabis materials. By this, Rosin contains high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids.

There are important factors to note why rosin differs from other concentrates of why most users prefer it than the rest.

  1. Purity – the purity of the rosin is not altered because there are no solvents used, unlike other concentrates. Only heat and pressure are needed.
  2. No Residue – because making rosin doesn’t associate itself with other solvents, this type of concentrate is safe to use. Many concentrates need solvents to extract the important compounds found in cannabis, and most of the time, there are residues left that are really harmful if taken by humans.
  3. Rosin is a popular choice because it doesn’t require going through the purification process. Thus, making rosin a cheap and convenient way to enjoy cannabis concentrates.
  4. Modularity – rosin is a versatile product that can be manipulated through different end products such as wax, shatter, and crumble.

How Potent is Rosin?

The potency of all cannabis concentrates highly depends on the materials used when making them. Usually, rosin’s THC levels are around 70%, but in other cases, it can even reach up to 80% depending on the materials used, and preparations.

Benefits of Rosin?

The primary benefit of consuming rosin is that it isn’t made with harmful solvents. And the method used for making one is safe, too, compared to other cannabis concentrates. Making rosin is a safer alternative to solvent-based extractions such as Butane Hash oil extractions. Butane Hash Oil extractions are quite dangerous if done improperly. There are also a number of explosions associated with the BHO extraction method.

Rosin products that are made by reputable companies are proven solvent-free because the process of making rosin doesn’t involve solvents. This means that they are safer for medical cannabis users who are required pure and clean cannabis products.

Like most cannabis concentrates, almost all of them have similar effects on humans. However, you do have to note that each individual has a different way of reacting to weed. Because cannabis concentrates contain high levels of THC, it would only require an ample amount of it to feel its effects.

When it comes to taste, rosin has a smoother and cleaner approach because of its fast-acting ability. That’s why rosin is an effective way of offering medical marijuana.

What are the risks of using Rosin?

As far as cannabis concentrates go, Rosin is on the safer side. The main risks involving rosin is potency involved, as well as overconsumption, and the possibility of getting burnt when trying to make one.

When planning to make rosin at home, you run the risk of burning yourself because, as I’ve said earlier, heat and pressure are required to make rosin. You can also get burns when trying to dab these, using dab rig requires heat to vaporize the oil. Always keep proper precautions and safety protocols when doing such.

Rosin is extremely potent, and it is highly recommended to consume this responsibly. It is important to note that these contain THC, the psychoactive compound present in cannabis that may have adverse effects if consumed irresponsibly.

How to Make Rosin?

One of the things that make rosin so popular is how easy this product is made. Unlike the Butane Hash Oil method, making rosin can be done at home.  

When making rosin, all you need is a parchment paper, hair straightener, and your weed of choice.

Of course, it is always important to buy rosin from reputable suppliers – but many have found themselves making rosin successfully.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Get your parchment paper and fold it in half. Make sure that it can accommodate all the rosin that are separated.
  • Place a cannabis bud at the center of the parchment paper.
  • Get your straightener and pre-heat it at around 200°F, or if you don’t have a hair-straightener with configurable heat, the lowest possible heat is good.

Step 2: Heat and Pressing

  • Get your fold parchment paper with cannabis buds inside and place it in between the hair straightener’s heating plate. Ensure that the parchment papers are all covered up by the heating plates.
  • This step requires heat-resistant gloves. Now, apply as much pressure as you can to the hair straightener that has the parchment paper on it. The greater the force applied, the more it will yield.
  • Apply pressure for about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Once done, remove the parchment paper from the hair straightener.
  • Using a dabbing tool or a mini spatula, carefully the flattened bud from the straightener and other remaining plant materials.
  • After that, allow the parchment paper to cool down at room temperatures.

Step 3: Gathering

Once your parchment paper has already cooled down, get a spatula or dabbing tool, and scrape every rosin out of the parchment paper.


  • If you have used too high temperature, you are more likely to get fluid-like consistency of rosin that is quite hard to collect. Be sure that your heat is not too high, or else the end product isn’t as good as you would’ve expected.
  • When inserting buds to the parchment paper and it created a hole, apply pressure to the parchment paper gradually when pressing. Don’t press it an instant, or else your paper will tear, and the buds fall off.
  • If you didn’t get as many rosins as you would’ve wanted, it might be the strain of the weed, or you’ve done it incorrectly or inefficiently. Also, there are some reports indicating that certain strains don’t yield quite as much as the others do. It is important to ask an expert on what strains to choose.
  • Getting not enough yields also plays a role when cannabis materials are all too dried up. They say that moisture plays a role when trying to yield high amounts of rosin. 

Health Benefits of Rosin

Safe and Easy to Use

What other people don’t know is how to use different forms of cannabis. They don’t have a proper understanding of how each one varies to others. It’s either they overconsume edibles or hit a joint too hard, and they instantly pass out.

The good thing about rosin is that it doesn’t work that way as long as you don’t dive directly at it. One thing I liked about rosin is getting more with less, you don’t need to consume large amounts of large smoke amounts of weed, all you need to do is consume a simple serving, and you’re off! 

Cheap and Efficient

Making rosin is very easy and simple, to say the least. It can either be bought homemade or bought from a local supplier. The process of making rosin reduces the overall costs as it doesn’t need any harmful substance to extract compounds from it. Unlike other cannabis concentrates, they use many harmful chemicals, and most of the time, there’s a little chance there will be chemicals left. With rosin, you can enjoy as much as you can without breaking the bank. 

Overwhelming Potency

The same can be said with other cannabis concentrates. They contain high levels of THC. Cannabis isn’t for the inexperienced ones; they can’t just simply tolerate the amount of THC it can produce. For me, these are specially made for cannabis connoisseurs who are looking for a more potent way to consume cannabis. 

Fast Acting

Whichever method you choose in consuming rosin, be prepared to get hit hard and fast. Due to its potency and high concentrations, it will hit you sooner than you would expect it.

This is quite good if you know what you are getting yourself into. For people wanting to treat their insomnia and wants to sleep, then taking rosin before bed is the optimal choice. As with all the marijuana types, be sure to get the right form of rosin with the effect you are looking for.

Pain relief

Cannabinoids found in marijuana possess the ability to manage pain because of their analgesic properties. And for the most part, you’ll need the rosin to treat those nagging pains and chronic pains. To truly feel the relief from pain, high levels of THC is needed, and rosin is more than enough to keep you away from all those recurring pains.

Better Sleep

People having insomnia reduce their quality of life because of how hard it is to sleep night by night. That’s not the case if you are using rosin for this such cause, rosin, thanks to its high concentration once again; you are sure to get back at your regular sleeping schedule.

The more you encounter irregular sleep, the more it will likely affect your ability to think, managing your mood, trouble focusing, and even some instances, losing weight. A significant lack of sleep has the potential to slow down our bodily functions. Thankfully, a little bit of rosin can go a long way!


Rosin is an inexpensive way to consume weed efficiently. And in recent years, the use of rosin has soared higher than before. This is because of its efficacy and safety that not most cannabis concentrations could offer.

Finally, consuming a large amount of rosin may lead to adverse effects, it is recommended to consume this type concentrate little by little. As long as there is still rosin, I don’t see the reason why people aren’t using these, from a very good high to a therapeutic aspect, everything is here!

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