Growing Weed Indoors: How is it Done?

Growing Weed Indoors: How is it Done?

Growing weed indoors was impossible a few years ago. But due to the legalization of some states and the advancement of technology, this is already possible and doable. However, there are several things that you need to consider before tapping in into this endeavor. First, you have to identify if the quantity of plants is sufficient for the purpose you want to fulfill.

Once you have identified the number of plants, you need to consider identifying an area in your residence that can fit the number of plants and equipment that you will be using. Also, the place must be a secluded area that is away from the eyes of the public, where it may cause disturbance due to the amount of light that you will be emitting.

Also, the main thing that you should take into consideration is your budget; this will dictate the type of setup that you will be using and the type of equipment that you can afford.

Do you also have the time? How about motivation? If you do, then you may now proceed in growing your indoor cannabis seeds. Just make sure to enjoy the whole process because this will not just happen overnight.

Your guide to growing weed indoors

There are a few simple steps that you can follow in order to have a successful growing experience. Some may be unfamiliar to you, but we will walk you through it. Follow these simple steps religiously so that it will result in higher yields and better quality buds that will save you a lot of money than a regular visit to your local dispensaries.


There are two mediums where you are able to grow the weed. It can be the conventional soil based or the new innovation of hydroponics. Both of these mediums have their pros and cons, but the decision is always up to you and your budget. If you have a limited budget and you just want to try if you can grow some weed for your leisure, then you can opt with the soil based setup. And if you want a higher yield but will cost you a minimal amount, then you can use hydroponics.


Every plant needs light to grow and flourish. Proper lighting is essential for cannabis to grow healthy and to grow bigger. An indoor growing setup needs enough light in order for the cannabis plant to thrive. If not, the plants will not even pass the germination stage. There are three famous types of light that you can rely on; however, the choice will still be dictated with your budget, the grow space, and your preference.

For outdoor marijuana growers, light is not a problem since they only rely on the good old free sunlight. For indoor growers, they always have to imitate the sun with the use of lights. These three famous lights are, namely, CFL, HID, and LED lights. The most budget-friendly light setups are CFL’s, then next come to the HID lights, while the most expensive and most efficient are the modern LED lights that are modified for grow spaces. You can mix and match the lighting setups according to your liking.

But the only thing you have to remember is the distance between the light and the plant itself. The light must not be too close to the plant, which may cause it to burn. And not too far away that it can barely supply rays of light to the plant.

Water Supply and Disposal

As we all know, water is essential for plants, just like sunlight. However, this is an element that you can absolutely control; this is a part that you can never screw up no matter how hard you try. You must use the correct amount of water to supply the needs of your plant. The water must have the correct pH levels so that it may not affect the quality and appearance of the plant itself.


This is a crucial part of your indoor weed growing journey as it needs to be monitored religiously. The marijuana plants thrive in environments where temperatures are similar to tropical regions and islands. This means that these plants will not survive very cold weather or any rainy area. This also concludes that the majority of the strains are not fit to extreme weather, indoor growing solves this problem as it replicates these suitable environments. 

You may use traditional thermometers or digital temperature control modules if you have the money. You may control the temperature by installing an exhaust fan to dissipate excess heat and intake fans to allow fresh air to revolve in your indoor grow area.

Free Circulation

It is not a myth that plants absorb carbon dioxide, and it releases oxygen, proper air circulation is needed in order to allow the needs of the plants to be delivered efficiently. The proper air supply will cause the plant to grow faster and also to reduce the foul smell that the plants produce. You may use carbon filters to help in the elimination of the odors.

Security and Safety

The last thing that you must consider is the security of your whole growing space. Since growing cannabis in areas that are not registered and approved by the law, it is considered illegal. So, you need to make sure that your whole setup is stealthy and will not attract any attention at all.

You may reduce or even eliminate the risk of catching attention by making everything unnoticeable. The best thing to do is making a grow space in the basement or attic, which will save you a lot of money by not purchasing any equipment to hide your setup?

You may also try to muffle any sound produced by fans if you use insulating foam, foam sprays, and fittings that will secure exhaust and intake fans. As for the fragrance that the plant emits, you may use carbon filters to eliminate this, and also proper ventilation will surely help.

Another thing that indoor growers miss is electricity usage; you must consider using energy-efficient lights to prevent any spikes that will cause any alarm or inspection from your electricity service provider.

A rule of thumb never talks to anybody about your grow space, keep it to yourself in order to keep your secret safe and secure.


This is all you need to know about growing weed indoors. Once you have completed one growing cycle, you have to take note of all of the things that you have done, and you should have done to improve your growing experience. By doing so, you can make your build and growing experience much more enjoyable.

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