Hemp Soap Making Guide

Skincare is vital to our overall health knowing that our skin is just simply the largest sensory organ in our body. This serves as the first line of protection or some sort of cover from all the hazards around us. With that being said, our skin is entirely exposed to these hazards that will also damage it eventually. 

Using hemp soap from hemp oil extract has drawn attention to a lot of people nowadays. Simply because it has given another way for people to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis without smoking it. 

People are now making their hemp soaps at home to take care of their skin without the risks of using too many chemicals that are found in commercialized soaps in the supermarket.

Knowing that of all the parts in our body, our skin is the one that is easiest to be noticed. Therefore, it is extremely important to take extra care of our skin as this is also very vulnerable to the harmful elements in our environment. 

One of the most basic hygiene is taking a bath every day. Taking a bath should be a nice experience every time. With that in mind, a soap that is not just fragrant, but also beneficial to your skin’s overall health must be on your side every time you take a bath.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate soap for your skin, you have to consider this important and must not be taken for granted. Always remember that your skin is very sensitive to harmful elements and this will have negative results on your health. Regardless if you are still young or old, skincare should always be one of your priorities.

Basic bath soap can get rid of not just dirt, but germs as well, however, this also dries your skin eventually because of frequent use. However, you always have a choice since soaps vary from each other. That is why using hemp soap is a great alternative. 

How to make your DIY or homemade hemp soap? 

You need ingredients and the materials first to make your homemade hemp soap. If you are growing cannabis, you can extract the hash oil or the hemp oil from the plants itself, however, this is a difficult process to make and sometimes messy. With that in mind, you have to purchase hemp oil or CBD oil at your preferred dispensary or online. 

Hemp oil is the main ingredient that is used in making hemp soap because you have to infuse it to the soap ingredient so that you can use it for your skincare. Hemp oil is a concentrate that contains high amounts of cannabidiol or CBD. 

If you’re not able to secure hemp oil, you can use CBD isolate as an alternative. Although it has a lower CBD concentration, this is still very useful as an ingredient for the hemp soap since it contains a lot of antioxidants as well as nutrients that are great for your skin. 

Aside from the hemp oil, you have to secure coconut oil and shea butter to add more scent and will help moisturize your skin. You can also add in scented essential oils or other fragrance oils that you can incorporate into the entire mixture. 

Before you proceed in making your hemp soap, a fair warning though, as some of the ingredients that will be used are hazardous since you will be mixing the ingredients with chemicals that are used in basic soap making. So, make sure to wear protective equipment such as gloves, eyewear, and apron. 

For the ingredients, here is the complete list

  • Caustic Soda or Lye
  • Water
  • Scented essential oil
  • Shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Hemp oil or CBD isolate
  • Palm oil
  • Olive oil
  • Flower petals or leaves for decoration

Important reminder: Before we proceed, it is highly recommended that you use the saponification chart that is highly-required in measuring the amount of lye. Also, be ready for the lye solution and be sure to cool it down before you use it with the other ingredients. You should always be cautious in pouring lye to boiling water and should carefully stir it until it is completely dissolved. 

For the recipe ingredients, here is the complete list. 

  • Three cups of coconut oil 
  • Four cups of palm oil
  • Two cups of Hemp oil
  • Two cups of olive oil
  • One-half cup of essential oil of your choice
  • Three and a half cups of water
  • One-half cup of lye
  • For the equipment and materials needed, here is the complete list.
  • Industrial gloves (rubber gloves)
  • Kitchen scale
  • Protective goggles
  • Heat source
  • Cooking pot (medium to large)
  • 2-liter pitcher or jug with a tight lid
  • Molding container
  • Blender

Small containers (for other minimal ingredients)

  • Spatula
  • Spoon
  • Whisks
  • Cloth
  • Napkins

For the fun part, let us move forward to the preparation and the entire process of making hemp soap. 

The first step is to measure the ingredients starting with the oils that will be used and place them separately in the smaller containers. After that, weigh in all the remaining ingredients both solid and liquid. 

For the next step, place the shea butter in the pot so it will be heated and melted and mix it along with the other oils including the hemp oil except for the essential oils. Mix it until it is completely melted and already in liquid form. The preferred temperature in melting the shea butter is at 100-degree Celsius or 202-degree Fahrenheit. 

After you are thoroughly mixed and liquified the oils, switch off your stove or heater, and pour the mixture of lye and water to the pot and continuously stir it until all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly. You will then notice that the oils react as you mix it with the lye. You will notice that the mixture becomes cloudy and viscose. This is where the process of saponification starts. 

After the mixture is cooled down, use your blender to smoothen out the entire mixture. Stir it gently after and scrape the sides of your blender at each burst of it so that there’s no mixture wasted. 

After you smoothen out the mixture, let it rest for a couple of minutes. After that, you can add the essential oils along with the flower petals or leaves as a decoration using a tablespoon. 

Pour the soap into the molding containers after you’re done mixing everything. Let it rest for up to three days so that it will be hardened enough. Before you get too excited, you should remove the molded soap bars from the molding containers and let it cure for a month or roughly four weeks. 

After the curing period, the soap is ready to use! 

Remember that you can add more ingredients if you want to, just make sure you measure it properly so that the soap will be of good quality. Also, you can choose your preferred hemp oil or hash oil, just make sure it contains more CBD than THC in its content so that you’ll get the exact benefits of hemp soap. 

What are the benefits of using hemp soap? 

If you have not tried using hemp soap, it is worth a try. This is because the main ingredient used in it is the hemp oil comes from the cannabis plant’s extract that contains a lot of nutrients and antioxidants that your skin will surely love. 

Naturally, cannabis in nature has a lot of benefits that can help a lot of conditions. This has been incorporated and used as an ingredient for many products today as the legalization of it continues to spread across the world. 

There are a lot of ways to use cannabis therapeutically and one of them is making a hemp soap coming from its extract or oil. This is aside from smoking it or ingesting it.

Many people are not entirely aware that cannabis is also used for topical products to further reap its health benefits especially when it is manufactured into hemp soap. Adding its oil to the soap surely adds more benefits since soap is used every day when taking a bath or shower. 

If you’re interested in knowing the benefits of hemp soap, here is a detailed list below. 

1. Reduces inflammation- Both THC and CBD in cannabis is widely known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties, not to mention it is also an effective antioxidant. If you are adding its oil to a bar of soap, its anti-inflammatory properties will surely treat many kinds of skin conditions, primarily inflammation. With this in mind, it can help minimize the appearance of acne as it reduces the inflamed sebaceous glands that produce oil on our skin. It reduces the production of oil which will help your skin become less prone to acne breakouts. Also, this removes blemishes because of the presence of antioxidants, making your skin and your face looks revitalized and fresher. 

2. Reduces skin aging- For people who are worried that their skin starts to age, be aware that CBD has anti-aging properties based on different research conducted. It has proven that soaps that contain hemp oil from cannabis are considered an effective way to prevent skin aging by slowing down the deteriorating health of your skin that causes dullness, wrinkles and the aging complexion of your skin. Its antioxidants also play a big role in eliminating free radicals that damages your skin that causes skin aging. 

3. Rehydrates your skin- Hemp oil is used in many skin conditions, particularly helping rehydrate drying skin as well as inflamed skin. There are worse outbreaks of these skin conditions that affect a lot of people. These conditions are eczema and psoriasis which can be treated with hemp oil. There are already numerous studies that indicated CBD’s ability to inhibit the symptoms of inflammation by responding and treating the pain along with its symptoms that are caused by these conditions. Skin dryness will just be a thing of the past once you are using hemp soap. 

Are there things that hemp soap cannot do? 

There is a stigma surrounding cannabis from people that stereotypes this magnificent plant. One of them is that hemp soap will get you high when you use it. To put an end to this misinformation, hemp soap will not get you high. A lot of cannabis companies in the United States and Canada are manufacturing hemp soaps using the pure CBD full spectrum oil to provide their customers with the full benefits of using hemp soap. 

This contains only 0.3-percent of THC and the rest is CBD which is the non-psychoactive substance found in cannabis. 

Also, there are no adverse effects when you use hemp soap, you will not get itchy or any skin irritations from using it. This can be used for people of all ages. 

Where do they source CBD or hemp oil? 

Usually, CBD oil or hemp oil is sourced from cannabis companies that supply strains that contain high levels of CBD. These strains are also used to manufacture medical marijuana products. These undergo quality control and a series of testing before it is manufactured into hemp oil that you can use for your hemp soap. To add more, hemp soap is very safe to use because it will only stay in your skin for a couple of minutes, and only a very small amount of the CBD substance is absorbed in our system. This means that you will not get positive if you undergo a drug test. 


Cannabis is simply a gift from God and should not be stereotyped because of the health benefits it brings. Hemp soap is one of them that you can enjoy every day. It is very easy to make, and very easy to source its ingredients. You can even start a small business by selling your hemp soap using the recipe that is detailed in this post. 

Other than that, enjoy making your hemp soap and do not forget to share your knowledge with others so that they too can benefit from its remarkable benefits. 

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