How Does a Vaporizer Work?

Vaping is the trend. It’s everywhere. You can see people vaping at some corners. Vaping is especially popular among teenagers. Though traditional smoking is still pretty much popular, vaping and vaporizers are invading even the cannabis community, and they are becoming very popular, especially because you can use cannabis concentrates that can deliver amazing high.

With all these changes going even in the cannabis community, you might wonder how does a vaporizer work? This, among many other questions, seems to run in our minds as curiosity arises on how it works, what the benefits are, and how different it is to the traditional way of smoking.

Vaporizers have been around for about a decade or more, but its popularity increased when cannabis tinctures and concentrates were available, and these products need the use of vaporizers. Read on this article as we get to know the functions of a vaporizer, how does a vaporizer work, and what are the benefits of using a vaporizer. 

What is a vaporizer, and how does a vaporizer work?

Vapes or vaporizers are electronic devices that are designed to release the important and active ingredients of particular plant material or products. The process in vaping is that it heats the herb or the plant material just to the point of combustion to the release of its aroma, effects, and flavors with minimal smoke produced. The good thing about vaporizers is that there is no plant material or herb that is burnt this there are no potential harmful materials that are not good to the body, especially to the respiratory system. 

A study published in 2007 by the University of California in San Francisco found out that vaping will no expose you to any harmful products or materials. Another study in 2006 by Leiden University showed results that vaporizers are safe and effective in delivering cannabis in the system. The research study showed results that the THC delivered by vaping were the same or equivalent to the amount that is delivered by smoking. The produced vapor is much smoother and flavorful. This is the reason why vaporizer can make an entire trip or experience more enjoyable and comfortable for the smoker. 

What is the difference between smoking and vaporizing?

The main difference between smoking and vaporizing is that vaporizing does not involve the burning of the herbs, which is what happens when you smoke. Vaping utilizes a flow of hot air to extract terpenes or the active compounds from the herb or the concentrate. The process creates vapor. It does not burn the herb; thus, it does not produce any ash. Vaping exposes the herb or the concentrate to a certain temperature enough for it to form the vapor, which is inhaled by the user. The remaining material lost its color and flavor. After which you can just clean your vaporizer.

Smoking, on the other hand, is very simple. You can roll the herb in a piece of paper or a leaf, burn the end, and then inhale the smoke. Smoking involves the process of burning. By burning the end of the cigar, it will allow the smoker to inhale the smoke. However, it may contain some plant material that can be harmful to health. 

What are the advantages of vaporizing?

As mentioned, the vaporizer has become very popular over the years. Many traditional smokers have tried vaping and have seen its advantages; that is why they have shifted from the traditional method to vaporizers. 

  • It is a safe and clean medium. Many kinds of research showed that compared to smoking, vaporizing, or vaping has less or nonexistent plant residue that can be harmful irritants in the body. The reason is that vaporizing does not involve burning or plant material to produce a vape or smoke.
  • You can control the lifetime of the herb. You can just use a portion of the herb and make the most of it. 
  • It can offer a higher concentration. Yes, you can enjoy your favorite herb or concentrate. Since it contains concentrated materials, it will let you enjoy the higher level of concentration; thus, it will produce aromatic, flavorful, and amazing trips.
  • It can be used in aromatherapy. The vapor that vaporizing produces is pleasing aromas. Thus, a vaporizer can be a great aid in aromatherapy. The most common odor or aromas that are being used are lavender, the smell of pine, and chamomile. 

What can be vaporized?

The increasing popularity of vaporizing offers a lot of versatility in terms of the products that can be used to vaporize. It is great to know that vaporizing allows you to vaporize both dry herbs as well as cannabis concentrates. 

  • Dry herbs – this will allow you to enjoy and pleasant experience just like in smoking in a joint or bolt. Note that the experience depends on the type of strain that you will be using. There are many types of cannabis, and each is unique in their way. It also depends on the quality of the strain. Vaping dry herb is very economical, and it can let you enjoy the best flavor and aroma.
  • C02 Cannabis oil – this is a liquid form of cannabinoids. It can be very potent with a high concentration of THC that allows you to experience a powerful pack. 
  • Cannabis wax – Wax is a cannabis concentrate that is considered to be very potent. Like oil, it lacks the flavor and the smell of the weed. Thus, vaping with cannabis wax can let you experience an enjoyable and amazing high.

Conduction vs Convection

There are two basic ways that vaporizers extract the active and important ingredients from the plant material or herb:

  • Convection – This happens when the hot air is blown over the herb or the plant material to make it hot and produce the vapor. 
  • Conduction – This happens when the plant material or the herb is heated up by being in contact with anything that is already hot.


Vaping or vaporizing is now the trend; that is why it is important to know how a vaporizer work to make the most of what you have. If vaping is your thing, then it is important to know the basics and then enjoy it. Happy smoking!

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