How Many mg of THC to Get High: Guide for Stoners

It can be hard to designate a quantity on how much cannabis you should consume to get high. The complication comes in due to the numerous factors that participate before you strike the euphoric sections.

But you can be realistic and honest when trying to figure out how many mg of THC to get high. This article can supervise you to a striving cannabis user who desires to learn where to set the restrictions. However, before you widen your information, try to understand first why cannabis gets you high. Surely, cannabis has an element that brings you a high effect, and this is something we all want to experience.

What Causes the High on Cannabis?

Once THC enters the bloodstream, it is immediately carried to the brain where it attaches onto the CB1 – a cannabinoid receptor. It is a similar receptor in which Anandamide, the euphoric molecule of the body, attaches too.

Attaching onto this particular receptor stimulates a feeling of happiness. Different from Anandamide that is immediately crumpled by the metabolic enzymes and taken out from the human body, THC pursues to trigger too much blissfulness and happiness. This is the manner you experience high.

Raw cannabis has THCA that requires heat to transform into the active kind that is called THC. Due to this fact, unprocessed cannabis does not trigger euphoria yet has an essential curative potential.

Several factors affect your capability to get high:

The potency of the weed

Not all cannabis is made equally. Some strains contain higher THC levels than others. More potent strains can trigger a faster high.

Type of cannabis strain

Sativa strains are likely to exhibit a more powerful cerebral buzz compared to the Indica strains. Using a Sativa can cause you to get high more rapidly as compared to the Indica.

Method of consumption

Once cannabis is inhaled either with a vaporizer or a bong, it gets into the bloodstream quicker than taking it orally. It is mainly because edibles are still subjected to be metabolized in the liver before they will be set free into the bloodstream.

Personal characteristics

Considerations such as tolerance, age, weight, and how regularly you smoke will identify how immediate you can get high. Children and elders aging over 60 years old can already get high even on a little dosage of THC. How regular you use cannabis can also affect the level of your tolerance and how immediate you can get high.

With these intermingling considerations, we can check on how many mg of THC to get high. However, remember that your weight can alter. It can lead to the quantity of THC; you require to feel similar effects to also change. If you reduce weight, the dose of THC can go down. If you increase weight, the quantity of THC can also increase. That is the reason why it is critical to list your advancement so you can accordingly modify things.

Other aspects cannot be adjusted easily. Metabolism does not alter except if you initiate extreme changes in your habits. Moreover, you cannot put a label on your metabolism. Hence, it can be deceptive to assess the rate of digestion. However, based on experiences, you may know whether you exhibit a slow or fast metabolism.

Likewise, the level of your tolerance can play a main impact on the quantity of THC you require. Tolerance is specifically inflexible and often needs weeks or years to alter.

Utilize your THC note to record, contemplate, and adjust all the necessary factors while you figure out the step of getting the right dose of THC for you.

How Many mg of THC to get High if Smoking Weed?

For the beginners, the guiding principle is 1 to 2 shots at a go. Wait for some time before considering taking another two hits if your first consumption did not get you high. If your second try still does not get you high, ward off until the following day before you make another attempt.

Sizes of joints commonly measure from 0.25 to more than 1 gram. A joint of ¼ gram is commonly suggested for occasional and first-time smokers. Veteran smokers may have a great time with bigger joint sizes.

How much THC can get you High on Dabbing

Dabbing comprises getting cannabis concentrates like shatter and wax through a dab rig. Concentrates are commonly accessed in servings of ½ or 1 gram, and they can have THC of 60 to 90 percent. It tells that 1 gram of cannabis concentrate can contain up to 900 mg of THC. 

It will be needless to mention; it is not advisable for the first-timers. Even the veteran stoners have to stay with small dabs. You should know that grain-size is already sufficient to make you high. Overall, even that minimal size can be overpowering for a beginner.

How much THC can Get you High if Eating Edibles?

Edibles are kinds of treats and foods imbued with cannabis. Once you eat edibles, they get into the digestive system and get their way of directing to the brain after experiencing the initial pass effect. It normally takes around 30 to 120 minutes before you begin sensing the effects of cannabis. Nevertheless, the effects are likely to stay longer.

Some states suggest beginning with a 10-mg THC for occasional users and beginners. Nonetheless, the Policy Project favors for 5-mg, based on the First Time 5 stump. You may then go for 10-mg and then get to 20-mg once your system familiarizes the behavior of THC.

However, put in mind that the impacts may consume up to 2 hours before they kick in. A lot of narratives have been expressed by individuals who went of taking more edibles because of the perception that they were not experiencing high – only to see themselves too intoxicated after 2 hours and enduring the ramifications. So what is suggested is that you begin slow and do not rush on edibles. If ever you do not experience the high, allow 2 hours before thinking of eating more edibles.

For regular consumers, it may require around 50 to 100 mg of THC to achieve a solid high. Also, bear in mind that the high stimulated by edible cannabis is likely to stay longer. Hence, it is always recommended to keep yourself hydrated while you feed on edibles.

How much THC can get you High on Topical Applications

Cannabis-imbued topicals are commonly applied straight to the skin. They are available in salves, ointments, and creams. With topicals, it will be very difficult to experience high, even if they have THC. Hence, you should never get worried about being intoxicated if consuming a cannabis topical.

How much THC can get you High on Tincture Drops

Cannabis oil can come in tinctures. With this form, it is always recommended to begin with several drops, ideally 2 to 4 drops sublingually before considering getting high doses. You may compute the quantity of THC in every drop and stay with 5 to 10 mg of THC in a single sitting. It must be sufficient to get a beginner high. If THC is consumed sublingually, it enters the bloodstream and quickly sidestepping the initial pass effect. It implies that you will experience high sooner.

Defining THC Dose

The complication with attempting to get the measurement of THC dosage is that it greatly relies on distinct differences in the brain, your circulatory system, and your metabolism.

There are also distinctions in cannabis strains from one yield to another. Simply because you can manage a whole joint of a strain from a yield last year does not imply that you can tolerate the same quantity of a similar strain collected this year.

Useful Tip – Begin Small, then Slowly Increase

The key to getting the right dose of THC and enjoying a trip is beginning with a small dose and then increase gradually. If you stay to this basic guideline, you will find pleasure on your cannabis journeys – without being bothered about going out of control.

Stick with a particular dose of THC for three days to provide the body some time to familiarize the effects. Then, change the dose, either increase it or decrease it, depending on your requirements for the following three days.

If you notice any unpleasant effects, lower the dosage on your next session. You can choose to go higher again slowly from there.


Finding out how many mg of THC to get high could not be that plain and simple. As you know, several factors could affect the high. There are times that the beginners do not experience high despite several attempts of using a high amount of cannabis, particularly if smoking it. 

There is no clear explanation of why such a thing happens. However, a theory has it that it can get an output of inappropriate technique. Should you experience it, do not be anxious. Several tries, and you will eventually find and enjoy your desired high.

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