How to Dab: Comprehensive Guide

It is not an exaggeration to say that you must fully equip yourself with some preparations if you have never tried dabbing before, and you are planning to try one this time. Aside from the fact that dabbing is a lot more potent compared to smoking cannabis flowers, on your first time dabbing, the initial draw can be extremely large and hot. 

How to dab? Do not be astonished if you begin to notice yourself coughing. The moment you recuperate from coughing, you may enjoy the terpene profile as well as the flavor of the concentrate.

Dabbing creates the purest intake of cannabis, letting you taste and enjoy the nuances of the strain.

What is Dabbing?

What do you know about dabbing? To comprehend the gesture of dabbing, it is important that you comprehend what dabbing is. Dab is a slang word that refers to cannabis concentrates. The term originates from the meaning of the term “dab,” which refers to a little quantity of something. The term was fastened since only a little quantity of hash oil is required by people for them to experience the potent impacts. 

Concentrated cannabis forms occurred many years ago. Nevertheless, the recognition of dabbing was not achieved until the appearance of butane hash oil.

Dabbing is a way of smoking that concentrates like shatter and wax. In short, dabbing is a kind of blaze vaporization of concentrates. These cannabis concentrates are formulated through solvents such as carbon dioxide or butane. The final product is vicious oil, which, based on its look, can be known as shatter, wax, budder, etc. 

This method has been practiced already by many enthusiasts for many years now. However, the surge of the latest technologies to target the market in the current times had turned the dabbing a lot more convenient, and its prestige continues to improve.

Although dabbing vaporizes the extracts from cannabis, the method is barely recognized as vaporizing. This is because vaporizers utilize electric heating components set at lower temperatures, creating a more suave and cooler vapor. Dab rigs, on the other hand, require higher levels of temperature and immediate hit to vaporize cannabis extracts.  

People smoke dabs by means of heating the BHO through a hot surface, such as a nail employing a torch. It is true that the necessary equipment for dabbing can be pressuring, which prevents people from experiencing it. Today, many dabbers are carrying a torch, carb cap, nail, bong, and a dab tool to maximize their cannabis concentrates.

Steps on How to Dab

If you have tried dabbing for quite a while, you will likely learn a few things on how to dab perfectly. To give you a guide, here is a general rule in dabbing with the use of an oil rig:

1. Prepare the materials

Before you direct your attention to the steps involved in dabbing, you must first make sure that you have all the necessary materials. What are those? You must prepare the following:

  • Cannabis concentrate
  • Dab rig with banger or nail attachment
  • Dab tool and carb cap
  • Torch

2. Set up your dab

With the use of your dab tool, dig up a little quantity of concentrate, around the size of a little nailhead. Then, set aside.

3. Heat the rig

Making use of the torch, extremely heat the banger or nail until such time that it becomes red hot. 

4. Cooldown the rig up to the best temp

This step will demand practice and can differ from nail to nail, or banger to banger. 

But how can you tell the correct temperature? Perform a little bit of experimenting. If you allow the wax to melt and it sears, snaps, and instantly creates plenty of clouds, there is a great probability that the dab is extremely hot. However, if you melt your wax and you notice it to melt slowly or does not melt at all, the banger may have extremely cooled down.

A good dab is a neutralize combination of thin vapor that does not feel extremely hot to the throat and plenty of flavor obtained by vaporizing the terpenes with the correct temperature.

5. Melt the wax

When breathing in the vapor, squeeze the dab within the tempered nail or banger until nothing is left in the tool.

6. Wrap using a carp cap

This step will help keep the heat and stir the oil. Breathe in until such time that there is no vapor left. To achieve a cloudier vapor, consider melting the wax at a higher temperature. However, if you intend to achieve more flavor, go for a dab at low temperatures.

7. Breathe out

Finally, give up on the hustle of terpenes and cannabinoids. Bear in mind that dabbing a high quantity of THC can provide you an inconvenient high – regardless if you have great tolerance to cannabis consumption. Always begin with a small quantity and approach a higher volume from there to determine the perfect size of hit that is best for you. 

Also, do not drive or be somewhere else during the first one or two hours of your first dabbing experience – it may take a while for your body to handle it. It is always recommended to smoke responsibly.

How many potencies can you get when dabbing?

A lot! If contrasted to the flower that typically runs from 10 to 25 percent, dabs are kinds of concentrates that can be characterized as thrice the strength of the gummiest Chemdawg flower. The extent of the content of THC in concentrates ranges from 50 to 90 percent for many potent variants. 

There is no question that the kind of high that you will get from dabbing will surpass everything that you have tried before. Hence, begin at a low dose and remember to go slowly. A good comparison would be to contrast flower to beer, then dabs to the hard liquor.

It will be best if you find a buddy when dabbing. Find a person who is ready to try things with you. In case you get paranoid or faint because of the effects of the dab, you know that there is someone who can rescue you. 

What are the Benefits of Dabbing?

Knowing that dabbing is a vaporization process, it means that it is gentle on the lungs. Also, if taken in minimal quantities, dabbing can be more affordable than often smoking flowers. Aside from this, the impact of dab is felt immediately.

Furthermore, the effects of dabbing are expected to stay longer, which is beneficial for medical users who require immediate and enduring alleviation. People who find pleasure in the flavor of cannabis profile will also appreciate the use of concentrates.

Although it may appear like dabbing is free from issues, there are several major disadvantages that require attention.

What are the Disadvantages of Dabbing?

The danger of dabbing may overshadow the benefits. The process of dabbing comes with the possibility of completely ruining your resilience. People who dab every day or those who dab often shall start to detect minimal effects from smoking joint. Hence, the low content of THC in a joint shall become inefficient. 

Cannabis extracts have higher THC concentration than flower, commonly more than 60 percent, which implies that the possibility for abuse soars.

Also, dabs require higher temperatures compared to using a vaporizer. Although it is not as destructive as the smoke, this high level of temperature can cause some serious effects on the lungs, particularly if dabbing is done often and heavily. 

Because of the insufficient regulation on the quality of solvent extracts, there is a possibility for deep-rooted negative impacts. Breathing in butane, as well as other kinds of solvents, can pose a danger to health. 

Other side effects may include hallucinations and rapid heart rate. If you notice any of these manifestations, hydrate yourself, lay down, and relax. Bear in mind that you cannot possibly suffer from a cannabis overdose.

These unpleasant effects may be alleviated by buying shatter from a credible company. This will guarantee proper lab testing and tested track record. Also, it will be needless to mention that it is wise to maintain the dabbing to a low quantity.


Although there can be several questions that you develop about the world of cannabis, learning how to dab may no longer be one of them. You now know how interesting dabbing is. But of course, you should also bear in mind that although it offers several benefits, it can also expose you to several risks if you do not practice the right and responsible way of dabbing

Learning to set up for dabbing may seem terrifying for the inexperienced. Although some costly equipment is commonly needed, there are numerous ways to make your customized dab practice. You can set it up to be as cheap or costly as how you want it.

Cannabis concentrates are constantly evolving. Making yourself informed of the new things can come a long way when selecting the best method for cannabis consumption – whether it is for medicinal or recreational purposes. 

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