How to Make Cannabis Oil: Easy to Follow Guide

Cannabis oil is an amazing and curative supplement to any of your favorite baked goods and dishes. At first, you may think that it is a difficult substance to formulate, but after finding a recipe that involves easy steps, you may start to begin thinking that it is a simple thing to do. 

When you think about the steps on how to make cannabis oil – think for easy and simple instructions. With these, you can surely come up with excellent cannabis oil even when you are in the comfort of your home. There are several recipes you can find when making your cannabis oil, but if this is a new experience to you, try finding steps with easy instructions. This will help you do the job easier.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Before you make your cannabis oil, you must first understand the concept of cannabis oil. So, what is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is a unique kind of cannabis concentrate that has done several wonders by saving and improving many lives. It is substantially pure CBD or THC, which can be used in much higher dosages than how much is taken when ingesting, vaporizing, or smoking cannabis flower.

Just to make it clear – cannabis oil is different from CBD oil. You should not purchase hemp or CBD oils from any online store. Such items are commonly made from industrialized hemp, which does not possess the essential anticancer THC cannabinoid. 

Cannabis oil is created by gently heating cannabis through “bearer oil”. CBD and THC in cannabis are both characterized as hydrophobic. There is a wide variation of oils that can be utilized to create cannabis oil. But the most prominent is the olive oil and coconut oil. Both olive oil and coconut oil are good-tasting and very healthy to the skin – which makes them skillful selections for topical uses or medicated edibles. 

Also, coconut oil and olive oil exhibit powerful natural properties for anti-microbe and anti-fungi. This supports the extension of the life of cannabis oil. 

How to Make Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is a fundamental element in cannabis edibles. It offers a body high that is amazingly unique than the kind of buzz achieved from smoking. Surely, the correct dosage is necessary when making edibles. You may jeopardize the convenient experience in the infusions that are done improperly. Nevertheless, you can always find a guide to help you make cannabis infusions with the correct dose. Preferably, this will draw out the perfect high you can ever experience.

Moreover, cannabis-infused oil is probably one of the most traditional and excellent infusions. It has 100 percent fat and fuses to the THC that is present in cannabis. Luckily, you can cover up the flavor of buds in the edibles. To get rid of or reduce the flavor of cannabis, drench the bud in warm water for at least 8 hours before you begin to execute the steps below. Do not worry because THC is not water dissoluble. Hence, this method will not eliminate any potency.

To start making your cannabis oil, you must first make sure that you have all the ingredients and materials ready. 

Here are the things you will need:

  • 1 to 1 ½ ounce of nicely ground cannabis, buds or trim (decide the dose depending on your preferred potency
  • 28 ounces of coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil
  • A big pot
  • A stirring spoon
  • A stovetop with controllable heat
  • A big mason jar or airtight container
  • Several pieces of cheesecloth

These ingredients and materials are enough to make roughly 30 ounces of powerful cannabis oil, which you can apply to your recipes. It is always possible to employ different cannabis strains when formulating these infusions. So you can always incorporate your favorite strain and do the steps below. Your choice of strain can fully tell your end product.

Here are the steps:

  1. Heat the coconut oil or the extra virgin olive oil in a big pot and set the heat to low – making sure that it does not boil but rather simply get hot. Setting the heat to low inhibits the THC eliminating, preserving the potency of the future oil as well as make sure that it is high-inducing. Do not rush this step. Be patient when heating, and maintain the temperature of the oil at the very slow progress.

  1. After heating the oil, put in the 1 to 1 ½ ounce of nicely ground cannabis and thoroughly mix it with the use of a mixing spoon. This disburses the CBN, CBD, and THC more smoothly – making sure that not even a single drop of oil is forgotten.

  1. Keep on mixing repeatedly and always monitor that the oil will not reach the point of boiling.

  1. After slowly cooking the buds for around 2 to 3 hours, turn off the stove and be prepared with the extraction of the oil.
  2. Drain the mixture with cheesecloth and directly into the jar or container where you intend to store your smooth cannabis oil.

  1. Clutch the cheesecloth to utilize the mixture up to the last drop. Expect this procedure to be tedious as it can consume some time. Nevertheless, it is worth your craze. You will lead to getting more oil, which implies more exhilarating and curative high moments.

  1. Keep the container of your cannabis oil in a fridge or somewhere dark and cold to make sure that your batch will not be damaged or become tainted.     

  1. You can then begin cooking by incorporating your newly infused oil. So make sure that you are set to make a stoner good.

Use Decarb Cannabis for Oil

The cannabinoids seen in raw cannabis (CBDA and THCA) are different from those seen in heated cannabis – like those breathed in CBD and THC once you vaporize or heat cannabis, or if cooking a recipe with cannabis. The method involved in heating and stimulating cannabis is decarboxylation. 

Decarboxylation makes cannabis psychedelic and also more compelling for medical uses. However, when heating cannabis, it is recommended to do it slowly, methodically, and low. There are periods and temperatures where raw CBDA and THCA are transformed into active CBD and THC. However, without the process execution of the process, under-heating or over-heating cannabis may direct to an irregular stimulation of CBD and THC. Or worse, it can damage both the CBD and THC.

Many recipes of cannabis oil recommend the use of decarb cannabis. The easiest approach is to decarb it through an oven, then integrate it to oil while setting the heat at low – preventing further decarboxylation. 

Some people prefer to decarb raw cannabis in a stovetop together with the process of oil infusion. Nevertheless, that needs naturally more cautious supervision to reach the sweet spot for time and temperature.

Why Consider Making Cannabis Oil?

There should be a reason why you are eager to learn the steps on how to make cannabis oil. Well, you wouldn’t exert any effort to formulate it if you do not see the benefits of making one.

Cannabis oil is the base composition of curative ointments, topical lotions, and salves. Research has presented that cannabinoids can lessen the manifestations of wrinkles, acne, and fine lines, neutralize natural skin oils, and alleviate redness and inflammation. Furthermore, cannabinoids, particularly THC, are analgesic. It means that they also alleviate pain. 

Also, the formulation of cannabis oil is seen to be one of the most effective approaches to make drugged cannabis edible products. Nevertheless, it is very hard to figure out how much are the exact potency in cannabis oil or edibles. Considering this, the consumption of the product is suggested to be taken with caution and at a small dosage during first use. You can use cannabis oil with its own or integrate it with other cannabis edible recipes.

Diversely, chopping the weed and including it in the brownie mix is not ideal for numerous reasons. As you already know, cannabinoids are characterized as fat-soluble. This implies that they do not only fasten with oils while in the process of infusion, but the cannabinoids are also quickly absorbed and processed in the bodies once they are taken with fat – like oil.


When learning how to make cannabis oil, it will be a pleasant thing to know that the corresponding process is truly easy. It only needs minimal time and a bit of patience. Also, remember to take it slow, especially if this recipe is something new to you. The last thing you want to achieve with your final product is to feel ill or have a bad experience. 

However, if you take some time to thoroughly understand the steps above, your cannabis oil can be very potent and can be an effective curative tool. Lastly, please do not forget that children are particularly impertinent about edibles, so make sure to always keep your container in a hidden place. You do not want to be troubled with your children, accidentally consuming your cannabis oil.

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