How to Make Weed Butter at Home

Did you know that you can easily incorporate your favorite cannabis into any baked products or ingredients? Such as the case of weed butter. Weed butter is a simple recipe that doesn’t require a chef’s expertise. You can easily enjoy your butter-infused cannabis and still get high. That’s why for me, each individual who smokes regularly should know how to make weed butter home.

Besides, ingesting cannabis is a good and efficient way to get high. This is because they take a different route compared to traditional smoking. Instead of going through the lungs, they are absorbed in our digestive system and onto our bloodstream. In return, this will give us a more profound high. Most people prefer ingesting because of this, that’s why it is good if you’ll try it too.

Below are just the simple steps on how to make weed butter at home. As I’ve said earlier, you don’t have to be a master chef if you plan on making weed butter. All you need to do is follow the instructions are you’re good to go!

What is a Weed Butter?

As the name suggests, weed butter is a combination of weed and butter. It is the most popular way of infusing cannabis into different kinds of baked products, from cookies, muffins, and brownies, to name a few.

Before you decide on making weed butter, it is important to decide what effects you are after. If you want a sedating high, then opt for the Indica dominant strains, if you want to be creative, focused, and alert, then go for Sativa. Or you can blend both each. This depends on how you want to create it.

A weed butter can contain both THC and CBD or CBD alone. THC is the psychoactive compound present in a cannabis plant. CBD is the other active compound that mainly offers positive health benefits from various conditions.

Steps on How to Make Weed Butter at Home 

Step 1: Decarboxylation

The first thing that will always be needed is decarboxylating your weed. Decarboxylating your weed means activating its active compounds such as THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Through heat. When these compounds are activated, you can feel the effects of marijuana, and they can be infused with other edibles. The process will also allow for better binding of weed to oil and butter.

Ingredients needed for Decarboxylation:

  • Half an ounce of weed.
  • Scissors or Grinder.
  • Parchment paper or Sheet pan
  • Oven
  1. Pre-heat your oven at around 225F
  2. With the use of a weed grinder, place your weed onto the grinding chamber, then ground it. You can also use scissors or hands. Be sure that every piece of it is cut into bits
  3. Once you’ve successfully grounded your cannabis leaves, place them onto the sheet pan evenly to distribute heat equally. Place the baking pan onto the oven and let it sit for about 20 minutes to an hour. Turn the sheet every 10 minutes to ensure even heating. When cannabis materials turn dry and flaky, it is now ready to be infused.
  4. Check the weed every now and then. Be sure that they aren’t burnt thoroughly, or else they will not be ideal for infusing as there are many burnt materials.

Step 2: Cannabis and Butter Infusion

What you will need:

  • A cup or two of water.
  • 8 to 10 ounces of melted or clarified butter.
  • ½ ounce of Decarboxylated Cannabis
  • Spatula or Wooden Spoon
  • Cheesecloth or strainer

Steps on How to Make Weed Butter

  1. In a small or medium-sized saucepan, pre-heat. Be sure that the heat is low enough, or else you’ll dissipate the butter rapidly. After that, add butter and water.
  2. When butter is already melted, add your decarbed cannabis. With the use of your spatula or wooden spoon, mix them thoroughly and cover them with lid.
  3. Let the mixture simmer for about 40 minutes to an hour. For me, I stir it every 10 minutes to make sure that the butter doesn’t burn. If you have a thermometer, take temperatures and see to it that it doesn’t exceed 180°.
  4. Bake the mixture for around 4 to 6 hours, depending on the amount you are baking.
  5. After done baking, place a metal strainer on top of an empty container and let the mixture run through the strainer. Let the butter cool down at room temperature. Store it in your freezer when you are not using it. Your cannabutter is still consumable for up to 6 months. And that’s how to make weed butter at home!

Safety and Side Effects 

Cannabis butter is widely used among cannabis users, and it is known to be safe when eaten. However, there are important reminders on its side effects.

Unlike vaping or smoking, it is very hard to dose cannabis edibles because of varying THC content. This variation is largely due to several factors, from methods used, ingredients, preparations, and many more.

Furthermore, expect the cannabis edibles may take longer to feel its effect as they are metabolized differently compared to smoked cannabis. Ingesting edibles would take around 45 minutes to 2 hours before you can actually feel its effects. However, this also depends on how much you consumed, as well as your age, gender, and body mass.

In contrast, traditional smoking of cannabis takes effect around 3 minutes the earliest down to 30 minutes.

Because cannabis butter is infused to other baked products, the potential of overdosing and overconsuming is high. Common side effects of cannabis edibles are dry mouth, paranoia, sleepiness, lethargy, distorted reality, and many more. When overconsumed, you are more likely to feel intense, unpleasant sensations such as delusions, hallucinations, and even psychosis.

Lastly, it is important to safely secure your cannabis butter as most people mistake them for food because they quite resemble cookies, candy, muffins, and brownies. Always keep it far from the reach of children when placing it inside the fridge.


Learning how to make weed butter at home is a quick and easy way to enjoy your favorite cookies while still benefit from the weed’s high. It is a cheap and efficient way to get high because it is metabolized in the liver, giving you a more profound high.

Lastly, be sure to keep them stored at room or cool temperatures so that they won’t degrade as fast and for the longevity of your consumptions. For me, infusing your favorite brownies is the best way not only to get high but to get your appetite running!

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