How to Prepare Your Own Cannabis Tea

So you’re one of those people who loves tea and cannabis? But you have no idea where to start on how to prepare your own cannabis tea? Smile and have a great day! This article is written for you to provide you tips and simple guidelines on how you can enjoy the soothing and wonderful experience of cannabis tea.

Preparing cannabis tea is not only easy, but it’s also fun! Apart from enjoying the calm and satisfying cannabis tea experience, undoubtedly, you’ll also enjoy the process of making one. And before we give you the best tea recipes and pointers on how you can make your own, it’s essential that we understand first what cannabis tea is and what effects you can expect from it. 

Cannabis Tea and its Benefits

We already know how effective tea is when it comes to soothing our nerves. Perhaps, you’ve been a cannabis enthusiast for quite some time already, and you now have an idea about its wonderful benefits. Science has already proven how effective cannabis is when it comes to relaxing and calming our muscles. It’s a miraculous herb that does offers myriads of health benefits to our body and system. But what happens when we mix cannabis and tea together?

Upon consuming the cannabis tea, the properties begin to release THC into your body. Along the process, you begin to feel calmer, and pain in your body gradually subsides. But the effects are not only limited to giving your blissful relaxation and helping you get rid of body pain, but it’s also effective when it comes to helping you get rid of your stress, depression, and anxiety. Combined with the calming power of tea, the amalgamation brings you a very satisfying experience. 

Although cannabis tea is pretty simple to prepare, it’s not as though you’re just throwing marijuana buds in your hot water. There’s a process involved. And if you’re particular with how your tea should smell, taste, and feels like, then the wisest thing to do is to know the best practices. 

But does cannabis tea get you high?

This popular marijuana drink is ideal for people who don’t want to smoke or vape weed but wanted to experience its medicinal and intoxicating effects. It’s important that we understand the role of THC and decarboxylation. During the decarboxylation process, which is dependent on time and temperature, a non-intoxicating compound called THCA is turned into THC, which is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. 

Once you heat up the cannabinoids, decarboxylation takes place. Consequently, marijuana or the edibles that contain cannabis becomes psychoactive or intoxicating. So yes, cannabis weed can indeed make get you high. 

How long does cannabis tea starts kicking in?

Unlike smoking or vaping, consuming edibles such as tea can take a while since it passes through the stomach for digestion. Once it metabolizes in your liver, that’s the time when you start feeling its effects. Generally, you should be able to feel its effects for about an hour or two. For this reason, you have to be careful with your dosage. Although there have been no reports of a harmful cannabis overdose, it’s still smart that you start and go slow. Drink a cup and wait for the effects to kick in before you start pouring another. 

Cannabis Tea Recipes

You can find a lot of cannabis tea recipes on the Internet today, but we want to make sure that we provide you the best. This recipe is ideal for those who want their tea to be simple and effective. 


–      High-quality cannabis buds

–      Butter or coconut oil

–      Water 

–      Teabag or tea ball where you can fill it with cannabis

Easy Steps 

Boil the Water

We’ve discussed decarboxylation earlier, and we already know how important it is to heat our cannabis bud. It’s important that we bring the water to a boil using a pot. We don’t want to use a kettle since we have to extend the time heating the weed in the water. Compared to regular tea, we want to ensure that the THCA compound is converted into THC, and this is heating the water. And while you’re waiting for the water to boil, you can proceed to our next step. 

Grind the Herb

You want to make sure that the weed is ground properly. It’s not ideal that you pick your buds using your fingers. You may want to use an electronic grinder or something that can ground your buds very well. Why do we have to ground the bud? This is because grounded cannabis buds allow more surface for cannabinoid activation. Also, it’s important that you use the weigh how much bud you’re going to ground. Again, start small and find out how much gram of weed would you consider as your sweet spot. Adjust accordingly. 

Activate THC

Now that your water is boiling and your weed is properly ground, the next thing that we need to do is to activate the THC in your buds. Keep in mind that this compound requires to bind with fats for it to become bioavailable. This is a very crucial step in making your own cannabis tea. Not doing it properly means that your cannabis tea will not be able to produce a high that you’re expecting. 

The step for activating THC is pretty simple, and all you have to do is mix the butter or coconut oil with your cannabis bud. The proper ratio is recommended, and it’s ideal that the buds are covered with the fat or oil – but be careful not to oversaturate.

Experts recommend that you only use a teaspoon of butter or coconut oil. Then you need to scoop the butter or oil, then place them neatly inside your tea bag or tea ball. Seal it shut, just like making your own favorite homemade tea. By the way, if you don’t have any tea bags or balls, you can always mix cannabis and oil or fat directly. Just strain it out later. 

Time to Steep 

The next step is to place the tea bag or tea ball into the water. This time, you want to adjust the heat and bring the water to a low boil only. It’s recommended that you steep the cannabis tea for at least 30 to 40 minutes. Again, we wanted to make sure that the THC is activated through heat. Although you’ll find people steeping their cannabis tea for only 15 minutes, and which by the way, is still effective in activating the cannabinoids, it’s recommended that you prolong the steeping process, especially if this is your first time making cannabis tea. 

Since we have to heat the water for a longer period of time, it’s natural that some water will begin to evaporate. To prevent all the water from evaporating, it’s advisable that you add more water from time to time. 

Drink and Enjoy

After following the steps that were mentioned above, the next thing to do is to enjoy. Everything is good to go, and now you can enjoy your very own cannabis tea. But of course, if you wanted to make your tea more interesting, you can always add natural flavor to it. Do some experimentation and throw in your favorite tea flavors or aroma. You can add lavender, chamomile, or any exotic herbs. 

You can also add some milk and sugar to your cannabis tea. But be careful when it comes to mixing other ingredients. You want to still experience the taste and aroma of cannabis. Try to balance the flavor and fragrance of cannabis and other special ingredients. 

Things to Remember

Keep in mind that consuming cannabis tea is different compared to smoking or vaping weed. Again, as mentioned earlier, it might take some time before you can start feeling the effects. There are individuals who can already feel the effects within a few minutes, and there are also those that have to wait about an hour or two before they can enjoy that signature cannabis high. 

Knowing your dosage and metabolism are keys to experiencing the best cannabis tea. After an hour or two and you think that you’re still not feeling the effects, then perhaps we can infer that you were not able to fully activate the cannabis tea. But don’t frown if you fail for the first time, remember that it’s a process. 

Final Words

Cannabis tea is indeed very easy to prepare, and you’ll be able to enjoy it even more as you master the methods or process. Also, don’t forget to do some experiments. Don’t be afraid to try out new things! Maybe you have a friend, family, or someone you know who has been preparing cannabis tea for many years now. It’s smart that you ask for tips and pieces of advice from these people. 

Apart from enjoying all the health and medicinal effects from cannabis, weed tea can also bring you fun and excitement. The process itself is enjoyable and very satisfying. Remember to enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing – this is the key to happy living. 

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