How to Use a Dab Rig the Right Way?

In the world of cannabis, a dab rig is a type of smoking device or bong that is commonly used in smoking cannabis oils and concentrates. This process is called dabbing which is very popular among stoners. However, not everyone is familiar with using a dab rig, so how to use a dab rig in the first place? 

A dab rig is also called by stoners as concentrate rigs. These are one of the most favorites smoking devices that are being used in smoking cannabis because aside from being well-designed, it also uses water as its main filtration system to produce the purest smoke that you can enjoy. 

Two particular processes incorporate using a dab rig. The first one is the use of flame or torch in heating the nail or the entire surface area of the smoking device before they can start dabbing the oil or concentrate on the surface area which is called a nail. 

After placing the concentrate on the nail or the surface area, you can then inhale the smoke or the vapor through the dab rig’s pipe and mouthpiece. 

If you are not familiar with the terms used in cannabis, because you just started smoking it, then you should remember them first, so that you will not be alienated with these because these are commonly used by stoners. 

So, what is dabbing in the cannabis world? 

By definition, dabbing is the process of smoking or inhaling the oil or concentrate that is extracted from the cannabis plant. This is the counterpart of smoking cannabis straight from a joint. This is also considered as one of the best alternative and a safe way to smoke cannabis using flame in heating the concentrate or oil from the smoking device. 

The oil or concentrate is burnt to a point that it becomes a vapor because of convective heating which is a process that vaporizes the substance burnt instead of directly burning it through conductive heating. Instead of directly burning the concentrate and oil, there is a protective surface that keeps it from getting incinerated from the source of the flame. 

Many experts believe that this is safer than directly smoking weed from a joint since the vapor that comes from the burnt concentrate or oil has already been filtered by the water reservoir from the dab rig or the smoking device.  

Why is dab rig an important tool in smoking weed? 

There’s a growing concern from a lot of people that consume cannabis about the health hazards from smoking it. This creates more awareness about the safe alternative methods in enjoying cannabis without harming the health. With that in mind, people turn to smoke devices that offer a safer way to enjoy cannabis and one of them is using a dab rig. 

In this post, let us talk about the right way to use a dab rig and how it works properly so that we can help you understand better about this innovative and highly popular smoking device that will offer a lot of benefits for a stoner like you. 

What are the different parts of a dab rig? 

In the world of cannabis, aside from joints, you can purchase dabbable cannabis products. Dabbable means the substance that you can use in dabbing. These are usually hash oil or cannabis extracts that are more potent than rolling a joint, and a lot safer than inhaling smoking. 

Generally, dab rigs are smoking devices that are fitted with water pipes along with a nail that is installed along with the male stem. These are the parts that are installed into the female stem from a bong. To put it simply, a dab rig is a type of bong that utilizes a nail instead of the conventional bowl. 

The nail is technically the platform used in heating the cannabis oil or concentrate so that it will produce vapor through combusting the oil or concentrate. Usually, the materials used in making a nail can either be quartz, ceramic, or titanium. The nail is heated up using either a lighter or a torch so that the concentrate or extract will be vaporized and produce a thick cloudy smoke containing all the good stuff from the weed. 

The nail is used along with a carb cap or a dome depending on how it is made. This attachment comes along so that it will be placed on the top portion of the nail to prevent the vapor or the dab from getting out so that the user can take bigger hits or inhale more vapor from the dab rig. 

You cannot call it a dab rig if the water reservoir or the water container is not there. It should have one always. The fancier the dab rig, the more water container it has or water percolators so that it will keep the dab from heating up too much. Dabbing can be done without using a dab rig by utilizing other devices. However, this is just too difficult to do since dabs are just scorching hot and this won’t also prevent the vapor from escaping. So, the best idea is to use a dab rig. 

How do you properly use a dab rig? 

Using a dab needs practice especially if you are a beginner in smoking weed. However, once you familiarize the process and steps to properly use it. Familiarizing how dab rig works will make you more efficient in dabbing. If you are planning to purchase a dab rig, you should stick to reading this post because you will learn the proper way to use one. 

1. Fill the rig with water- Before anything else, you should fill your dab rig’s container with water. Make sure that the down stem of your dab rig is submerged completely. This will make sure to keep the bong cool at the same time serves as your filtration system from the vapor produced from your dabs. 

2. Start heating the nail- Using a lighter or a torch, start heating the nail. It is preferred to choose a nail made from quartz. The best indication that the nail is heated enough is that it starts to glow red. In this way, you can make sure that all unwanted particles on the nail are burnt off leaving you with a clean and scorching hot surface ready for your dab. 

3. Let the nail cool down- If you’re a bit confused why cooling down the nail after heating it. Well, you have to sterilize it first and clean it off from any unwanted substances or materials that might be mixed up with your dab later on. This will also prevent from burning your dab excessively. Depending on the thickness and the type of material your nail is made of, you should wait until it cools down. Make sure when you cool down your nail it has to be heated up first and must reach up to 450-degree Celsius so that you can fully enjoy the flavor of your preferred dab or concentrate. Cooling it down only takes a few minutes as well as heating it. 

4. Apply the dab on the nail’s surface- Slowly apply the dab on the heated surface of your dab rig’s nail. Compared to your average bong, a dab rig needs you to inhale the vapor slowly as the dab won’t get vaporized in an instant. You should take a deep breath slowly when you inhale the vapor. Also, inhaling it quickly will just result in coughing. 

5. Place the dome or cab cap- To inhale more of the dab’s vapor, you should place the carb cap or dome on the nail. This will be helping as a device that will trap all the heat and the vapor inside the chamber of your dab rig so that you can inhale as much vapor as you want. 

6. Enjoy inhaling the vapor- After heating up and applying the dab on the nail’s surface area, you should start inhaling the vapor and enjoy your hard work. Always remember that you should not hold on to the dab’s vapors before you exhale it because you might get dizzy. Don’t worry about not getting all the good stuff from the vapor because your lungs are doing the job in absorbing all of it. Also, the vapor itself is highly concentrated with all the THC or CBD content from the concentrate or oil. 

After dabbing, how do you properly clean your dab rig? 

Probably the most fun part of your dab rig experience is cleaning it up! Well, there is no way for you not to clean this up because it will surely clog eventually. So, here are some essential steps that you can follow when cleaning your dab rig to make sure it will provide you the best dabbing experience over and over again. 

It is important to clean your dab rig after you use it because there are residues that will be left especially on the bottom of your nail’s surface area. 

1. Wipe the nail’s inner part- Using a cotton swab, wipe the nail’s insides so that you can remove any oily residue from the dab especially at the bottom part. The oily residue will surely be deposited thereafter you burnt the concentrate or oil. By doing this, you keep your nail entirely clean and will not affect the flavor of the dab in your next session. This also ensures that your nail can serve you longer before replacing it. 

2. Use rubbing alcohol- To remove the oily residue from your dab rig, you can use rubbing alcohol in cleaning all the components thoroughly. Rubbing alcohol is effective in dissolving all the oily residue that is deposited in your nail’s surface area as well as inside the chamber of your bong. You can even soak the chamber with alcohol along with the nail if wiping it with a cotton swab won’t do. 

3. Rinse it thoroughly- Before you apply to rub alcohol, rinse your dab rig first with water to soften the hardened particles and the oily residue on it. This will give you an easier time using rubbing alcohol to clean it up. Lastly, after using rubbing alcohol, wipe it with a cotton swab to remove excess alcohol.  

How to maximize or enjoy your dab rig experience? 

Before you completed reading this post, here are some pro tips to make sure you fully enjoy your dab rig experience. 

1. Be extra careful- Always take extra care and precaution when you are using your dab rig regardless if you are applying the oil or concentrate, assembling your rig, or inhaling the dab itself. Since you are using flame, you have to be careful not to burn anything that might cause an unwanted accident. This is very dangerous knowing that the nail can get too hot as well as the chamber, so take extra precautions first before you get too excited. 

2. Wear kitchen mitts when you are dabbing- The nail and the chamber can extremely get hot, so you have to be careful not to burn yourself and drop your dab rig on the floor. Make sure to wear a kitchen or oven mitts to protect your hands from burning. This is very important especially when you remove the nail. 

3. Dab rigs are different from each other- Although the function and the similarities are likened to your conventional water bong, dab rigs can only work if you use a dab nail. Also, dab nails are different from each other especially its structure and the materials that are used in making it. The cheapest dab nail there is are the ones made from glass while the most expensive one is made from titanium. So, it is best to use the most durable dab nail there is to fully maximize its purpose. 

4. Take it slow- The vapor from your dab is highly concentrated with either THC or CBD, so take it slow when inhaling it because you might get overwhelmed and get dizzy. Always take in moderation so that you can fully enjoy your dabbing experience with your dab rig. 


Dab rigs are not just popular, it is highly useful if you don’t want to make yourself suffer from the long-term effects of smoking. Before you use your dab rig for the first time, make sure you follow all the steps and tips in how to use a dab rig. 

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