Important Considerations When Growing Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Important Considerations When Growing Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Growing marijuana seeds indoors have advantages and disadvantages that a grower must know before investing time, effort and money. The success of any pot growing project will depend on the genetics of the marijuana seeds, the germination process, where and how you grow the plants. The proper seed selection is also important. When planning to cultivate cannabis indoors, select the marijuana seeds that can only grow from small to medium height due to the limited room space. Find a marijuana strain that can grow well indoors. Set-up additional growing equipments needed indoors such as fans, exhaust system, artificial lighting and odor control system.

What are the advantages and drawbacks of growing marijuana seeds indoors?

Despite the low cost and maintenance of outdoor growing, many prefer to grow marijuana seeds indoors because of the advantages and benefits it can give to the growers. Indoor growing allows you to take control of the environment, resulting to the growth of healthy marijuana plants capable of giving impressive yield. No need to worry about weather changes, extreme temperature, heavy rains, animals, thieves and other stressful conditions outside if you are growing cannabis in an indoor garden. The flowering time of the marijuana plants can also be induced by adjusting the light and dark cycles. Along with the advantages, indoor growing has certain disadvantages such as the expensive initial set-up and maintenance cost because artificial lights, fans and other equipments used will consume energy that will add up to the monthly bills.

What marijuana seeds are best to grow indoors?

For indoor growing, choose to grow marijuana seeds that can maintain a short to medium height and will not grow taller than 6 feet. Most growers prefer to cultivate indica cannabis seeds because of their height. Among the marijuana strains best for indoor growing are Easy Rider, Purple Bud, Misty, Medijuana, Citral Buds, Durban Poison, Ganja Dwarf, God Bud, Island Lady, Blueberry Azura, Charas and the strongest weed White Widow.

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