Is Weed Bad for You: Must-Read Facts

There are a lot of articles that advocate that marijuana had no reported side effects or any health hazard. However, this is not entirely true; this article will be frankly honest with you in answering the question, is weed bad for you. The following statements are findings from studies that will prove the negative effects of weed. As the saying goes, anything that is done excessively is not good.

A lot of smokers and enthusiasts of marijuana have a firm belief that smoking cannabis does not have a bad implication in the body. This is due to the fact that it has many health benefits that they enjoy as they use the most legal drug in America. However, science disproves this by listing a number of side effects from chosen subjects from the studies and researches.

All About Marijuana

Marijuana becomes extremely dangerous when it is combusted, burned, and then smoked. This is actually common sense if you come to think of it; if the body is capable of properly disposing of smoke, it should have smoke filters, exhaust systems, or perhaps a chimney. This goes to show that the body is not supposed to inhale smoke over time. It makes sense, right?

The effects of marijuana are evident once it enters the bloodstream of a person. The effects last from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the strain. But, when the marijuana-infused edibles are consumed, the effects do not immediately wear out but instead will last longer, since the body does not immediately dissolve these edibles all at once.

The following list of side effects of marijuana when smoked are considered “short-term” or “mild”, but a side effect is still a side effect, no matter how you sugar coat it.

  • Deficiency in thinking straight and impaired comprehension
  • Impaired perception (sight, depth perception, touch, hearing, touch)
  • Fluctuating heart rate
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Loss of memory
  • Can be a cause of anxiety, depression, fear, severe hallucinations

Is weed bad for you? What is its effect on your body?

Effects of Weed in the Brain

The main effect of cannabis in the brain is the distortion and hallucinations, followed by psychedelic images that are not normally seen by the naked eye. It gives the brain illusions that are caused by the stimulation of THC to the brain’s receptors, making them haywire. When the brain experiences euphoric high, the body follows its lead by dysfunctioning.

Although people still prefer to use cannabis since it is a natural compound produced by nature, people are willing to get by for the trade-off of experiencing pleasure and ease of pains and aches.

The effects of marijuana, when smoked, is far different from the effect of it if consumed orally by eating cannabis-infused edibles. Here are the following effects:

  • Misconceptions or delusions
  • Impaired depth perception
  • Illusions
  • Loss of memory

How Marijuana Strikes the Heart

When marijuana manifests its effects, whether smoked or consumed orally, the heart rate becomes more rapid; this means that the heart is working harder than it should be. This is followed by the lowering of blood pressure. According to studies, the heart beats more by 20% or double the normal beats per minute of a resting heart.

Due to this, the first manifestation of the effects of cannabis can be fatal amongst people that have heart disease. This also increases the risk of experiencing heart attacks.

Effects of Marijuana to the Bones

It has been proven in research that people who consume large doses of cannabis are found to have a lesser density in their bones versus people who do not smoke marijuana. This increases the risk of fractures. 

Effects of Weed to the Lung Health

It is not new that smoking marijuana has the same risk and health hazards as tobacco smoking. Burning weed produces carbon monoxide and other waste products that enter the system freely by inhalation. Due to this, waste products gradually build up inside the lungs, which causes it to fail and deteriorate faster. These are the following effects listed below:

  • Coughing and irregular mucus production
  • Higher risk of infections in the lungs
  • Asthma
  • Acute lung disease

Smoking weed allows harmful carbons to enter the lungs, not only that, compared to tobacco smokers, cannabis smokers tend to inhale deeper, which allows these harmful carbons to remain longer in the respiratory system. This means, the longer these wastes stay in the lungs, the higher the danger it may cause.

Is there a possibility that weed can lead to cancer?

There is no concrete evidence yet, that smoking cannabis can cause cancer. However, there are few studies and surveys that state that cannabis smokers have a higher potential of developing cancer, the same as smoking cigarettes.

Also, science has proven that smoking weed produces higher amounts of waste products such as tar than smoking tobacco. There is no question that smoking cannabis may also lead to cancer.

However, there must be studies, and widespread research must be conducted first before giving the verdict to the dangers that marijuana poses to the users. In line with this, the cannabis community must not take this lightly and must consider every possibility. To ensure that these claims must not lead to catastrophe, the cannabis community should shed light and help educate the world regarding this marvelous plant.


To sum up, in everything that we enjoy, there must be a limit or moderation. Anything made by man or freely provided by mother nature must not be abused and destroyed. Instead, it must be studied, cultivated, and taken care of, making sure that personal interests and gains must be set aside first for the common good. Is weed bad for you

The article reiterates that if smoked, it can possess dangers, but this can be avoided if cannabis is consumed in safer ways with the corresponding doses that will only suit your needs. You may enjoy its benefits, but you do not have to be a reefer or an addict that can discredit all the work that the cannabis community worked hard to protect.

Become one of the responsible people behind the cannabis community. Enjoy the goodness of weed, but be mindful of its effects!

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