Reliable Tips on How to Clean a Grinder

Reliable Tips on How to Clean a Grinder

Your dependable grinder is an easy-to-use tool that helps you get an enjoyable session with your chosen weed. But despite its dependability, it also demands a bit of care and concern every once in a while.

Every now and then, it is recommended to clean the entire dust and gunk out of the grinder. How to clean a grinder? Cleaning the grinder will make your device in good condition and working at ultimate performance, and also reduce the defiance when attempting to use it.

It is also good to note that dirty grinders have associated health risks, with old junks causing a probable breeding field for mold spores, bacteria, and other kinds of allergens.

You May Be Smoking Mold

This is particularly applicable for individuals for infrequently smoke. Through time, if there is even a clue of moisture in the weed and you keep it in a warm and dark place and unintentionally left it behind, you are expected to get mold.

Smoking smelly and moldy weeds is not a good idea, and it is not only because of the damaged profile of the flavor. Furthermore, smoking moldy weeds, particularly if you have an occurring illness like allergies or asthma, can infuriate the manifestations. 

It may also cause you the irritation of your lungs and can make you suffer from bronchial inflammation, plus more illnesses. If you notice mold in the grinder – or any parts of the bud for that case – it is recommended to dispose of it and clean the grinder.

Tips on How to Clean a Grinder

Whether you are using an acrylic, plastic, or metal grinder, there are several methods you can perform to provide it an appropriate cleaning.

Far from the basic ways, however, every classification of grinder has its unique step that requires to be performed. It is then important that you acquaint yourself with the needed steps to make sure that you have efficiently cleaned your device.

There are several approaches when cleaning a grinder after noticing mold. However, you will surely want to use the cleanest method that will not damage the grinder.

With metal-type grinders, the first thing to do is to take out the resin. The easiest manner to perform this is to dismantle the grinder, place the parts in a bag that is safe to freeze, and freeze it for around 1 hour or more. And pat the parts with a paper towel to gather the smelly resin.

You can get a little brush to get rid of any residues. Then, put the pieces in a water pot and boil it. Allow the pieces to be boiled for 7 to 10 minutes. After boiling, allow the water to cool down, then take out the boiled pieces cautiously. After that, drench them with hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol for several minutes and more. Wash the parts thoroughly, then allow them to dry.

If the grinder is built from acrylic, the best approach to use is freezing. Disassemble the grinder, put the pieces in a bag that is safe for freezing, freeze, then ensure that the smelly cannabis is thrown into the trash. 

Use a cotton swab, toothbrush, or brush and dip in rubbing alcohol to get rid of any residues and offer it complete sterilization. Wash with the use of warm water, and the grinder must be in perfect condition.

Preparation to Cleaning

At the first indication of the grinder to be performing less effectively or if the screen is congested visibly, that will be a clear indication that it is the right time to clean the device.

However, before you begin, there are several things you should collect to help you with the process of cleaning:

  • Paper plate – it will be used to collect unconstrained debris and contain the mess
  • Q-tips and toothpicks – they will help you reach the hard areas
  • Paintbrush or toothbrush – it will be your tool for cleaning
  • Paper towels – you may set the grinder on it to thrust it into your grinder
  • Isopropyl alcohol – this is exclusively used for metal grinders
  • Rubbing alcohol – this is to achieve deep cleaning
  • Hairdryer – you can use it if you do not have the patience to dry the grinder

Do Not Take Chances on Poor Performances

Through time, the grinder can become sticky with an accumulated residue, which will inhibit it from properly working. Eventually, this wears out the teeth of the grinder and impact the taste of the weed since the new product can get stranded to the old.

In this case, you will like to reserve your kief for the special events; however, all the other guidelines in cleaning apply. Dismantle the grinder and put the parts in a freezer-able bag and let it stay in the freezer for around an hour or even more. If you see that the pieces do not easily come out, you may want to put it back to the freezer for another hour.

Then tap the parts out from the tray or bowl. A little brush can be enough to gather the remaining bits. Relying on the grinder, you may boil it to make your device stridently clean and performing its best.

Another method of cleaning is to dismantle the grinder and put the pieces in the bowl, then put salt into the crannies and nooks, then soak with isopropyl alcohol. Use a small brush to get rid of any remaining salt and wash it. 

Things Not To Do

Bleach is popular in killing the germs. Nevertheless, it is an extremely harmful substance that is very aggravating to the skin, eyes, and lungs. Bleach may infuriate allergies and asthma and is likely carcinogenic. You do not like your cannabis nearby the surface, which has been disinfected by bleach.

To clean the smallest and difficult to reach spots of the grinder, stick with a cotton swab, small-sized paintbrush, or a guitar pick. The use of the caustic brush in cleaning the grinder may trigger micro-particles and minuscule pieces of aluminum, steel, or plastic much little in size than a pollen grain., to snap off.

The particles can be aggravating to the lungs and throat and, through time, can be damaging to the health. Next time you notice your grinder to be a bit gummy, consider using the mentioned steps. They will surely extend the life of the grinder and enhance the character of the weed.

Importance of a Cleaned Grinder

Why is it important to learn the steps on how to clean a grinder? Yes, you are not alone to think that the task of cleaning the grinder can be the last item on your on and on to-do-lists. Perhaps it does not seem all that significant in the great course of things. 

Why spend time cleaning it if you still find it working, right? However, there are several good reasons why it is important to clean the grinder regularly. They are ones that can impact all things – from the flavor of the weed to your health. 

  • You prolong the life of the grinder

Letting the grinder to remain packed with dirt boosts the risks of breaking the parts. By regularly cleaning the grinder, you can save money for what is supposed to be spent on buying a new grinder.

  • You improve its efficiency

An unclean grinder makes it difficult to work with. Also, more of the herbs can be stuck in the grinder, implying that you may miss getting some during the process.

  • The grinder cannot do a fine grind

If the nooks and threads become dirty, it will be harder to turn the big pieces of herb to a tiny, exquisite grind. When cleaning the grinder, you make sure that you can still enjoy getting an exquisite grind to operate with. 

  • Metal grinders may start to drop metal shavings into the materials if they are dirty

This manifestation can lead to an array of health risks.

  • Bacteria may also build up in an unclean grinder

The accumulated bacteria direct into the lungs. Maintain the cleanliness of the grinder.


How to clean a grinder? Cleaning the grinder does not consume a lot of time. However, every second spent on it is well worth it. After understanding the risks of not cleaning it and the benefits of performing the cleaning, there should be no argument by now why you should regularly perform the task.

If you do not find it important before, then perhaps it is about time that you spend several minutes to carry out this valuable task. Cleaning your device does not require plenty of effort. Nonetheless, doing so can create a huge impact on the next session of your smoking.

Prolong the lifespan of your grinder by securing a time to nourish it, and it will give you the best grind for the next years to come. You might even notice your next smoking experience to be a bit fresher and tastier than before. 

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